Leading Vibe Fishing Kayaks For 2022

vibe kayaks

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Updated on 8/13/2022

It has been more than a decade since Vibe Kayaks exploded into the kayak fishing scene with a range of sit-on-top fishing kayaks that were feature-rich, affordable, and offered an affordable pricing point. Vibe fishing Kayaks is well-known for having reasonable prices. Since that time, Vibe has significantly expanded its product line to include additional models, such as a tandem kayak, a standup paddleboard, and kayaks that are ideal for a wide variety of water conditions, ranging from peaceful backwaters to the open ocean.

The Vibe portfolio has been updated with a new model, the Shearwater 125, most recently. It is a flagship model that can be driven in three different ways: by pedaling, steering, or by paddling. Today, Vibe Kayaks offers consumers a broad selection of kayaks that are available in a variety of designs and can be purchased at prices that are comparable to other similar products. A guy casts his fly line while fishing from a paddling kayak.

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Our Picks: Best Vibe Fishing Kayaks For 2022

vibe fishing kayaks

Please have a look at some of the Vibe fishing kayaks that we believe to be the best in general, and take your pick! These models are designed to accommodate a wide range of fishing interests, as well as different pricing ranges. You may get your hands on several Vibe sit-on-top fishing kayaks, which are the models that have received the highest ratings and are the most popular overall. We have conducted the research that was necessary to aid you in choosing the kayak that is most suited for fishing.

Best Vibe Fishing Kayaks 

1, The Shearwater 125 Signature Series from Vibe Kayaks is the company's most popular model.

2. Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Angler Kayak

3. Vibe Yellowfin 100 Angler Kayak

4. Vibe Skipjack 90 Kayak Package

5. Vibe Yellowfin 130T is the name of the tandem kayak manufacturer.

6. Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak

vibe kayak

The Vibe is responsible for the production of a diverse range of kayaks, the lengths of which range from 9 feet (the Shearwater fishing machine) to 12 feet (the Fun Boat). They also produce what is known as a tandem kayak, which is able to accommodate two people, in addition to a paddleboard that comes equipped with a kayak seat already attached to it. Vibe's sit-on-top kayaks are all built with fishing in mind and come standard with features such as rod holders, hatches, and storage bins in each and every one of their models. The bulk of their boats features a quick, thin hull that was developed for speed and tracking. This design prioritizes performance above stability and gives the ships a competitive advantage. Vibe's most stable kayak is the Shearwater 125, which has a width of 35 inches and a flatter hull than the company's other models. It is made specifically for fishing when standing up. A further alternative that delivers a smooth ride is the upright paddleboard known as the Cubera.

vibe kayaks

A kayak with the name Vibe was perched on the roof of an SUV that was parked off to the side of the road.

Due to the affordable nature of Vibe's kayaks, a significant number of anglers make their start in the sport by purchasing one of the company's models. Anglers usually elect to switch to a more costly type of kayak if they have achieved a particular degree of proficiency in the sport and have earned the right to do so. This suggests that there is a significant quantity of previously owned Vibe kayaks that have been put away for an extended period of time without being utilized.

vibe fishing kayaks

A used Vibe kayak is an ideal choice for a first boat or a second kayak to keep on hand for guests since Vibe kayaks have a gorgeous construction and come loaded with essential features. Because of this, a used Vibe kayak is an excellent choice for a rental business.

One of the benefits of purchasing a Vibe kayak is the fact that the firm has not altered the design of any of its models since it first began manufacturing kayaks. Vibe kayaks' replacement parts are still being produced, and you may buy them straight from the company's website at vibekayaks.com if you have an older model of their product.

Because the vast majority of Vibe kayaks only come equipped with a few accessories, many anglers decide to add their own rod holders, gear tracks, and mounts to their kayaks. When acquiring a pre-owned boat, it is essential to make sure that any aftermarket attachments have been correctly installed so as to prevent causing any damage to the vessel, which might lead to the formation of leaks.

The seat is the single most crucial factor in the overall poor performance. Vibe provides replacement seat coverings for chairs whose fabric has faded, been shredded, or is completely missing, and broken seat hardware may be changed at any hardware store.

If you would want more information on what to look for when purchasing a used kayak for fishing, we recommend that you read our piece on "How to Buy a Used Fishing Kayak."

vibe fishing kayaks

Vibe Kayak Buying Guide

If you are looking for a kayak that is designed specifically for fishing and that can be purchased at a low price, sit-on-top fishing kayaks manufactured by Vibe are an excellent choice to take into consideration.

The Vibe collection can be broken down into three primary sorts, and each of those categories may be purchased in a number of different dimensions. The Skipjack models all come with a traditional, low-profile seat that is great for paddling in rough water, such as surf or rapids in a river. These seats are appropriate for those situations. Vibe improves the deck of the Yellowfin to incorporate a comfortable frame seat and a circular day hatch when you upgrade to the Yellowfin. The Skipjack may be purchased as either a 9-foot solo or a 12-foot tandem, but the Yellowfin can be bought as a 10-foot, 12-foot, or 13-foot solo, in addition to a team that is also 13 feet long. The tandem version of the Yellowfin measures 13 feet in length.

vibe fishing kayaks

The Sea Ghost, which is offered in lengths of both 13 and 11 feet, is outfitted with a large deck hatch and a bow hatch in addition to a frame seat and a rudder that has already been pre-installed. These features combine to make the Sea Ghost an excellent choice for performance in open water and to provide an increased number of fishing options. Anglers who are considering acquiring a boat and are interested in pedal or motor power may want to consider the Shearwater 125 offered by Vibe. This sit-on-top fishing kayak comes with a number of amenities, such as gear rails, rod storage, and a seat that can be adjusted to one of four different positions.

The Vibe is responsible for the creation of a one-of-a-kind standup paddleboard called the Cubera. Because it is rotomolded and filled with foam, it is an indestructible and sturdy fishing platform that raises you to a height that is significantly above the water.

A guy can be seen reeling in fish from his kayak, while in the background, another kayaker can be seen paddling on top of some lily pads.

A person who is sitting on top of a sit-on kayak that has rod holders attached to the stern of the boat.

Are Vibe kayaks Any Good?

vibe kayaks

The Vibe kayaks are among the most impressive boats you can get for the price. Vibe boats, although being priced several hundred dollars less than luxury kayaks, nonetheless have distinctive features and are built with high-quality components. This is despite the fact that Vibe models are created from high-quality materials. However, is purchasing a Vibe kayak the best use of your money? Even if Vibe boats aren't nearly as good as some other, more expensive models, they still stand head and shoulders above the competition when compared to other kayaks in their price range.

Where Are Vibe kayaks Made?

You could have come across information that contradicts itself, stating that Vibe kayaks are manufactured either in the United States or in China. Vibe kayaks are designed in the United States. However, their production takes place in China.

Where Are The Vibe Kayaks Kept While They Are Not Being Shipped?

vibe kayaks

The corporate headquarters of Vibe may be found in Kennesaw, which is located in the state of Georgia.

Is it wise to participate in conversations on the Vibe kayak forum? If you own a Vibe kayak, you might be interested in reading the informative articles about rigging and fishing that were published by the pro team at vibekayaks.com. These articles can be found on the website.

How much does it set you back to get your hands on a Vibe kayak? In the United States, the cost of a Vibe kayak can vary anywhere from $599 to $1,449, depending on the model.

When Will We Have Additional Vibe Kayaks That May Be Purchased By Customers?

vibe kayak

The Chinese factories that are responsible for manufacturing Vibe kayaks regularly ship fresh stock, which ensures that there are always a sufficient number of these boats in stock and ready to be sent. Check the Vibe website for any open spaces that may be available. Additionally, search for Vibe dealers in your region since these establishments could stock variants of the product that are unavailable online.

Where Can I Get My Hands On Several Vibe Kayaks?

You are able to buy Vibe kayaks either online or through local dealers in your area, such as paddle shops and general sporting goods stores.

Do Vibe kayaks Go On Sale?

In a sense, Vibe kayaks are always on sale since they are a fantastic value and cost several hundred dollars less than their luxury counterparts. This difference in price might be significant. This is because Vibe kayaks are made by Ocean Kayak.

How Are Vibe Kayaks Made?

vibe kayak

The production of Vibe Kayaks involves the utilization of rotomolded plastic. When making a rotomolded kayak, the initial step is to construct a mold, which is followed by the action of filling that mold with powdered plastic. After that, the mold is heated up and twisted so that the plastic may be melted and distributed evenly within the mold. After the plastic has been allowed to cool and then removed from the mold, the process is complete immediately after the plastic has wholly filled every cavity in the mold. The manufacturing process is known as rotomolding results in a kayak that is not only long-lasting but also affordable.

Are Vibe Kayaks Rotomolded

Vibe kayaks are rotomolded. During this stage, a mold is initially utilized to fill with plastic, and then the material is subjected to twisting and heating in order to shape it into the form of a kayak.

Compare Vibe Kayaks

vibe kayak

Old Town Kayaks vs. Vibe Kayaks

The Vibe and the Old Town kayaks have a lot in common with one another and share many similarities. In point of fact, some of Vibe's ideas came from Old Town and Ocean Kayak, which is a sister company to Old Town. For instance, the center hatch found on an Old Town Predator or an Ocean Kayak Trident is relatively analogous to the center hatch that is seen on a Vibe Yellowfin. Old Town Kayaks are a famous brand of kayaks that are manufactured by one of the most reputable firms in the outdoor sector. Old Town Kayaks are used by paddlers all over the world. The Vibe is a more condensed brand that provides fewer distinct variations of its products.

The great majority of Old Town kayaks are built for standup fishing in waters that are somewhat safe to do so in. The bulk of Vibe's kayaks places emphasis on performance when paddling rather than stability as the primary objective in their designs. The Shearwater is the most expensive model that Vibe offers, and it provides customers with the choice between a motor and pedals. There are some powered kayaks and some pedal kayaks that can be purchased from Old Town, but there is no kayak that can be purchased from a manufacturer that can accomplish both types of paddling. Old Town kayaks are more expensive than the models that are sold by Vibe; nevertheless, in exchange for this higher price, Old Town offers a wider variety of features and a quality that is somewhat higher.

A Contrast Between The Vibe And The Perception Kayaks

vibe kayak

The competition that Vibe faces from Perception is perhaps the most formidable it has ever met. Both Vibe and Perception argue that their fishing kayaks are easy to use and come at an affordable price range. Both companies also tout the simplicity of their products. Kayaks called Perception are made by a business called Confluence Outdoors, which specializes in producing outdoor goods. In comparison to its sister company, Wilderness Systems, which also manufactures kayaks, Perception offers a greater variety of kayaking options at a more affordable pricing range. The Perception has the advantage of being able to inherit various design traits from its more costly sibling. This helps to keep the price of the Perception down. This provides them with an advantage over their competitors.

Vibe vs. Feelfree Kayaks

It is common knowledge that rather than following the regular beat, Feelfree marches to the beat of its own drummer. Vibe kayaks have a penchant for taking ideas that are seen on other kayaks and giving them their own distinctive twist in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. This may be observed not just in the design of the kayak but also in the individualized features and color choices as well.

Feel-free kayaks are distinguished by their innovative design, which often includes a wheel embedded in the keel to facilitate rolling the kayak onto the water and a pedal system that can be converted into a motor system. In addition to this, the designs of these kayaks frequently incorporate non-traditional elements. The pedal system of the Feelfree is comparable to that of the Hobie MirageDrive, and the Feelfree is powered by a Bixpy Jet engine.

Crescent Kayaks vs. Vibe Kayaks

Crescent Kayaks vs. Vibe Kayaks

Both the Vibe Kayaks and the Crescent Kayaks are affordable boats that come equipped with a variety of essential features and have a sporty design. In comparison to the nine fishing kayaks that are available for hire at Vibe, Crescent only offers three fishing kayaks, a tandem fishing boat, and a standup paddleboard that may be used for fishing. Instead, Crescent focuses on manufacturing lightweight boats that are appropriate for fishing in rivers or protected waterways. These boats are excellent for fishing in protected waterways. There is no open-water kayak available from this manufacturer.

Vibe offers sit-on-top fishing kayaks in a wider variety of configurations, one of which is the Shearwater, which may be pedaled, paddled, or driven by an engine depending on the user's preference. Crescent Kayaks are hand-made in the United States of America from components that are obtained in a morally responsible manner. In addition, these kayaks have one-of-a-kind designs that are packed with intriguing extras.

Vibe Kayak Reviews

vibe kayak

Before you go out and buy a kayak, the best preparation you can give yourself is to get some paddling experience under your belt first. Kayak Angler is the sibling publication of Vibe, and the authors of that publication have first-hand experience paddling, pedaling, and powering a variety of Vibe's finest boats. We have completed the process of equipping the fishing boats with all of the essential fishing gear, and we have now put the boats out on the sea. Paddling for kilometers and spending hours fishing in a broad array of habitats and settings are both a part of our experience with the testing that we do.

Because of this, we are able to evaluate the handling of the boats as well as how well they perform for the type of angler and conditions they were designed for. In the event that you are unable to attend a trial day or go to a paddle shop, you can test out the performance of the finest Vibe kayaks by reading our reviews.