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Updated on 9/25/2023
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RAILBLAZA Ctug Trolley Cart

RAILBLAZA Ctug Trolley Cart


Railblaza Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart is the perfect solution for transporting your kayak or canoe with ease. With its puncture-free wheels, you never have to worry about getting a flat tire. The high-grip rubber tread wheels ensure excellent traction on all terrains, allowing you to paddle anywhere you desire. The cart also features an adjustable kickstand for added stability.

Strapping your canoe or kayak to the cart is quick and easy. This eliminates the need to lift and carry your heavy boat to and from the water. The adjustable rubberized pads securely fit most hull shapes, providing a snug and secure fit.

One of the standout features of this cart is its tool-free assembly. It can be dismantled in under 20 seconds, making it easy to fit inside your kayak hatch. This allows for convenient transportation and quick assembly whether you're at home, on the beach, or on the water.

The Railblaza Ctug is built to last. It is constructed with reinforced composite material, thermos-bonded elastomeric hull pads, and stainless steel reinforced axles. This cart will not rust, ensuring its durability even in harsh environments. The use of non-corroding engineering polymers and stainless steel reinforced axles further enhances its longevity.

In addition to its impressive construction, the Railblaza Ctug is proudly made in New Zealand. It has a loading limit of 300 lbs (120kg) and is hailed as the most versatile and durable kayak cart on the market.

Regarding whether you can tow your kayak with this cart behind your bike, it is recommended to use a homemade PVC cart with threaded rod axle and inflatable dolly wheels for bicycling speeds. There are various online videos demonstrating how to make these carts, and they provide the necessary durability and stability required for towing.

The dimensions of the disassembled cart are such that it fits in a hatch with an opening of 17" x 8". The wheels can be removed, the top pads can be taken off, and the frame can be separated into two pieces. However, depending on the size of your hatch, the frame can also be kept intact for convenience.

For daily pulling over distances of 200-300 meters on hard surfaces like asphalt, it is not recommended to use the Railblaza Ctug. The tires are designed for trails and sand, which means they may wear and fail prematurely on asphalt or concrete. It's worth considering alternative carts that have tires specifically designed for hard surfaces.

The Railblaza Ctug raises the boat above the ground by approximately 6-8 inches, varying depending on the angle at which you tow it. This elevation helps protect the boat from potential obstacles and provides clearance for a smoother transport experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone tow their kayak with this cart behind their bike?

Best thing for towing a kayak with your bike is a homemade PVC cart that uses a 5/8th threaded rod axle and 10-inch inflatable dolly wheels that have 5/8th (lawnmower size) bearings. There are several videos online showing how to make these carts - it's pretty easy. When you're going bicycling speed, you need something with bearings, you want pneumatic tires, and you want a cart that won't collapse because it isn't designed to collapse.

What are the dimensions of this disassembled? I am wondering if it will fit in my hatch

The cart fits in my hatch that has an opening 17”x8”. The wheels come off the two top pads come of and the frame can be separated into two pieces, my hatch is deep and wide enough I keep frame in one piece. Hope this helps.

Would you recommend this or something more conventional for daily pulling around 200-300 meters on hard surfaces like asphalt? Wear and tear?

These tires are designed more for use on trails, sand, etc. -- not asphalt or concrete. I suspect it would cause them to wear and fail prematurely. Not sure if they make optional tires that are more for hard surfaces. This is an excellent cart, but I don't think those wheels would last very long under your type of use.

how much does the cart raise the boat above ground?

6-8 inches depending on the angle you tow