Kayak Rack For Camper: The Best Kayak Racks For RVs

 The Best Kayak Racks For RVs

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Updated on 8/13/2022

Taking a recreational vehicle out on the open road and traveling throughout the United States might be an enjoyable way to spend a holiday. However, if you can bring your kayak with you, the experience will likely be much more enjoyable. The only question remains how to fasten your kayak to the RV safely.

We have compiled a short tutorial to assist you in learning some of the several methods by which you can transport your kayak on an RV equipped with a kayak rack. this article will talk about kayak rack for camper

5 Best Kayak Racks For RVs

1. A Goalpost Made Of Thule

Thule GoalPost

  • Height can range from 46 to 67 inches, and width is 58 inches (crossbar)
  • 27 kilograms or 60 pounds

If you tow your RV with a pickup truck, the Thule GoalPost could be your perfect accessory. With the help of this vertical extension, you'll be able to transport your kayak on your truck's roof rather than using up any available room in the truck bed.

You may need to acquire a 2-inch receiver adaptor, such as the one sold here, to utilize this while also dragging a trailer RV. This will allow you to use your tow hitch both to attach the GoalPost and to tow your RV.

The GoalPost has a range of adjustments that allows it to accommodate cars with heights ranging from 46 to 67 inches. In addition, it has a crossbar that is 58 inches long, offering support and strength for your kayaks. Given that the rack has a weight capacity of 165 pounds, it ought to be able to support the weight of two recreational kayaks.

The steel tubes' inside and outside are coated with a corrosion-resistant coating that prevents wobbling. In most cases, you will need to mount a crossbar on the top of your cab to use this rack (sold separately).


  • Perfect for SUVs and pickup vehicles.
  • It is necessary to install an adaptor when towing a trailer simultaneously.
  • Durable steel construction
  • Requires a crossbar on the cab roof

2: Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier

Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier

  • It is 20.25 inches long by 10.4 inches wide by 7.75 inches high.
  • It weighs 12 pounds and 14 ounces.

If you have a towable RV, the Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier may be your most suitable choice. It can be attached to the roof of almost any vehicle, including automobiles and SUVs, and it can hold either one kayak in a J-cradle configuration or two kayaks on their sides.

The JayLow carriers are compatible with various crossbars, including round, oval, square, and factory bars, and this compatibility extends to a broad range of sizes as well. They can offer a sufficient cradle for your kayak when it is transported on your roof rack, and they can be folded flat against your roof when they are not being used, providing additional clearance when you are not transporting boats.

The JayLow kayak carrier is designed to work with the SKS locking system (sold separately). It comes standard with sturdy tie-down straps, bow, and stern straps that provide an additional layer of protection.


  • Perfect for towing campervans with SUVs or sedans.
  • When not in use, it may be folded flat.
  • Holds two kayaks
  • Compatible with the crossbars that are already installed

3: Vertiyak RV Kayak Rack

Vertiyak RV Kayak Rack

  • 11 1/2 inches by 17 inches in size (loop)

The Vertical is a kayak rack explicitly developed for recreational vehicles (RVs). On the rear of your RV is a receiver hitch that is 2 inches wide, and it is simple to attach this to the trap. This rack can transport up to two kayaks; however, due to the size limits, it is probably best suited for leisure kayaks rather than touring kayaks.

You must be able to slide your vessel's bow or stern into the 11 1/2-inch-by-17-inch loop at the base of the rack for your boat to be securely secured. Since the stand is designed to hold no more than 12 feet in length kayaks, larger ships may not be suitable for it. The rack allows you to keep your kayaks vertically against the rear of your RV. This means you may still have room to secure other goods to the opposite side of your RV, such as a ladder mount to hold more gear or a spare tire.

Because there is no cushioning on this Vertiyak rack, you will need to purchase padding separately to keep your kayak from scratching against the metal bars. Alternatively, you might use pool noodles (sold separately) for this purpose. It also does not come with ratchet straps that you may use to secure your yaks.

Vertiyak Kayak Rack For RVs and Campers

To guarantee that the canoes and kayaks will not shift or move while they are stored on the rack, they should be adequately secured at both the bottom and the top.

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  • Ideal for recreational vehicles
  • Connects to the trailer hitch
  • It is possible to transport two kayaks vertically.

4: Yakups 2KR37W 2 Kayak Rack

Yakups 2KR37W 2 Kayak Rack

  • Measurements come in at 37 inches by 32 inches.
  • The total body mass is 86 pounds.

The Yakuts 2KR37W is a vertical kayak rack that mounts on recreational vehicles (RVs). It is designed to support up to two kayaks. However, the width of either kayak must be less than 32 inches for it to work correctly. On the other hand, this may render it appropriate for a diverse selection of recreational yaks. Additionally, it can store surfboards and paddle boards with a maximum length of 32 inches.

You can customize this kayak rack to match your particular RV and kayaks, allowing you to get a more snug and secure fit for more protection. Because each one is created and built according to your specific requirements, the shaft length may vary from product to product based on the specifics of your situation.

The rack's structure is constructed out of powder-coated steel engineered to last. Thus it is designed to be sturdy.

It comes with all of the essential gear made out of stainless steel, as well as adjustable protection guards, tie-down straps, cables, and padlocks to keep your vessel safe while it is being transported.

If installed on your car, you should consider whether this rack will block the back camera's view.


  • Holds two kayaks
  • They were crafted explicitly for your motorhome and kayak.
  • Strong steel frame

5: Yakups OKR2B56 RV Kayak Rack

 Yakups OKR2B56 RV Kayak Rack

  • The measurements are 56 inches by 36 inches.
  • There are 99 pounds of weight.

The Yakups OKR2B56 might be an excellent choice if you wish to transport wider kayaks. Racks like this one are designed to work with various motorhomes and recreational vehicles (RVs). It can accommodate two kayaks with a maximum width of 36 inches. You can also store up to four surfboards or paddle boards, giving you even more flexibility.

In addition, it is possible to modify the rack to accommodate storage for bicycles, allowing you to transport up to two bikes in addition to the two kayaks you already own. Because of this, it might be beneficial for more extended travels with the family, during which you might desire additional alternatives.

Fifth Wheel & RV Paddleboard, Surfboard, Kayak, bike Rack

It is made of powder-coated steel and is 56 inches across and 36 inches deep. It is pretty robust. Once your kayaks and surfboards are stored in the rack, the top portion of the frame has a horizontal bar that can be locked into position to keep them safe and secure. The rack has all the required hardware, such as straps and locks. In addition, it arrives already constructed, making it much simpler to install on your RV.


  • Arrives pre-assembled
  • Custom designed to match your requirements
  • Optional bike rack
  • A surfboard or paddle board rack can hold up to four boards.
  • Kayaks can be supported by two people simultaneously.

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How To Determine Which Rack Is Best For Your Recreational Vehicle


How To Determine Which Rack Is Best

When looking for a kayak rack for your recreational vehicle (RV), it is a good idea to ensure that the frame will be compatible with your RV. Additionally, ensure that it will work with the size of your kayak, as some racks may not be able to accommodate kayaks that are either too broad or too long.

It is possible to transport kayaks in a vertical position, with the length resting against the RV's back. With this method, you can better utilize the height of your RV, which is a distinct advantage.

However, this particular style of vertical rack might not be suitable for other vehicles, such as pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles (SUVs). This is because the boat's length might touch the ground when it is in this position, or it might extend too high above the top of your car, making it dangerous to drive with.

If you also want to pull a vehicle behind your recreational vehicle, you might want to consider whether or not a particular rack will be compatible with your RV. There is a possibility that you may be able to acquire an extension or an adaptor that will allow you to install extra hitches.

However, it might be simpler in this situation to attach a trailer to your RV and then secure your car and kayaks to the top of the trailer. This could provide you with additional storage space while at the same time allowing you complete access to the back of your RV if you require it.

Even if you don't want to bring your car with you, you could find it helpful to bring along a trailer. However, you must ensure you do not exceed the maximum length permitted for transporting a vehicle in each state you pass through.


 RV Kayak Rack

Several kinds of kayak racks are constructed out of robust and long-lasting materials to support the weight of a kayak or canoe. When you're out on the road, it's a good idea to seek racks resistant to corrosion so they can endure anything that mother nature can throw at them. This may be helpful.

Because not all racks will come with cushioning, it may be a good idea to acquire additional accessories or padding to safeguard your kayak. At the same time, it is being transported in a rack.

Other racks, such as those with crossbars, may require saddles or cradles to hold your boat in place on the shelf and provide a little more protection. While some racks may be custom-made to fit your specific boat, others, such as those with crossbars, may not.

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When transporting several kayaks at a time, the rack's capacity should probably play a significant role in your decision-making process. If you only need one kayak, you'll discover that most kayak racks designed to carry many can accommodate just one. However, frames only intended to hold a single kayak are typically unable to support additional kayaks because of weight or space constraints.

You may wish to transport additional products, so the required rack will change accordingly. Suppose you also need to transport bicycles or paddle boards. In that case, you might consider purchasing a frame with additional storage space and capacity to hold kayaks.


Kayak Rack

It might be essential to consider size regardless of whether your kayaks will be on the roof of your car or the back of your RV. If you have a towable RV, you may want to ensure sufficient distance between the front of your RV and the rear of your kayak since some longer boats may stretch beyond the back of your car. Especially if you want to transport your kayak behind an RV, this is essential.

You may want to consider their size if you plan to transport kayaks on your recreational vehicle (RV). Doing so may cause your car to be significantly longer than usual, restricting where you can park, for instance.

To Sum Everything Up.

Yakups OKR2B56 RV Kayak Rack

We believe that the Yakups OKR2B56 RV Kayak Rack might be a perfect choice for those of you seeking a kayak rack that is not only safe but also long-lasting and can be mounted on the back of your RV. It is an adaptable rack that allows you to store up to two kayaks or four paddleboards. It also has an alternative bike rack, making it an excellent choice for cross-country journeys with your family.

The Thule GoalPost is yet another excellent choice for people who own pickup trucks and RVs that can be towed behind them. With the help of this vertical bed extension, you can keep your kayak stored above your truck bed while still having room for all your other belongings in the truck's bed. Remember, however, that you will want a hitch receiver adaptor to utilize this rack while simultaneously towing your RV. Your cab's roof must also be equipped with a crossbar for this rack to work.

When shopping for a Kayak Rack For Camper to attached to your RV, it is essential to keep in mind the characteristics of your particular RV and the number of kayaks or canoes you intend to transport. Because not all racks are compatible with every vehicle, and because they probably won't be able to accommodate every kind of kayak, it's a good idea to carefully verify your kayak's dimensions and the rack's specifications before making a purchase.