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Updated on 9/25/2023
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Kayak Roof Rack: Versatile Carrier for Water Sports

Kayak Roof Rack: Versatile Carrier for Water Sports


This Kayak Roof Rack for Canoe, Ski, SUP, Surfboard, and Kayak Carrier is a great addition to your outdoor adventures. It comes with additional saddles and straps that can carry a paddle, maximizing the space of the kayak carrier. You can fix your paddle on the rack, making it convenient and efficient.

The kayak rack is made of high-quality aluminum material, which is lightweight and durable. It is not affected by the sun or saltwater, and it is not easily scratched. The aluminum body adds an aesthetic appeal to the rack. Installation is also made easier with the lightweight design, although having a second person to assist in installation is recommended for bulky racks.

With the thickest sponge design on the market, this kayak rack ensures maximum protection for your kayak during transportation. The shock-absorbing sponge minimizes any impact, preventing damage to your kayak's body. The soft cushion base also offers additional protection for the edges of the kayak.

The foldable design of this kayak car rack provides the most space-saving solution. The vertical and J-hook brackets already save space, but the ability to fold the rack allows for easy access to low-rise buildings and garages without causing damage to the rack or the building.

This kayak rack is one of the strongest on the market. Its strong and sturdy structure makes it reliable for carrying your kayak. The super thick pipe diameter enables the J-Style kayak rack to bear a weight of 160lbs, ensuring safety and durability.


- What type of straps does it come with?
Hi, this kayak carrier comes with 25*2800mm Straps: 2 Kayak Carrier: 2 Universal Mounting Adapter: 2 M8-1.25 Carrier Bolt: 4 M8-1.25 Knob Nuts: 4

- How much weight can this j bar carry?
Hi, the safety weight is 160lbs/a pair. Please avoid exceeding this weight for safety reasons.

- How do I mount j bars on my vehicle?
You need to have a roof rack with cross bars, and the mounting process is simple and straightforward.

- Will it fit a flat cross bar with 1/2 inch height and 2 1/4 inch width?
Hi, yes, it will fit. If the flat cross bar has a width less than 2.25in and a height less than 1.77in, it will be compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of straps does they come with?

Hi, this type straps come with the kayak carrier 25*2800mm Straps:2Kayak Carrier : 2Universal Mounting Adapter:2M8-1.25 Carrier Bolt: 4M8-1.25 Knob Nuts: 4

How much weight can this j bar carry?

Hi, The safety weight is 160lbs/a pair, in order to ensure safety, please try not to exceed this weight.

how do I mount j bars on vehicle?

You need to have a roof rack with cross bars very easy

Will it fit a flat cross bar 1/2 inch Height and 2 1/4 inch width?

Hi yes, if the flat cross bar, width <2.25in, height <1.77in, is ok