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Updated on 12/5/2023
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Kayak Cart - Canoe Dolly, Airless Tires, Aluminum Frame

Kayak Cart - Canoe Dolly, Airless Tires, Aluminum Frame


The Kayak Trolley Cart by RAD Sportz is an essential accessory for anyone who needs to move their kayak, SUP, paddleboard, or canoe with ease. With its sturdy aluminum frame and 140-pound weight capacity, this cart can transport even the largest non-motorized watercrafts.

One of the standout features of this cart is the 10-inch airless tires. These puncture-proof tires will never go flat, ensuring that you'll never be left stranded. Whether you're rolling over parking lots, trails, or sandy beaches, these tires will smoothly glide over any terrain.

In order to protect your kayak or canoe from damage, the trolley cart features foam cushions. These cushions provide a soft landing for your watercraft, ensuring that it remains scratch-free during transport. Additionally, the cart is equipped with a double kickstand that offers extra stability when mounting your kayak.

Convenience is key when it comes to this kayak cart. The cart arrives fully assembled and can be folded down to a compact size for easy storage and transportation. This means you can take it with you wherever you go, making it perfect for trips to the lake or beach.

When it comes to quality, RAD Sportz doesn't disappoint. They are committed to providing the consumer with the best price and value. This commitment is backed by a rigorous quality control process, ensuring that you receive a top-notch product. Please note that this is an exclusive product of RAD Sportz, and only Premium Tire Skates by RAD Sportz are guaranteed to be genuine.

To secure your kayak, the cart comes with tie-down straps. These straps can be used to tightly secure your watercraft to the cart, providing peace of mind during transport. If you find the strap to be too short, you can easily replace it with a longer strap for added convenience.

The ground clearance of the cart is approximately a foot and a half. While it is sturdy enough to carry a 60-pound raft, it may not be suitable for moving heavy logs down multiple steps. The cart is primarily designed for non-motorized watercraft transport.

If you own an Ascend sit-on-top kayak, this cart is compatible and will work well with your kayak. You can confidently use this cart to transport your Ascend kayak to and from the water.

Regarding shipping, the delivery time may vary. While some customers have reported receiving their carts in as little as three days, others may experience longer shipping times. It's best to check with the seller or shipping provider for more accurate delivery estimates.

In conclusion, the Kayak Trolley Cart by RAD Sportz is a reliable and convenient solution for moving your kayak, SUP, paddleboard, or canoe. With its sturdy construction and puncture-proof tires, this cart will make transporting your watercraft a breeze. Invest in this cart and enjoy hassle-free transportation for your water adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

how do you secure kayak? this was given to me with no instructions. thank you

There was a strap that came with it. It goes over the kayak, around one support on each side and then tightened so the boat won’t move. The idea is to pull the boat tight to the dolly. Personally l, I hope I remember to get a different strap so it’s longer = easier.

What is ground clearance? I need it to move 6x6 logs, but have to go down a couple of steps with them. (my back is too old to sholder them anymore).

Roughly a foot and a half. My raft weighs 60 pounds, I don't know if you could go down 2 steps with a log on it. Never tried steps.

Will this work with ascend sit on top kayak


Does it really take 1 to 2 months to ship even with Prime?

I received mine in 3 days, at our vacation home-it was the first time I had ever used the address as a ship to—FAST DELIVERY 📦!