Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Start Up Package

Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Start Up Package


  • Exterior: 11'2' x 34' / Interior: 9'6' x 15' / Deflated: 24' x 16' x 7'
  • Hull Weigt: 26 Lbs. / Load Capacity: 2 people or 500 lbs. NMMA Certified
  • Tube Diameter: 10' / Chambers: Three ( port, starboard & floor)
  • Material: 33 mil Polykrylar / Floor: Inflatable I-beam construction / Air Vales: 5 Deluxe One Way
  • Inflation and Assembly Time: 6 Min. Whitewater Rating: Up to Class III / Inflation Pressure: 1.1 psi / Carrybag not included
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I sail on lake michigan. what are the largest waves these can handle safely? this is just a fact of like on the lake.

    Great answer from the seller but also if you plan to go on a large lake consider few more things: this is not a sea kayak and it sticks out of the water much higher. Consequently, if the wind blows hard you can get quite a ride. Second, if you get in trouble make sure you have a marine radio to call for help... lakes such as Michigan or even worse in this matter Superior can get REALLY COLD even in the summer months once you wander away from the beach and drownings due to hypothermia are quite common. I have surfed Lake Michigan and Superior both when the waves were around 5-6ft in a storm (and if you can handle the boat) it is quite fun but if you are a new to the fun... make sure you learn the basics aswell as how to board the boat should you "go swimming" it is not as easy since the sides are about a foot up above the water- you will want to practice and be in good shape...big bellies dont help.

    There is a one picture with a dog in the kayak. Can it really hold up to dog claws?

    I have a 15 pound dog who loves to go in the kayak with me. His claws are not a problem.

    what comes with this start up package ?

    Thank you for your interest in Sea Eagle Boats. The SE330 Start Up Package includes the SE330 Hull, 2 paddles, 2 SEC seats, foot pump and repair kit. It also has a 3 year manufacturers Warranty against manufacturers Defects. This package does not come with a carrybag, which is sold separately.

    How much does the sea eagle weight?

    Thank you for your interest In Sea Eagle Boats. The SE330 Hull weighs 26 lbs.