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Don't Break the Bank: Top Camper Kayak Racks [2024]

 The Best Kayak Racks For RVs

The Best Kayak Racks For RVs

Updated on 12/5/2023
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
Hi, I'm Abigail 👋 Since embarking on my kayaking and boarding adventures in 2010, I've navigated rivers and lakes across North America and beyond. With over a decade of experience and countless waterways explored, I'm here to help enthusiasts like you embark on unforgettable water adventures!
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Listen up fellow adventurers! Are you planning an epic road trip in your RV and want to bring your trusty kayak along for the ride? Of course you do! But, let's be real, you need to find a secure and safe way to transport it. That's where the right kayak rack comes in. Lucky for you, we've put together a killer guide to showcase the best options for RV kayak racks. We're talking trailer kayak racks, kayak camper racks, vertical kayak racks for campers, and kayak racks for travel trailers. No matter what kind of RV vertical kayak rack or traditional option you're looking for, we've got your back. So, get ready to up your outdoor adventure game and read on to discover the best kayak racks for campers!

5 Best Kayak Racks For RVs

Thule GoalPost - Kayak Hitch Rack For RV

Product tested by Board and Kayak
Our Overall Review

Things we like:

  • Works with Thule kayak, canoe and paddleboard racks (sold separately)
  • Hitch-mounted, height adjustable load bars
  • Telescoping mast adjusts to truck cab heights
  • 58” Thule steel load bar with durable plastic coating
  • 2 load straps to help stabilize and hold load
  • Works with 2” receivers only
  • Dimensions 12.5 x 58 x 73.8 in; 24.9lbs

Things we don't like:

  • Requires Thule kayak, canoe, and paddleboard racks to work
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    The Thule 997 GoalPost Hitch Racks are designed for easier transportation of canoes, kayaks, and long loads on trucks, SUVs, and vans.Includes a 58" Thule square load bar that can connect to any Thule water sport mount.Features 2 load stops to provide extra load stability.Works great with Thule's new Half-Packs for long load stability.The anti-wobble design keeps the GoalPost snug in the receiver.Compatible with 2 inch receivers only.The hardware is made of steel and plated for corrosion-resistance.The telescopic design allows for easy height adjustment to fit different size trucks.Comes with one 58 inch Thule load bar for attaching water sport carriers.


Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier

Our Overall Review
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    The Yakima Jay Low Kayak Carrier is a versatile way to transport your kayak on the road with your towable RV.It can be attached to almost any vehicle, from cars to SUVs.With a J-cradle configuration, it can hold one kayak or two kayaks on their sides.The carrier is compatible with a wide range of crossbars, including round, oval, square, and factory bars, and it can accommodate various sizes of kayaks.The cradle provides a secure hold for your kayak during transport, and the carrier can be folded flat against your roof for extra clearance when not in use.The Jay Low kayak carrier is designed to work with the Yakima SKS locking system (sold separately) for added security.It also comes equipped with sturdy tie-down straps, bow, and stern straps, providing an extra layer of protection for your kayak.With the Yakima Jay Low Kayak Carrier, you can have a stress-free kayaking experience on your next road trip.


Vertiyak RV Kayak Rack - Vertical Kayak Rack For Camper

  • The Vertical Kayak Rack is a specialized rack designed for RVs.
  • It easily attaches to the RV's 2-inch receiver hitch on the back and can hold up to two kayaks.
  • Suitable for leisure kayaks up to 12 feet in length.
  • Allows for vertical storage of kayaks against the back of the RV, freeing up space for other gear or accessories on the opposite side.
  • Does not come with padding or ratchet straps, so these must be purchased separately.
  • To secure the kayaks, they need to be properly secured at both the bottom and the top.
  • Ideal for RV owners looking for an easy way to transport kayaks on their next adventure.

Vertiyak Kayak Rack For RVs and Campers


Yakups 2KR37W 2 Kayak Rack

    The Yakima 2KR37W is a vertical kayak rack designed for RVs.It can hold up to two kayaks with a maximum width of 32 inches and other similar water sports equipment with a length of 32 inches or less.The rack is customizable to fit your RV and kayaks with various shaft lengths available.Made of durable powder-coated steel, it is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.The Yakima 2KR37W comes with all the necessary hardware made of stainless steel and adjustable protection guards, tie-down straps, cables, and padlocks for added security during transport.Note that it may block the view of your rear camera when installed on your RV.Its strong steel frame provides a secure hold and ensures your kayaks are safe and sound on your next RV adventure.


Yakups OKR2B56 RV Kayak Rack

    The Yakima OKR2B56 is a rack designed for wider kayaks and compatible with RVs.It can hold up to two kayaks with a maximum width of 36 inches and up to four surfboards or paddle boards.It can also be modified to include a bike rack for up to two bikes.The rack is constructed from powder-coated steel, measures 56 inches by 36 inches, and weighs 99 pounds.The top portion of the frame features a horizontal bar that can be locked into position for added security.The rack comes with all the necessary hardware, including straps and locks, and is pre-assembled for easy installation on your RV.


How To Determine Which Rack Is Best For Your Camping Adventure

A roof rack is an essential accessory for overlanding enthusiasts. With its multi-functional design, it can provide storage, shade, lighting, and even a place to sleep. By freeing up interior space, you can keep dirty or smelly items outside and have more room for passengers. It also offers a convenient vantage point for observing wildlife or the surrounding landscape (while the vehicle is stationary). In short, a well-fitted roof rack is like the Swiss army knife of overland gear.


A roof rack system is a versatile overland accessory that provides storage, lighting, shade, and even a place to sleep or stand for a better view. When properly built, it should seamlessly integrate with your vehicle and provide secure mounting that requires no second thought.

Choosing the right rack for your vehicle can be challenging. How do you know it can handle the loads you need? What accessories can you add to increase its functionality? How can you keep your vehicle safe while loaded up top on both the road and the trails? According to expert Clay in the accompanying video, the ideal roof rack should be “as little as possible but as much as necessary” to strike the right balance of utility and safety.


When choosing a roof rack for your vehicle, it's important to consider weight and loading variables. Many manufacturers make racks designed specifically for modern off-road vehicles, so generic applications are no longer necessary.

One popular option is the "flat rack" offered by manufacturers such as ARB, Eezi-Awn, and Prinsu. These racks create a strong base that bolts directly to your vehicle's mounting points and hugs the roofline for better aerodynamics. The modular construction of flat racks makes for easy installation and adjustments, and there are many accessories and load-lashing options available.

For those who don't need a full-length rack, traditional cross bars like Rhino-Rack's Backbone or Vortex models are also designed with specific vehicles in mind. These are great for loading up outdoor equipment like kayaks, fly rods, and bikes.

If you have questions about roof racks or want to talk about accessories, you can leave a comment below or call one of the experts to discuss the details for your vehicle.



How To Determine Which Rack Is Best

How To Determine Which Rack Is Best

When looking for a kayak rack for your recreational vehicle (RV), it is a good idea to ensure that the frame will be compatible with your RV. Additionally, ensure that it will work with the size of your kayak, as some racks may not be able to accommodate kayaks that are either too broad or too long.

It is possible to transport kayaks in a vertical position, with the length resting against the RV's back. With this method, you can better utilize the height of your RV, which is a distinct advantage.

However, this particular style of vertical rack might not be suitable for other vehicles, such as pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles (SUVs). This is because the boat's length might touch the ground when it is in this position, or it might extend too high above the top of your car, making it dangerous to drive with.

If you also want to pull a vehicle behind your recreational vehicle, you might want to consider whether or not a particular rack will be compatible with your RV. There is a possibility that you may be able to acquire an extension or an adaptor that will allow you to install extra hitches.

However, it might be simpler in this situation to attach a trailer to your RV and then secure your car and kayaks to the top of the trailer. This could provide you with additional storage space while at the same time allowing you complete access to the back of your RV if you require it.

Even if you don't want to bring your car with you, you could find it helpful to bring along a trailer. However, you must ensure you do not exceed the maximum length permitted for transporting a vehicle in each state you pass through.



 RV Kayak Rack

RV Kayak Rack

Several kinds of kayak racks are constructed out of robust and long-lasting materials to support the weight of a kayak or canoe. When you're out on the road, it's a good idea to seek racks resistant to corrosion so they can endure anything that mother nature can throw at them. This may be helpful.

Because not all racks will come with cushioning, it may be a good idea to acquire additional accessories or padding to safeguard your kayak. At the same time, it is being transported in a rack.

Other racks, such as those with crossbars, may require saddles or cradles to hold your boat in place on the shelf and provide a little more protection. While some racks may be custom-made to fit your specific boat, others, such as those with crossbars, may not.





When transporting several kayaks at a time, the rack's capacity should probably play a significant role in your decision-making process. If you only need one kayak, you'll discover that most kayak racks designed to carry many can accommodate just one. However, frames only intended to hold a single kayak are typically unable to support additional kayaks because of weight or space constraints.

You may wish to transport additional products, so the required rack will change accordingly. Suppose you also need to transport bicycles or paddle boards. In that case, you might consider purchasing a frame with additional storage space and capacity to hold kayaks.



Kayak Rack

Kayak Rack

It might be essential to consider size regardless of whether your kayaks will be on the roof of your car or the back of your RV. If you have a towable RV, you may want to ensure sufficient distance between the front of your RV and the rear of your kayak since some longer boats may stretch beyond the back of your car. Especially if you want to transport your kayak behind an RV, this is essential.

You may want to consider their size if you plan to transport kayaks on your recreational vehicle (RV). Doing so may cause your car to be significantly longer than usual, restricting where you can park, for instance.


To Sum Everything Up

Yakups OKR2B56 RV Kayak Rack

Yakups OKR2B56 RV Kayak Rack

When choosing a kayak rack for your RV, it's important to consider the specific needs and requirements of your vehicle and your gear. The Yakima OKR2B56 RV Kayak Rack is a great option for those who want a safe, durable, and long-lasting rack that can be mounted on the back of their RV. With the ability to store up to two kayaks or four paddleboards, as well as the option to add a bike rack, it's a versatile choice for family trips.

Another option is the Thule GoalPost, which is ideal for those who have a pickup truck and an RV that can be towed behind it. This vertical bed extension allows you to keep your kayak stored above the truck bed, freeing up space in the bed for other gear. However, keep in mind that you will need a hitch receiver adaptor to use this rack while towing your RV and that your cab roof must have a crossbar for the rack to work.

When shopping for a kayak rack for your RV, it's important to consider the size and specifications of both your RV and your kayaks or paddleboards. Not all racks are compatible with every vehicle and may not be able to accommodate every type of kayak, so make sure to carefully verify the dimensions of your gear and the specifications of the rack before making a purchase.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best kayak racks for camper?

When looking for kayak racks for a camper, some popular options include roof-mounted racks, hitch-mounted racks, and ladder-mounted racks. The best choice will depend on your specific needs and the type of camper you have.

Can I use a regular bike rack for my kayak on a camper?

While it is possible to use a regular bike rack for a kayak on a camper, it is not recommended. Kayaks are much larger and heavier than bikes, so a rack specifically designed for kayaks is necessary to ensure proper support and stability.

How many kayaks can I carry on a camper rack?

The number of kayaks that can be carried on a camper rack will depend on the specific rack and the size of the kayaks. Many racks have adjustable holders that can accommodate multiple kayaks. Be sure to check the specifications of the rack before purchasing to ensure it can accommodate the number of kayaks you need to transport.

Do kayak racks for campers require any special installation?

Yes, kayak racks for campers typically require some level of installation. Roof-mounted racks will require drilling holes in the camper's roof, while hitch-mounted racks will need to be attached to the camper's hitch. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and consult a professional if needed.

Can I use a kayak rack for a camper on other vehicles?

Some kayak racks for campers are designed to be versatile and can be used on other types of vehicles such as cars, SUVs, and trucks. However, it's important to check the specifications of the rack and ensure that it is compatible with the type of vehicle you plan to use it on.

Are kayak racks for campers weather-resistant?

Most kayak racks for campers are made from durable materials that are weather-resistant, such as aluminum or plastic. However, it's important to check the specifications of the rack and ensure that it can withstand exposure to the elements. Additionally, it's recommended to use a protective cover or to store the kayak indoors during inclement weather.