Top 10 J Racks For Kayaks In 2022

Top 10 J Racks For Kayaks In 2022

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Updated on 8/13/2022

You will be able to attach a seat made of the best kayak J racks for kayaks to your car's roof, provided it already has crossbars. They make it easier to transport one or two kayaks on your roof, and it's not hard to figure out how to use them too.

To transport kayaks, J hooks are one of my personal favorites among the available attachments. They are reasonably priced, simple to mount on the crossbars of your vehicle, and uncomplicated in terms of loading your kayaks onto them.

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There are now a lot of J hooks available from a wide variety of manufacturers flooding the market. When searching for this kayak transportation item, it is vital to have a clear idea of what you want to get because different manufacturers have varying levels of credibility.

You are in luck because we will showcase the ten kayak J hooks we discovered to be the best on the market. In addition, we will provide an overview of the most crucial considerations to make when searching for J hooks.

Best J Hooks For Kayak

1. IKURAM Single J Hooks

2. IKURAM Double J hooks

3. DrSportsUSA Single Pair Folding J Hooks

4. Malone Downloader J Hooks

5. OxGord J Hooks

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6. TMS J Hooks

7. Leader Accessories Two Pair Folding J Hooks 

8. OUHOUG A001 J Hooks

9. AA-Racks 2 Pair J Hooks

10. Codinter Double J Hooks

Purchase Guide

To clarify, the order in which you place importance on the various considerations involved in acquiring kayak J hooks is entirely up to you. Therefore, you don't need to think about them in the precise sequence indicated here.

Regularity Of Use

The first thing you should do when trying to choose which kayak is ideal for you is to think about how frequently you like to take your kayak out on the lake. If you are the kind of person who likes to paddle many times a week, you probably don't want to have to rig up and dismantle your J hooks every time you get ready to go out on the water. Instead, you might find it more convenient to attach them to your boat permanently.

On the other hand, it's conceivable that you won't always want to have a massive set of J hooks dangling from your crossbars. That is just something to keep in mind. If you work at a place that requires you to park in a parking garage, you will need to consider the additional height that these hooks will add to your car before purchasing them. If you don't work at a place that requires you to park in a parking garage, you don't need to worry about this.

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Suppose you paddle frequently and want to ensure that your J hooks do not compromise the amount of fuel efficiency your vehicle achieves or the ease with which you can access the interior of your car when you are not paddling. In that case, you should think about investing in a set of folding J hooks. You should think about doing this if you swim frequently and want to make sure that your J hooks do not compromise your ability to do either of those things.

When you are preparing to transport a kayak, the only time you will need to move them to the upright position is when they have been permanently linked to your crossbars and are in the horizontal position.

On the other hand, if you only go kayaking once or twice a month (or if you only transfer your kayak when you go on excursions), you could be satisfied with a set of more normal J hooks. That is the case if you only go kayaking once or twice a month. Depending on what you need, they may still be put up and taken down in a concise amount of time and with minimal effort.

In addition, the price of many of these traditional J hooks is much more reasonable than the cost of the folding variations. If you don't foresee using your J hooks frequently, you might want to consider ordering a smaller quantity of them to realize some savings on the total price of the purchase.

Weight Limitation

Before you make the purchase, you need to ensure that the J hooks you are interested in can withstand the weight of your kayak. This is not a particularly difficult step to take. If you have one of the best whitewater kayaks, you shouldn't have any problems with most of these kinds of kayaks.

Weight Limitation

On the other hand, kayaks created expressly for fishing tend to have heavier designs than other kayaks on the market. Even before you start packing up any of your kayak fishing gear, some of them may easily weigh more than one hundred pounds on their own.

You should therefore take a few seconds to verify the original specifications of your kayak and then check to see that its weight is lower than the maximum load-bearing capabilities of the J hooks you want to buy. That will ensure that your kayak can securely attach to the J hooks. Before going on to the next step, before you do anything more, be sure that you have carefully considered how the modifications you have made to your kayak could have influenced its weight. If you have modified your kayak, you must finish this step before going on to the next one.

Number Of Kayaks

Because some of the J hooks you will see below are made for a single kayak while others are capable of managing two boats, It is not out of the question that this component was the first thing that came to your mind when you were looking for a kayak accessory. As a result, the number of kayaks you will often be towing might be a helpful tool for effectively cutting down the options that are accessible to you.


In light of this, you should also consider the possibility that the number of arrows stored in your kayak quiver may increase over the following years. You may want to take advantage of this opportunity to get ready for shipping a large number of kayaks in the future by purchasing an affordable pair of J hooks rather than a single set of fancy J hooks. For example, if purchasing a pair of J hooks is less than the cost of buying a single set of fancy J hooks, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Your Crossbars

To pick the proper mounting hardware, you will also need to know if you will put your new J hooks on round, square, oval, factory-installed, or aerodynamic crossbars. This information is required so that you can make an informed decision. When it comes to ensuring that you can successfully attach your J hooks onto your crossbars once they have been mailed to you, this will be of the highest significance in ensuring that you will be able to do so.

The next thing you need to do is make sure you have a measuring tape with you when you go for a walk outside to figure out the width and height of your crossbars. Also, make a note of their form, and if you are not familiar with the terminology we covered in the last section, you may use this resource to understand better what crossbars you are working with so that you can better determine how to work with them.

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At the same time, it is essential to determine the total length of your crossbars by measuring them from one side of your vehicle to the other. To do this, you will need to move from one end of your car to the other. After finishing this article, you will better grasp how much space various sets of J hooks will take once installed on your crossbars because of the newfound knowledge you have gained.

Other Roof Mounted Cargo

You've likely seen a few cars traveling around your neighborhood that have a range of roof-mounted cargo options attached to the crossbars of their roof racks. If this is the case, you've probably seen these vehicles. If such is the case, then you should watch out for them. Attachments come in a wide variety, and some examples include rooftop tents, awnings, road showers, and a whole lot of other items that you can add to your set-up to make it more suitable for your needs.

If you have previously installed one or two of these accessories onto your crossbars, you must confirm that there is adequate room on your rack to attach one of these J hooks to your frame. Even if your crossbars do not now have any accessories attached to them, you should consider the possibility of adding any shortly, even if they are currently devoid of any. That is because they are currently empty.

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Making the most of the space available on your rooftop cargo area requires some practice before who can perfect it. Practicing this method can help you make the most of the room. As a result, you need to give some serious attention to the particulars of what your ideal configuration indeed comprises. Then you need to consider the amount of space that your outstanding collection of J hooks will be able to occupy in your perfect design.

J Hook Reviews For Kayak

1. IKURAM Single J Hooks

The IKURAM Single J Hooks can accommodate kayaks that are up to 158 pounds in weight and have a maximum width of 42 inches. When not in use, you may fold them up into a flat position to prevent them from interfering with the capacity of your vehicle to operate effectively in windy conditions or the fuel economy of your car.

These J cradles are made of aviation-grade anodized aluminum alloys, which allows them to be both lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Additionally, these cradles are anodized to prevent oxidation. Because they are resistant to water, you won't have to worry about completely drying out your kayak after a session of paddling or removing them when it rains. You won't have to worry about them becoming wet.

2. IKURAM Double J Hooks

The attachment of each hook to the round or square crossbars is accomplished by using two bolts and star-shaped nuts in a twist-on arrangement. You may tighten the bottom of the themes using this hardware and the installation plate wrapped around your crossbars.

In addition, the hooks come with two cam straps constructed from a durable material to help you secure your kayak. These cam straps are included in the package. There is no need to be concerned about their capability to handle larger boats due to the breaking strength of these straps being certified at 750 pounds. That means that they can easily control even the heaviest of boats.

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The hook release lever is located on the side of the theme, and who may use it to raise or lower the upright component of the curve by pulling or pushing on it. This handle not only allows you to adjust the angle at which the vertical support is positioned, but it also allows you to do it in various ways to accommodate kayaks of multiple sizes.

Last but not least, these J hooks are a complete solution since they eliminate the need for you to transport your kayak paddle in a container that is distinct from the kayak itself. You may attach objects using paddle hooks in the center of the roof's upright, which helps hide the thing.

2. IKURAM Double J Hooks

The IKURAM Double J Hooks, which the same corporation produces as the IKURAM Single J Hooks, provide the same advantages as the IKURAM Single J Hooks. On the other hand, the number of goods that can carry in a kayak may be raised by an additional one-half due to how it is built.

When the support is in the vertical position, it is easy to place two kayaks so that they are parallel to one another on either side of the license. Who may do this on either side of the support? You may also use the handle to lay the vertical support down, enabling you to carry a single kayak in a horizontal position on these racks. That will allow you to transport several kayaks in an upright position.

1. IKURAM Single J Hooks

When unfurled, these J hooks change into a multifunctional roof cargo solution that you may utilize for various applications. With the help of these J hooks, you can securely attach multiple pieces of outdoor recreation equipment, such as skis, snowboards, surfboards, and many other items.

The bottom piece has an overall width of a little more than 29 inches, and the height of the vertical support is 19.3 inches. Despite this, these J hooks can secure two kayaks with a combined width of up to 42 inches and a maximum weight of 158 pounds.

3. DrSportsUSA Single Pair Folding J Hooks

The DrSportsUSA Folding J Hooks is one of the solutions that will save you the most money, and they are one of your best bets if you have a touring kayak that is longer than the norm. Because they come with anchor loops and tie-down ropes, it will be simple for you to secure the bow and stern of your kayak to your vehicle's bumper. Because these kayaks are offered in sets, this is now something that who may accomplish.

If you are carrying a shorter kayak with these hooks, the tie-down ropes are likely not required because you will not need as much support. Despite this, the themes come with loading straps with cam-style construction. These straps may tie the main body of your kayak to the hooks themselves.

3. DrSportsUSA Single Pair Folding J Hooks

When it comes to the hooks themselves, they can support kayaks that fold up from both sides, weigh up to 110 pounds apiece, and have a maximum capability of holding the folded-up position. That enables them to be packed away in a completely flat posture, whether attached to your crossbars or you have removed them from them to store them in storage.

The hooks are acceptable for use with crossbars with a maximum width of 3.625 inches and a maximum height of 1.25 inches. That is because the themes are created in such a way that they have these dimensions. In addition, these hooks include extra-thick cushion cushions that provide a great lot of protection for the exterior of your kayak while it is not being used. That is particularly useful when the kayak is stored.

4. Malone Downloader Folding J Hooks

A set of Malone Downloader J hooks is another option that works well for both longer and lighter kayaks. These hooks come with a couple of different lengths of tie-down ropes, which you can use to aid in attaching the bow and stern of your kayak to your vehicle's bumper.

On the other hand, the maximum load that these hooks can support is somewhat less than that of the earlier type. They can support a maximum weight of 75 pounds per kayak, and when they are not in use, they fold down into a highly compact size.

4. Malone Downloader Folding J Hooks

These Malone J hooks have a lot of advantages, but one of the most important ones is that they are compatible with many other Malone products. The SeaWing Saddle and the VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack are two of Malone's compatible accessories. Malone is one of the most well-known manufacturers on the market for transporting kayaks, and these two racks are consistent with their products.

Returning to the J hooks in question, these particular ones come with two mounting bolts with diameters of 60 and 70 millimeters and two cam-style straps. These are designed to help you connect your kayak securely and securely. Because of this hardware, the hooks are suitable for use with the majority of square, round, and factory-installed crossbars.

5. OxGord J Hooks

If you are looking for a set of J hooks at a price that is far cheaper than that of the majority of the other options on the market, the bare OxGord hooks are an ideal alternative. Their construction calls for the use of a heavy-duty steel tube, and they are designed to be universally compatible with various crossbar forms, including round, square, oval, and flat.

5. OxGord J Hooks

It won't be necessary for you to have any other kinds of tools or equipment on hand to install these J hooks into your crossbars when the time comes. They can be attached by screwing them on, and the amount of tightness may be changed to the user's preference using the screws and other hardware included with the purchase.

The length of each hook is around 20 inches, its width is 5.5 inches, and its height is 16 inches. Even though they do not have the thickest padding that you can find, they nevertheless provide an adequate level of cushioning for one of the most effective recreational kayaks at an affordable price.

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Value for money
Easy to install

6. TMS J Hooks

TMS provides a set of kayak J hooks that are appropriate for kayaks with a maximum width of 36 inches and a maximum weight of 75 pounds. These books may be purchased individually or as a set. These hooks are part of a collection of kayak accessories offered by the firm that are priced affordably. They are compatible with practically any crossbar with dimensions of up to 3.5 inches in width and 1.5 inches in height.

6. TMS J Hooks

These hooks have a width of 17.25 inches, a height of 15.5 inches, and a depth of 6.5 inches. Their overall measurements are as follows: The distance between these hooks is expressed in millimeters. The space at the bottom of the curve, roughly 8 inches wide, may be considered somewhat comparable to the region located at the top of the theme.

The installation of these hooks is uncomplicated, uncomplicatedly easy, and user-friendly, and it does not require any additional equipment or apparatus. In addition, they come with a pair of loading straps in the shape of a cam, which you may use to assist you in safely securing your kayak to the ground when you are transporting it. These straps are included in the package.

7. Leader Accessories Two Pair Folding J Hooks

Getting back to the original topic of J-hook folding, this specific set enables you to carry two kayaks aligned parallel to one another on the roof of your vehicle. That is a handy application for folding J hooks. When you acquire a set of J hooks from Leader Accessories, you will have the ability to personalize the configuration of the rooftop kayak transport system you have purchased for your kayak. That is just one of the numerous advantages of buying the bundle.

Even if there are other J hooks accessible, some of them have a comprehensive design that makes it challenging to connect other roof-mounted goods to the crossbars of your car. That is the case even if there are additional J hooks available, and this is because these hooks were designed to haul two kayaks at once.

7. Leader Accessories Two Pair Folding J Hooks

Suppose you retain these J hooks in their separate locations. In that case, you will have the option to move them farther apart and attach another roof baggage attachment in the space created by their separation. You also have the option of installing one set on your vehicle and the other set on the automobile that your passenger or partner owns.

When you are not transporting a kayak, you may improve the effectiveness of your vehicle by lowering the vertical support on the hooks until they are level with the ground. That will allow you to carry less weight. In addition, they are made out of powder-coated steel, which means they are highly long-lasting and resistant to corrosion. Did this throughout the manufacturing process.

7. Leader Accessories Two Pair Folding J Hooks

There is a maximum weight that may disperse over the kayak that each pair of hooks is capable of sustaining, and it is around one hundred pounds. As soon as you have unloaded your kayaks, the quick-release handle incorporated into the design of these kayak carriers will allow you to easily fold them up so that they can be stored away.

Last but not least, these J hooks are compatible with the majority of the square, industrial, and aerodynamic crossbars. That makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. However, you can't use these hooks with circular bars because they aren't designed for that. In addition, they provide a total of four tie-down straps shaped like a cam to help you secure your kayak. These straps are meant to aid you in keeping your kayak in place.

8. OUHOUG A001 J Hooks

The OUHOUG A001 J Hooks are an additional affordable option that people may consider if they aren't entirely sure they need a foldable J hook. Even though this set is a bit more expensive than the OxGord set, it comes with a few more accessories, which makes the additional cost well worth it.

You may quickly and easily fasten the bow and stern of your kayak with the help of the tie-down ropes and loops included with this item. You won't need to buy any more equipment because they come with cam-style tie-down straps and all of the necessary hardware to attach them to your crossbars, and this eliminates the need to make any further purchases in this regard.

8. OUHOUG A001 J Hooks

These hooks may be used with crossbars of any shape, including round, square, oval, or flat, as long as the crossbars have a maximum width of 3.5 inches and a maximum height of 1.5 inches. The measurements for the crossbars are included in the phrase that came before this one. They have a weight capacity that can go up to a maximum of 150 pounds and have the ability to accommodate kayaks with a width that can go up to a maximum of 36 inches.

Each theme has foam padding that protects the kayak's hull from any potential harm. Because the hooks are constructed out of more durable steel tubing, they have an extraordinarily long lifespan. They are resistant to wear and corrosion as a result of their construction.

9. AA-Racks 2 Pair J Hooks

The AA-Racks Folding J hooks allow you to carry two kayaks in a configuration that is distinct from what is provided by the IKURAM double J hooks. On the other hand, the IKURAM double J hooks allow you to carry two kayaks in a configuration that is identical to what is provided by the IKURAM single J hooks. You will have c complete control over the placement of the two sets of themes attached to your crossbars, and you will be able to connect them in any location of your choosing.

That will be an advantage for you if your vehicle already has extra attachments mounted on the roof, such as a cargo carrier, and if you already have such branches. It also suggests that you can get this set at the IKURAM double at a price that is comparable to the other and that you may afterward install it on a pair of autos that are entirely distinct from one another.

9. AA-Racks 2 Pair J Hooks

The ratchet straps provided with the hooks have been tested to have a breaking strength of 2,200 pounds, and each pair of pins can sustain kayaks weighing up to 150 pounds.

These hooks are meant to operate with crossbars up to 3.625 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall. When not in use, they may be folded down to a practically undetectable size, engineered to work with those dimensions.

10. Codinter Double J Hooks

If the cost of the IKURAM Double J Hooks is the sole factor preventing you from getting them, you should look into the Counter Double J Hooks instead. Although the IKURAM model is more expensive than these, they are not the least expensive option on our list. Instead, the IKURAM model is more costly. On the other hand, these are offered at a little lower price.

Despite this, you can still alter the position of the vertical support by using these J hooks; the adjustment you make will depend on the item you are carrying. You can keep it upright to carry two kayaks or paddleboards on their sides, or you may lower it to take a single kayak in a horizontal position.

10. Codinter Double J Hooks

When the vertical support is lowered to its horizontal position, it transforms into a platform that may hold various items utilized for outdoor recreation and enjoyment. In addition, you are free to transport anything you choose when using this site. The bottom component of these J hooks is approximately 31 inches wide through its widest point.

Because these J hooks have a maximum width of 4.3 inches and a maximum height of 1.8 inches, they are suited for use with crossbars with those specific dimensions. In addition, they can handle kayaks up to 165 pounds in weight and have a width of up to 42 inches.

Our Pick – IKURAM Double J Hooks

The IKURAM Double J hook is the version of the J hook that we consider the most suitable for kayak use. That is because it is undoubtedly the option that offers the most significant degree of adaptability. It makes it possible to carry the kayaks at a range of angles and simplifies the process of loading two kayaks of a modest size adjacent to one another.

This J hook has an additional paddle strap that can be attached to the vertical support. This paddle strap is designed to help you maximize the amount of storage space available within your vehicle. Because this strap is flexible enough to hold two paddles, you won't need to look for additional storage space for the paddles anywhere else. That will save you time and energy.

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In addition, because of the aviation-grade aluminum alloys that were used in the production process of these J hooks, they are incredibly durable and highly resistant to corrosion. Paddlers who like paddling in freshwater environments and those who are more accustomed to swimming in saltwater environments will agree that this is a beautiful choice of activity.

In general, one of the things that I enjoy about these J hooks is that you won't have to continuously be loading and unloading them from the crossbars of your automobile. That is just one of the many things I like about these J hooks. It is possible to lay the vertical support on its side, reducing the negative impact on your vehicle's fuel economy and enhancing the amount of space available on your rooftop for securing additional equipment or household items.

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These J racks for kayaks feature a bottom portion that is flat and is 29 inches in length; it is possible to use them to pull lumber or other heavy goods when doing tasks related to home improvement. However, we do have great expectations that you would use them mainly to transport your kayaks and paddleboards to the regions where you like paddling the most so that you may take advantage of those spots.