Ascend Kayak: Definitive Guide For Amazing Kayaks

Ascend Kayak: Definitive Guide For Amazing Kayaks

Ascend Kayaks

Abigail ScottByAbigail Scott
Updated on 6/23/2022

Kayaks in the Ascend's line can be found at Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops. When you saw a paddling buyer guide for kayaks with so many similar-looking letter-number combinations, whether you shopped in person or online, you might have become more confused while using a paddling trip guide.

The kayaks produced by Ascend are among the best in their class. We found, however, that choosing one of these apex models based on popularity is nearly impossible. 

It can be challenging to choose between the H10, 10T, 128T, D10, FS10, and 12T, confusing names like those. Not anymore! You will be a kayak master by the end of this article. 

Ascend Kayak Models: Which letters represent what?

T Models

A sit-on-top kayak with a tunnel hull, or pontoon hull, is referred to as a T-shaped kayak. The inverted bottom makes it possible to run across almost any body of water with ease. Ascend kayaks vessels were explicitly designed for fishing. 

Standing platforms and top-of-the-line stability make these ascend kayaks crafts perfect for casting, whether you want to sit or stand. The T's are designed to accept all aftermarket rail-mount accessories.

The kayaks have plenty of storage space and are perfect for catching your favorite water swimming delicacy. Your tackle box and biggest catch will be glad you have the extra space! 

D Models

A paddling model is a sit-in vessel designed for recreational use. Kayaks with this price tag in the store are exceptionally well made and have many features found on vessels with higher price tags. New paddlers and pros alike will appreciate D's as an accessible, easy-to-use toy.

H Models

H stands for a hybrid. These sit-in vessels offer more excellent primary and secondary stability, maneuverability, and durability with their hybrid rotomolded tunnel hulls. Therefore, these models are great for hunting ducks and fishing for all species.

Hybrid Ascend kayaks have a large, open cockpit that makes them ideal for paddlers with claustrophobia or tall paddlers. Ample storage space is also included throughout the kayak and canoe. 

FS Models

This watercraft is freestanding, and that's just what it does! We designed the FS Ascends based on customer feedback so kayakers of all experience levels can use it in various settings. This model is comfortable, maneuverable, and tracks well. 

Kayak Review Ascend

Ascend H10 Hybrid Kayak


  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Weight: 55 pounds 

Specs of hybrid kayaks, such as the Ascend H10 Hybrid Kayak, are first and foremost hybrids. The result is a high degree of primary and secondary stability, maneuverability, and resilience. There is enough stability in the sit-on-top vessel's tunnel hull for you to stand up and castor to line up the perfect shot. 

You can easily access land when you're on the ground with the open deck design, and you can fish or hunt ducks from a 360-degree vantage point. With a cockpit that is no longer too small, tall anglers no longer have to endure long trips. There are also foot braces that can be adjusted to fit everyone. 

A kayak like this one is the perfect choice for an overnight adventure. Both the bow and stern have enough storage space for all your equipment. A steeped keel on the Ascend Kayak H10 allows you to ride the surf or take a calmer approach on your favorite lake.

You can attach anything you want to your rods and guns with accessory rails, and soft port and starboard saddlebags provide easy access to essential items. Aren't you catching fish? With its enhanced stability and easy bailing, this is still an excellent kayak for beginners. 


  • Titanium and Desert Storm colors are available.
  • Rubber handles provide a more comfortable grip
  • Drain plug with a threaded lid that won't leak but allows easy water flow
  • Detachable seat
  • The Ascend has the highest weight capacity


  • Tracking can be problematic in crosscurrents
  • and the open cockpit can cause sunburn
  • The back buckle on the seat can lead to sliding
  • There is no dry storage

Sit-On-Top Kayak Ascend 10T

Quick Specifications

  • The length of the rope is 10 feet
  • and the width is 30 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 325 pounds
  • and the weight is 67 pounds 

This kayak features an open bow and almost magical stability. It is the first sit-on-top kayak on the list. If your four-legged friend wants to tag along on an adventure, there is plenty of space to have their titanic moment. Your boat won't tip over with Cujo on board!  

The bow's storage area value is that it can be weighted to provide more stability. The storage can also hold a lot of weight, so it helps carry gear. You can also stand up and stretch your legs on this kayak's flat casting deck. 

The ability to cast 360 degrees is another advantage of standing on top of your watercraft. For this reason, the manufacturers added a non-skid foam mat. On your double-duty kayak, you can use this feature to take a standing shot or to perform a quick yoga session.

The 10T was updated, as well as the seating system. They added multiple bungee hold downs to prevent the chair from sliding and ergonomic foam to make it comfortable. The foot braces can also be adjusted to fit any height, and there are six scupper drains with plugs for targeted drainage.


  • Tracks well even in low to moderate wind conditions
  • Molded storage holder for drinks that is weatherproof and dry
  • with professional maneuverability
  • Four bows and four aft D-rings for securing gear, 
  • and accessory mounting rails on the port, starboard, and centerlines


  • It feels cheap on the outside 
  • and won't stay dry in the water
  • if the owner applies for no anti-rust protection

Sit-On-Top Kayak Ascend 128T (Fishing)

Quick Specifications

  • 12 feet 8 inches in length
  • and 33 inches wide
  • Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Weight: 96 lbs 

Ascend 128T Yak-Power Kayak is a versatile sit-on kayak. This mighty vessel can navigate lakes, rivers, creeks, bays, marshes, bayous, and surf reaching 2 feet.

Muscles are driven by what? 12 Volt Yak-Power electronics. Three power plugs are provided for convenience, and the electronics run on 12-Volts.

Bass Pro Shops Ascend 128T Sit-On Kayak

The Ascend 128T is highlighted in this promo video highlighting all its marvelous features!

Additionally, the storage is convenient. Midshaft and aft are waterproof storage systems, and the bow and stern have open storage areas with flush-mounted bungees for security. 

From the nonskid foam deck, the standing view provides great sight casting. This kayak is second to none in fly fishing thanks to its tunnel hull and wide flared bow. The large deck area and pull-up assist strap make it easy to stand.

The angler accessory rack features four-rod holders, two accessory rails, a wiring harness, and storage with threaded inserts. A three-position suspended seat system is also included, and it can be removed and used as a comfortable deck seat.   


  • Storage for rod-tip protectors (also useful for paddles) is removable 
  • removable 
  • removable. There are eight scupper drains with plugs for directing water
  • Two people can easily carry this kayak to and from the water due to its bow and stern handles 
  • Available in two colors: Titanium and Desert Storm
  • This kayak paddles, tracks, and maneuvers well 


  • Its size and weight make it difficult for a single person to handle
  • Anglers don't like the layout of the rod holders
  • When stored outdoors, the deck and hull will warp over time
  • The hatches leak into the hold, but the owner can fix this

Kayak D10 Sit-Inside by Ascend

Quick Specifications

  • Height: 9 feet 10 inches
  • Dimensions: 29 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Capacity: 50 pounds 

With the Ascend D10, you can enjoy lightweight weekend touring in a durable sit-in kayak. With this watercraft, you can get into places that other boats cannot. Examples include inlets, bayous, streams, and rivers, and having a shorter length and lighter weight makes it easy to handle onshore.

Tracking, speed, and stability are the highlights of this vessel. Your D10 can still float above rough bottoms, even in shallow waters. Suitable for lakes, slow rivers, and streams, this kayak is best used in calm waters. 

The cockpit of the Ascend sit-in model is open to minimize feelings of claustrophobia. Seats in the low-chair style are comfortable and can be removed for off-kayak use. There is no dry storage on this kayak, but dry bags can fix this problem. 

Beginners will find this an excellent choice, but intermediate or advanced paddlers should look elsewhere.  


  • Red and purple colors are available.
  • to withstand hitting boulders, rocks, and branches
  • The cup holder and two trays make it easy to access essential items, while the 36-quart container can be securely attached with the hold-down system. cooler
  • It comes with paddle holders, so you don't have to worry about losing them.
  • Comes with a single drain plug for excess water.


  • There is no forward or backward movement of the seat. 
  • The lack of storage space in the cockpit (only behind seats) makes it feel cramped.
  • The full-length keel quickly catches on rocks and branches.
  • branches
  • branches, except in calm, slow-moving waters
  • Spray skirts are not available.

Sit-in Angler Kayak FS10 by Ascend

Quick Specifications

  • Ten feet in length
  • with a 30 inch width
  • 325 lb weight capacity
  • and 57 pounds weight 

In addition to the Ascend FS10 Angler, another lightweight sit-in angler kayak is easy to carry. Sitting at the top of this list of the most stable kayaks, this sit-in boat is perfect for setting trot and limb lines and angling from the open cockpit. 

A V-style hull and extended keel provide excellent stability. To improve technical maneuverability and tracking, aggressive strakes and performance rockers were included. When combined, these features make the kayak easy to paddle. 

Are you aware there are multiple luxuries built into the angling performance of this model? A live bait pail or stringer and anchor system can be attached to the two 4-inch cleats. The stern tankwell is also expanded to hold large and small cargo and keep a consistent payload. Anglers can secure fishing gear with bungees mounted over the tank well.

The included features are:

  • Accessory rails.
  • Dual-sized cup holders.
  • A molded dash.
  • Rubber carry handles.
  • A single rod holder.

Also included are bungee paddle holders to enhance hands-free fishing. Kayakers with a height of 5'2" to 6'2" will benefit most from the FS10. 


  • Keys, wallets, phones, and other small items can be stored in weathertight compartments under the dash
  • dash
  • dash. Available in two colors: Titanium and Desert Storm
  • Comfortable deluxe seating on and off the kayak
  • With an open cockpit, you can quickly enter and exit the kayak
  • through a threaded and sealed drain plug


  • For a perfect kayak seats designed, If the owner does not apply for anti-rust protection, the seats will rust
  • Low waterline compared to comparable kayaks
  • Some anglers find that the rod holder is poorly positioned
  • compared to older ascend kayak models

Takeaways from Ascend Kayak 

Kayak review ascend for our list of Ascends has something for everyone. It's essential to pay attention to details when comparing the ascend kayak models and kayaks. Our team has compiled a list of 7 takeaways to ensure you meet your needs:

  1. Calculate it! A vehicle's weight capacity becomes critical if you plan to bring along a pet, fishing and hunting gear, camping gear, or other accessories. Also, remember to factor in your weight! 
  2. From your car to the water, how will you transport your kayak? This is where it is essential to think about a few additional factors:
  • Are you strong? The kayak will need to be lifted.  
  • Would you use a truck or SUV bed if you don't have a roof rack?
  • To transport your kayak, do you need a cart?
  • Would you like the option of standing?
  1. A 10T, 128T, or 12T that offers that kind of stability might be the best choice in any store for you:
  • Deck casting
  •  for fly fishing
  •  and shooting ducks
  •  Paddleboarding
  •  Exercises
  •  Yoga
  1. Does your kayak need to be ready to fish right out of the box? The best options for you are the 128T, FS10, and 12T.
  2. Choose your hull. Depending on how much stability, maneuverability, and tracking you need.
  3. Sit-inside or sit-on-top? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. They featured 10T, 128T, and 12T sit-on kayaks. H10, D10, and FS10 sit-inside kayaks are available.
  4. Stackable. Think about your storage space first. Are you a frequent overnight traveler? Will you need many amenities? What is your storage requirement? Are there enough amenities included? Are our dry bags necessary?

You'll be able to set sail on your chosen body of water once you upgrade your kayak game to Ascend. With our article, we hope you were able to select your dream kayak and feel confident about buying the best Ascend for you!

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