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Complete Catfish Rig Tackle Set | Trophy Catfishing Kit

Complete Catfish Rig Tackle Set | Trophy Catfishing Kit



  • CONTAINS Complete Kit of Catfish Sumo Products: Storage Box, (10) Knot Protectors, (10) Sinker Sliders, (10) 8/0 Heavyweight Circle Hooks, (10) 8/0 Sumo Sweeper Hooks, (10) #5 Bearing Swivels, (1) Rattling Line Float, (1) Nippers, (1) 3” Catfish Sumo Decal
  • CATCH FISH TODAY: No need to track down bulk packs of gear anymore. The Catfish Sumo Trophy Catfish Tackle Kit can have you catching fish today!
  • STOP LOSING FISH: There's a reason you're missing so many fish--and it's your hooks. Catfish Sumo hooks are made from forged steel, offset with a razor sharp tip to ensure the best hook set, and keep your lunkers on!
  • TOURNAMENT-GRADE GEAR: Catfish Sumo Gear is developed and tested with anglers on the Tennessee River, home to some of the largest catfish in the nation. The same gear you’re getting in this kit has landed monster catfish across the USA!