KLYMIT LITEWATER DINGHY Packraft, Inflatable Travel Kayak

KLYMIT LITEWATER DINGHY Packraft, Inflatable Travel Kayak


  • Inspired by the Pros: Designed for kayakers and pack rafters, the LWD inflatable boat is an advanced blow-up kayak that tracks well and is stable; Arrow-shaped design increases maneuverability and allows for the use of a canoe or kayak paddle
  • Easy to Inflate: Our inflatable rafts come with an easy-to-use and efficient dry sack that doubles as 4.5 by 9 inch storage bag; These inflatable boats have 2 valves for quick inflation and deflation
  • Secure Design: Oru folding kayak has 6 tie-off zones for lashing gear or securing the dinghy on shore
  • Ultra Lightweight and Ergonomic: This kayak weighs only 44 oz, making it one of the lightest rafts of its kind without compromising on comfort; The built-in inflatable seat is ergonomically designed and provides insulation from cold water
  • Get Outside with Klymit: We want you to focus on soaking up your time outside with the company you keep and spend less time worrying about your lightweight camping gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

looks a little small for rivers?

Took it as a packraft on the colorado river. We avoided all riffles if possible. We were soaked the whole time in the raft partially because of our oar design and partially because it was very windy. If you hit a larger wave, the boat will fill up but not sink. Very easy to fill up completely with bag. Both boats had the cushion leak the first time out (spot seam issue), my boat developed a slow leak later in the trip (not sure why). All in all it is the perfect boat for simple river crossings or warm weather calm river trips. I returned my boat for a replacement, we will see what happens.

Need boat to pack into mnt lakes. From reviews boat is unstable, gets you wet(low riding).Is this a death trap?

Not a death trap, but you want to know what you're getting. It is single chamber, which means that, if it does get a decent rip, it's going down! The material is reasonably durable, but not nearly as thick and hardy as an Alpacka, but, again, it's about 1/8 the cost and less than 1/3 the weight. Water does come over the sides if you don't fully inflate/temper it. It wants to crease where it flares out at the seat. Paying attention to your paddling technique, staying out of choppy water, and properly inflating it will eliminate most water getting in, but that's generally the case with any boat that lacks a spray skirt. As far as stability goes, I don't see falling out of this boat under mountain lake conditions (or really any of the conditions that it was designed for). Hope that answers your questions.

What’s been updated in the 2020 model?

Hello, The main difference is the change in patch kit. The kit now consists of self-adhesive repair tape that is fully waterproof when cured, providing a more reliable patch.

Do you have to blow up with a bag or can you use a pump?

It is designed to use with the included bag, but you can make it work with a pump if you have the right size attachment or you can attach the bag and insert the pump hose into the bag and hold it very tight around the hose. However, I was not personally able to get it to be really full/rigid without using the bag. What we do is attach the bag, insert the pump hose into the bag and hold this tightly closed around the pump hose. You can get it to about 90% full this way. After that we had to use the bag the rest of the way.