Pelican - Sprint XR - Sit-in Kayak - Lightweight one Person Kayak - 10.75 ft

Pelican - Sprint XR - Sit-in Kayak - Lightweight one Person Kayak - 10.75 ft


  • Performance: The deep V-chine hull and 12-foot-long design increases secondary stability and offers better tracking so choppy conditions won’t be a problem. It also provides better responsiveness to shifts in body weight and position. Each stroke will be maximized for a better return on effort.
  • Comfortable: The adjustable ERGOFLEX G2 seating system is thoughtfully designed to provide you with extra back support and offers a more breathable cushion to help you stay comfortable.
  • Safe: This performance kayak comes equipped with a stern bulkhead for extra floatation and to ensure you're able to bail out water and get back in to continue your adventure. Added foam blocks on each side of the kayak also provide safety and peace of mind during your ride. This kayak can hold a maximum weight capacity of 300 lb.
  • Lightweight: Made of an exceptionally durable high molecular weight polyethylene, our kayaks require less materials to be built. At 10 ft and weighing only 41 lb, this sit-in kayak is easy to transport, carry and store.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does this really not have a drain hole? I am in inlets and close to shore ocean, would def needs drain system

    No drain hole. You have to tip it over to remove any water. But it is a great kayak. It really cuts through the water effortlessly compared to other recreational kayaks.

    Is this just for lake ? Is this ok for ocean

    I use it strictly for the ocean, awesome kayak, very comfortable and stable

    This appears to have a skeg in picture but no mentioned. Can you clarify?

    No skeg. Fun boat, but skegless...

    Pelican Sprint 100 xr versus 120 xr weight length speed comparison?

    The 120 is 20% longer so it will be faster.