How to Make a Kayak Rack For Easy Kayak Transportation

How to Make a Kayak Rack For Easy Kayak Transportation

How to Make a Kayak Rack For Easy Kayak Transportation

Abigail ScottByAbigail Scott
Updated on 6/23/2022

Camping trips are a great time to try kayaking, but you might wonder if you can carry a kayak on your RV if you're traveling.

Fortunately, one can transport a kayak on an RV as long as the camper can carry the extra weight. As a kayak will most likely be placed on the RV's exterior, this is crucial. Consequently, it must be adequately secured to not pose a risk while traveling.

Kayaks aren't too heavy either, with their average weight being 30-70 pounds. Although fishing kayaks weigh more than 70 pounds, they are more serious. 

You can transport a kayak on an RV in several different ways. You can strap a kayak to the ladder of your RV, put it in a trailer, or use a roof rack.

The easiest way is to use a roof rack. There are kayak racks that are designed in such a way as to prevent damage to the kayak during travel. You can mount racks to either the back or roof of your RV, remove them, and install them easily. 

Your RV must also have a hitch for a kayak rack to work. Before installing a rack on your RV, you must install a hitch.

Kayak racks have the disadvantage of being expensive. It is possible to build your kayak racks, and I'll describe how to build a kayak rack for an RV below. 

Kayak Rack for RV

Almost every DIY RV kayak rack tutorial uses a hitch mount cargo carrier, like the Mockins Steel Cargo Basket. 

The Mocking Steel Cargo Basket includes a waterproof cargo bag, two ratchet straps, and a heavy-duty steel hitch stabilizer. It can hold a heavy load of 500 pounds - such as camping gear or a kayak!

The tray will measure 60 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 6 inches high upon assembly. What if that isn't wide enough to hold my kayak? If you're driving an RV, however, you can take advantage of the vehicle's height and mount your kayak or kayaks by standing them on end. Strap the top end of the ladder to its back and the bottom end to the cargo tray.

The ends of some kayaks have been stuck in milk crates, and a foam packing sheet is used to protect the boxes. Alternatively, you can cut holes in the tray that are the correct size with some proper tools and insert a bucket or other container into which the ends of the kayaks will drop. As the lots of the kayak are below the surface level of the tray, they will be stabilized.

Besides the kayak, you can mount a cooler, bicycle, or another storage container on the cargo tray if you're mounting just one.

What are the pros and cons of roof-mounted RV racks?

You can transport your kayak to your RV using a roof-mounted rack. Your RV or travel trailer can easily be mounted with a rack, and you can easily install the rack by yourself. 

Ensure it's fastened correctly and securely so your kayak stays in place, especially when traveling at high speeds on highways or freeways. 

In addition, RV roof racks are multifunctional. You can also use it to carry other camping gear besides your kayak. The bag is handy for moving large items like water containers and large pieces of luggage. 

A roof rack for RVs can be easily installed with YouTube videos. Even videos can be found on installing a roof rack on your RV.

Using Your RV Roof to Carry Kayaks

Although pros recommend using a roof rack to transport your kayak, you can transport your kayak without one, and it's more affordable than building your rack. A pool noodle is all you need to secure the kayak and protect your RV. 

To carry a kayak on your RV's roof, you must first measure the kayak's length against the top of your RV. Afterward, place the noodles at both ends of the roof.

It would help if you placed the pool noodles where you would put a rack. Afterward, secure the ratchet straps on each kayak end and place them on the pool noodles. 

If you're traveling at high speeds or in high winds, use as many pool noodles as possible to keep your kayak from falling off the roofs. 

You can also bring a kayak onboard a fifth wheel when traveling. When towing a fifth wheel with a kayak, you can place it on the roof of the towing truck or place it at the back of the top. 

Can I Tow Two Kayaks With My RV?

You can tow two kayaks with your RV, and you need to buy a rack that can easily accommodate two or more kayaks.

Make sure you choose smaller, lightweight kayaks if you intend to carry more than two on your RV. Two or more kayaks can be transported using a kayak trailer. 

Kayaks can even be transported in an RV. You can easily fit a kayak of 10 feet inside one of the RV rooms. You should be fine if you strap them with a ratchet strap!

As kayaks are lightweight anyway, it's not difficult to find somewhere to take them. However, if you're an avid kayaker and paddle regularly, it's better to use a more permanent rack. 

It's easy to carry a kayak or even a tiny paddle boat in a toy hauler RV. Toy haulers and travel trailers with bigger fifth wheels are more than capable of towing such large equipment. 

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