All About Class 1 Rapids

class 1 rapids

class 1 rapids

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Abigail Scott
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Updated on 12/6/2022

Rafting can take on a wide variety of forms across the state of Colorado. It can range from a short boat ride to highly active and specialized excursions. Finding a tour that is suited to the needs of your group is a wonderful accomplishment. There are five different classes of white water rafting trips, ranging from Class I (the easiest) to Class V (the most difficult) (most difficult). When trying to differentiate between multiple courses, keep these explanations in mind.

Class 1

Class 1 has a few minuscule waves moving through the water. There are hardly any obstacles.

Class 1 rapids

Class 2

Straightforward rapids that have smaller waves and clean, unambiguous courses to navigate through. There is a possibility that some maneuvering will be required.

Class I and II Rapids

Class 3

Waves in rapids tend to be tall and unpredictable. Handling needs to be done with precision frequently when working in confined spaces.

Family Kayaking Class III

Class 4

Rapids are lengthy and challenging, with narrow passages that frequently require complex maneuvering in the midst of choppy water. There is a possibility that the course will be challenging to determine, and counting will be required.

Class 4

Class 5

Extremely difficult, Challenging rapids that last a long time and are very powerful. The highest permitted level for commercial rafting.

Class V and V+

Class 6

Rapids are characterized by their extreme difficulty, length, and intensity. The highest point is where rafting trips can be taken for pay.

White Water Walk

Arkansas Valley Adventures maintains three primary outposts across the state of Colorado, each of which provides customers with access to a unique and exciting whitewater experience.

Class I through Class III trips are the most outstanding choice for a novice rafter.

Upper Colorado Scenic Float Trip in Kremmling, Colorado

The (12 Day OR Full Day Adventure) is a beautiful experience for families. This trip is primarily going to be a scenic float, but there will be a section of Class II whitewater that lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. Along the Colorado River, travelers may come across stunning views of the Gore Mountain Range, historic homes, a variety of animals, and even the opportunity to pay a visit to the Radium Hot Springs.

Gold Rush in Idaho Springs, Colorado

A Journey of One-Third of a Day The rafting experience is ideal for first-timers, whether they be young children or adults. Everyone, regardless of age, will have a thrilling and wet time on Class II and Class III rapids.

AVA Rafting & Zipline

Browns Canyon in Buena Vista, Colorado 

Adventures of a Half-Day, Three-Quarter-Day, or Full-Day Length are Available (Optional). Browns Canyon offers a variety of day hikes and bike rides, with distances ranging from ten to sixteen miles, so there is sure to be one that is just right for you. Browns Canyon provides visitors with breathtaking views of Browns National Monument as well as exhilarating Class III rapids. Visitors can experience the best by exploring Browns Canyon.

AVA Rafting & Zipline | Browns Canyon Rafting

Upper Clear Creek (a Half-Day Hiking Adventure) in Idaho Springs, Colorado 

Rafters who are at an intermediate level of experience or who are beginners who are in good physical shape and are looking for more excitement should sign up for this excursion. Paddling through rapids rated as Class IV will require a significant amount of effort, and you should anticipate getting wet as a result of your paddling.

Upper Clear Creek Whitewater Rafting in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Idaho Springs, Colorado - Outer Limits (3/4-Day Adventure) 

Looking for a trip that lasts for a more extended period of time?! There are rapids in Outer Limits that are classified as both Class III and Class IV. Because it includes a delectable lunch at Smokin' Yards BBQ riverside, this tour is excellent for intermediate rafters who are looking for a day filled with enjoyable activities because it is included in the package.

Numbers in Buena Vista, Colorado (Either a Half-Day or Full-Day Adventure) 

There is a section of the Arkansas River known as the numbers that feature continuous rapids of Class IV intensity. When you're out on the water, you're going to have to put in some serious effort to paddle, you're going to get wet, and you're going to have a fantastic time!

AVA Rafting & Zipline | The Numbers Rafting

Idaho Springs, CO - Lower Canyon (12 Day Adventure) Class V rapids near Denver.

Guests get the opportunity to experience world-class whitewater and a journey that is both fun and exciting, and it's only an hour outside of Denver!

Phoenix, Arizona – Idaho Springs, Colorado (Full Day Adventure) 

Are you interested in spending the day navigating whitewater rapids ranging in difficulty from class II to class V? This excursion will take you down all three distinct types of whitewater that Clear Creek has to offer, so make sure you bring your swimming gear! Smokin' Yard BBQ will prepare a mouthwatering lunch for you to ensure that you are able to make it through the day with the stamina and vigor that you require.

Pine Creek in Buena Vista, Colorado (12-day or full-day adventure) 

Because it is considered by many to be one of the Arkansas River's white water runs that presents the most significant degree of difficulty, the Pine Creek segment is a popular destination for rafters who already have considerable experience. It is imperative that vacations be planned for the middle of the season in order to avoid being caught off guard by unexpectedly high water levels brought on by the melting of snow. The difficulty level of this day trip is higher than that of any of the others that are offered. Paddling and navigating through some particularly challenging sections are going to require a significant amount of effort from you.


Safety Tips for Whitewater Rafting

When you go whitewater rafting with AVA, you and your whole family will be able to share the excitement of the rapids together, regardless of how experienced you or your family members are. A variety of additional activities, the specifics of which vary from outpost to outpost and are provided by AVA. There are a variety of activities that can be participated in, including a zip line, rock climbing, hiking, equestrian riding, and renting UTVs.