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Kayaking Monterey Bay: Things to Know Before You Go

Kayaking: Monterey Bay, Things to Know Before You Go

Kayaking: Monterey Bay, Things to Know Before You Go

Abigail Scott

Abigail Scott
Mother, Professional Kayaker, and Software Engineer

Updated on 1/28/2023

Are you interested in kayaking? "Kayaking Monterey Bay "? The tranquil and refreshing waters of the bay make it an ideal location for novices and those who want to further their abilities.

You can paddle on your own by renting a kayak or participating in a guided trip. If this is your first time, I strongly suggest you go with a guide or participate in a brief training session to pick up a few pointers before venturing out on your own. However, if this is not your first time, you are free to proceed at your own pace.

You will get the opportunity to observe much different marine wildlife, such as sea otters, seals, and sea birds, up close while on your tour. There are more than 300 different kinds of fish, and there's a chance you'll see some of them and some starfish. My two favorite times to go are the end of summer and the beginning of fall. This is the time of year when the weather in this region is often pleasant and sunny. Even though this is my preferred time, you can go kayaking in Monterey at any time of the year because the temperatures seldom get beyond 60 degrees.

Our Company Highly Recommends: Monterey Bay Kayaks.

Monterey Bay Kayaks

Monterey Bay Kayaks

This organization is one of my favorites since the quality of its instructors and guides is top-notch. They show consideration for the natural world, instruct you in the best techniques for paddling, and show you all of the fascinating marine life that calls the bay home.

When it comes to renting kayaks or taking lessons in Monterey, I believe they are the most reputable business in the area. Their employees are helpful, well-informed, and quick to respond to any queries that may be posed.

Kayaking Classes

At this time, Monterey Bay Kayaks is exclusively providing Private Classes to its customers. Prices range anywhere between $200 to $450. (depending on your group size).

You are required to make a reservation in advance, and they will answer your inquiry within the next 24 to 48 hours.

It's a fantastic method to get started or take your talents to the next level!

Kayaking Tours

In addition to that, they provide a large selection of different kayaking excursions. They range from entertaining sunrise excursions to tours of the bay that are appropriate for families and last two hours.

The cost of each ranges anywhere from around $55 to $75.

Kayak Rentals

You also have the option to hire a kayak and paddle off on your own if you have previous experience paddling a kayak. Because of this, you can spend as much time as you like in any of the locations.

The ability to swim well is the sole prerequisite for paddling on your own, so everyone in your group will need to be water-savvy. This assures that you will have no safety problems while traveling.

Rental kayak prices start at $35 per person for the entire day. They have open deck kayaks and kayaks with closed decks available for purchase.

Seven Tips to Help You Get Ready for Your Upcoming Kayaking Adventure



Paddling a kayak in Monterey is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. The following suggestions should help you get the most out of your experience.

1. Don't Forget Your Swimsuit When I Go Kayaking

I always wear my swimsuit. Even though I frequently wear clothing over it, I always have my swimsuit on in case my kayak gets too wet.

2. Bring A Change Of Clothes With You

If you go kayaking in Monterey, you will most certainly get wet, even if it's just a tiny bit. Make sure you bring a spare pair of shoes, socks, and anything else you might need to change into when you're through.

3. Don't Forget the Sunscreen

The foggy, cold days on Monterey Bay can be misleading, so always put on sunscreen before you leave. In addition, I bring my along and reapply it as necessary.

4. Keep The Sun Off Your Face By Wearing A Hat and Sunglasses

Another approach to keep the sun off your face is to wear a hat and sunglasses. Your eyes will also be protected from the sun's reflection from the water when you wear them.

5. Pack A Snack And Some Water With You

If you are going to be gone for more than a couple of hours, you need to ensure that you bring something to eat and drink with you. Because kayaking in Monterey may be exhausting, it's a good idea to pack some food to take with you.

6. Keep Valuables Inside

If you want to ensure that your valuables remain dry and secure, you should keep them inside your home. This includes any valuables, such as jewelry or cameras, and anything else you do not want to get soaked with salt water.

7. If You Get Seasick, Take Medication For It

 This tip could be the most crucial one on the list (at least, it is for me!). If you are prone to becoming seasick, it is in your best interest to take precautions against it. In most cases, I take Bonine around half an hour to an hour and a half before I leave the house, and this prevents me from becoming sick and does not put me to sleep.  "Kayaking Monterey Bay "? make sure you are satisfied enough.