Our Top 10 Kayak Gloves For 2023 (Best Value)

kayak gloves

kayak gloves

Abigail Scott

Abigail Scott
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Updated on 12/6/2022

For paddlers who wish to shield their hands from the hardships of the sport, investing in a good pair of kayak gloves is a must. The additional layer will protect paddlers from painful calluses and blisters, allowing them to enjoy their kayaking excursions for longer. When it's wet, having kayak gloves on gives you a firmer grip on the paddle, so you won't slip as easily.

When shopping for kayaking gloves, paddlers need to consider several factors, including the climate and time of year they often paddle, the sort of material the gloves are made of, and how well they fit.

The most delicate kayak gloves protect and are long-lasting and pleasant. This list includes information on the most delicate kayaking gloves in 2020 and an informative guide on what to look for when shopping for kayaking gloves.

These are the finest, yet they each come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. We have compiled a list and evaluated the best ten kayak gloves for your consideration.

All Of The Kayak Gloves That We Have Checked Out

The Southern Fin Clothing Company Kayaking Gloves

Kayak Fishing Gloves for Men, Women, and Kids SPF UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Fingerless Fly Fishing, Rowing, Kayaking, Paddling. Kayakers who want to protect their hands from the short paddle handles of their kayaks will find that the Southern Fin Apparel kayak gloves are the ideal accessory to have with them. A pair of gloves can be purchased reasonably and protect the wearer from blisters while allowing tactile activities such as fishing and tying rope.

This pair of gloves is perfect for usage in pretty mild temperatures since they shield your hands from the sun's ultraviolet rays while allowing you to move your fingers freely. In addition to being exceptionally comfortable, the Southern Fin kayak gloves provide a respectable amount of support for the wrist and palm when used for kayaking.

Using leather in conjunction with synthetic textiles results in a glove that is not only long-lasting but also dries relatively quickly. It is also a good choice for various other activities and sports, such as paddle boarding and fishing.

Details And Functions

  • UV protection material with an SPF of +50
  • Fingerless
  • Palm with added support
  • Tabs that are simple to remove

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • Fabric that is both breathable and soft
  • Comfort is increased by using synthetic leather
  • Stylish

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • There is no clip supplied to hold the gloves together

Koofin Kayaking Gloves

These kayak gloves are fantastic for paddlers who want comfortable, durable, and dry gloves and paddle in more moderate weather. The Koofin kayak gloves provide superior finger mobility and comfort without compromising the superb protection and grip they are known for.

They include leather cushioning around the index and middle fingers and across the palms, which is where blisters are most likely to occur, and they have pull tabs on the fingertip and the wrist for easy removal.

However, the material's flexibility helps to prevent your hands from becoming too hot. Long journeys that necessitate continuously wearing these gloves for several hours at a time are a suitable fit for them.

Details And Functions

  • UV protection material with an SPF of +50
  • Fingerless
  • Palm with added support
  • Pull tabs for removal located on the wrist and fingertip
  • Design that is both lightweight and airy

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • elastomeric, low in weight, and air permeable
  • Simple to take off
  • Quick to dry out

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • Unsuitable for use in colder climates

WindRider Kayaking Gloves

Suppose you are a kayaker searching for gloves that will boost your grip and prevent your kayak paddle from sliding through your wet hands. In that case, the WindRider kayak gloves are a suitable alternative to consider purchasing, and they are also long-lasting and pleasant to wear when traveling.

The WindRiders can dry quickly and have excellent breathability thanks to the mesh backing. This indicates that sailing and kite surfing will also be able to make effective use of them, which is a factor that favors them for other activities.

They provide a grip that seems to be on par with that of other kayak gloves, and in addition, they are incredibly resilient and resistant to wear and tear. When it comes to kayaking, these gloves are comfortable and allow for a great deal of freedom.

Wearing watches or fitness trackers has also been considered in their design since they have a low profile that fits comfortably on the wrist.

Details And Functions

  • Leather produced synthetically
  • Material composed of stretchy, breathable mesh
  • Padding in the region of the grip
  • A wrist design with a low profile

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • Durable despite its low weight
  • Provides an excellent and enhanced grip
  • The superior degree of portability
  • Cushioning and maximum comfort are both provided, thanks to ergonomic design

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • Too cumbersome to wear in warm weather
  • It's possible that some people's thumb patches won't line up correctly

Seibertron Kayaking Gloves

The Seibertron kayak gloves are heavy-duty gloves explicitly designed for kayaking that provide paddlers with improved protection and a firmer grip. As a result of their ability to absorb shocks and substantially minimize hand fatigue, they are an excellent accessory for tandem touring kayaks.

The Seibertron kayak gloves are very comfortable to wear and provide adequate thermal insulation, making them suited for use in colder areas. There is a little bit of additional protection against any impact linked with whitewater kayaking thanks to the incorporation of kevlar into the material.

The Seibertron gloves are great for sailing and climbing and are suitable for use in colder temperatures and harsher situations.

Details And Functions

  • Synthetic leather palm with additional reinforcement
  • Kevlar threads were used in the stitching of the palm
  • Palm with added support
  • Puller on middle and ring fingers

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • The highest possible degree of safety
  • The high degree of resistance to wear and tear
  • Reduce the amount of hand fatigue
  • Simple to take off

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • Not recommended for use in warm weather
  • It does not provide a great deal of mobility

Fits T4 Kayaking Gloves

Kayakers seeking an exceptional pair of kayaking gloves should consider purchasing the Fits T4 kayak gloves since they are not only comfortable but also sturdy and provide a high degree of mobility. These gloves provide the necessary amount of protection and have an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to wear while providing a snug fit.

Due to the high degree of thermal protection offered by the Fits T4 gloves, they may be used for kayaking in various environments and climates. Blisters are avoided thanks to the mix of synthetic leather and spandex in constructing these shoes; the excellent fit is also a contributing factor.

They do not alter or improve the inherent defensive features that the layers of skin on your hand already possess; instead, all they do is prolong such qualities.

Details And Functions

  • Gentle and very stretchable spandex
  • Fingerless
  • Palm made with reinforced artificial leather
  • Hook-and-loop fastening that may be adjusted on the wrist

Why you should make the purchase:

  • Very cozy and cozy-like in appearance
  • Versatile and helpful for a variety of sporting activities
  • The ability to withstand both cold and warm conditions

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • a deficiency of protection just under the palms and fingers

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Kayaking Gloves

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves UPF50+ Fishing Gloves UV Protection Gloves Sun Protection Gloves Men Women for Outdoor, Kayaking, Rowing. The KastKing Sol Armis Sun kayak gloves are among the most flexible gloves explicitly designed for kayaking that can be found on the market. When kayaking, they provide a great degree of mobility and make it possible to go through the whole range of motion and navigate easily.

Small chores that demand strategic senses, such as tying knots or clever calling, are no issue for people with three-quarter fingers, also known as fingerless.

Kayakers who want some color on their gloves have a lot of fashionable customization choices to choose from with the Sol Armis gloves, which also have the benefit of being exceptionally comfortable.

Details And Functions

  • UV protection material with an SPF of +50
  • Fingerless
  • Fabric with four-way stretch and breathability
  • Palm and pull tabs made of microfiber
  • Machine-washable

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • Lightweight
  • It offers a great deal of movement
  • Stylish
  • It is simple to clean

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • Poor insulation; is not a good thing for the cold
  • It provides just a partial buffer against impacts

BPS Kayaking Gloves

The BPS kayaking gloves prevent chilly temperatures from making your hands feel numb or tingly. Kayakers can choose the appropriate amount of thermal protection for their hands by selecting between a 3mm or 5mm layer of insulation, depending on the temperature to which their hands are subjected.

The experience of kayaking, along with almost any other kind of paddling activity, as well as scuba diving, is improved by the use of these gloves because of their increased grip and comfort.

These gloves can maintain their warmth thanks to the Velcro wrist straps, which perform a fantastic job of preventing water from entering. In addition, during the warmer months, loosening the straps will make it possible to regulate body temperature better. In all honesty, that was very helpful.

Details And Functions

  • Double lined-neoprene
  • 3mm or 5mm option
  • Adjustable straps for the wrists
  • Palm with a textured grip

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • Neoprene provides an exceptional degree of heat protection
  • a snug and close fit
  • An adequate amount of hold

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • Only applicable when the temperature is low
  • Sizes run small

This Is A BassDash Astro Kayaking Gloves

BASSDASH Astro Heavy-Duty Sure Grip Fishing Cycling Gloves Men’s Women’s Fingerless Gloves for Game Fishing Kayaking Paddling Sailing MTB. The BassDash Astro kayak gloves are excellent gloves explicitly designed for paddling, including anti-slip characteristics, enhanced toughness, and elastic fabric that allows for increased movement. They are perfect for preventing calluses on the hands and provide adequate thermal protection while working in environments with low temperatures.

Kayakers seeking a pair of kayak gloves that are great in all aspects and can be used in a wide range of situations will find that these gloves meet all of their needs. In addition, as a result of the way they've been designed, the Astros will also be able to provide optimal protection for all other types of water activities.

Details And Functions

  • Material composed of neoprene and spandex
  • Slip-resistant patches made of microfiber leather
  • Fabric with four-way stretch and breathability
  • Wrist straps with hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Different finger incisions to mimic the usage of paddles in actual paddling

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • Keep your hands dry and cool
  • Simple to don and to remove as necessary
  • Versatile for different climates

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • You will need to give them some time to get some fresh air when they are first acquired

Palmy Kayaking Gloves

Palmy UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves UPF50+ Sun Gloves Men Women for Kayaking, Hiking, Paddling, Driving, Canoeing, and Rowing. The Palmyth kayak gloves are ideal for paddlers searching for durable, quick-drying gloves because of their elegant design, supportive construction, and ergonomic comfort. The Palmyth kayak gloves are designed to be used in warm climates since they are comfortable, flexible, and provide a high degree of movement.

Only lighter protective padding is available for paddlers on the more leisurely side of kayaking, as opposed to heavy-duty gloves designed for extreme conditions. This is because the standard three-quarter fingers are designed to allow for tasks that require a high degree of skill.

These gloves are also available in various colors and designs so that they may cater to the preferences of each customer. The material is especially effective at shielding your skin from the sun and can be cleaned in a machine to eliminate sweat stains and odors that they leave behind.

Details And Functions

  • UV protection material with an SPF of +50
  • Fingerless
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Pull tabs for removal located on the wrist and fingertip
  • Design that is both lightweight and airy

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • It offers a high level of comfort as well as support
  • elastomeric and not too weighty
  • Quick to dry out
  • Simple to take off
  • Provides a significant amount of support for the thumb

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • It offers just a marginal degree of protection
  • A material that is both thin and provides minimal insulation
  • Not a good choice for the chilly weather

Master Of The Braces Kayaking Gloves

Brace Master Sailing Gloves Men Women for Sailing, Fishing
Value for money9.6
Value for money

Because they are made of soft leather throughout, the Brace Master kayak gloves provide excellent thermal protection while still allowing for a fair degree of movement. These qualities make them exceptionally comfortable and durable.

They are simple to put on and provide adequate protection against shocks. Due to their resistance to water and ability to dry out fast, these gloves are an excellent choice for kayaking in chilly conditions.

The supple leather produces an outer skin experience that is both tight and flexible, enabling you to wear them for extended periods without experiencing any pain. This also ensures they won't acquire the unpleasant odor that synthetic materials may sometimes produce.

The Brace Master provides excellent support for a wide range of situations, making it suitable for traveling in colder weather and more moderate areas.

Details And Functions

  • supple leather for increased mobility in the fingers
  • Palms made of high-quality leather
  • Fingerless
  • Rapidly evaporating
  • Wrist strap with a quick hook and lock closure

Why You Should Make The Purchase:

  • Comfortable design
  • Superior durability
  • A speedy process of tightening and fitting
  • It offers the palm region a very high degree of protection

Reasons Not To Purchase:

  • The sizing runs on the small side
  • Weak grasp

When Purchasing Kayak Gloves, Things To Look For

Finding kayak gloves suitable for your requirements might be challenging since many options exist. You can find exactly what you are looking for in a board and kayak, and we also provide you with all the information you need to make the most appropriate choice when choosing the ideal kayak gloves for your needs.

There are several aspects to think about while selecting the most suitable pair of kayaking gloves to purchase, and these aspects can be broken down into many categories. Your choice needs to be heavily influenced by the current weather conditions and the temperature. The need for heavier gloves and gloves with qualities that protect against heat loss arises as to the temperature drops. Therefore, the following criteria should be taken into consideration while shopping for the finest diving boots:


It is vital to consider the materials used in creating kayak gloves based on the conditions of the water, as well as how much mobility, protection, and comfort you would want to have when kayaking. Neoprene and spandex are traditional fabrics used to make kayak gloves because they retain heat while still providing movement. There are also kayak shoes made of synthetic leather, offering increased comfort and defense against the elements.

Additionally, leather is used, albeit often in the form of soft leather, because of the need for flexibility and skill maintenance. It is unnecessary to break them in as thicker leather usually needs since they are sufficiently thin to preserve their tactical sense.


It is essential to pay attention to the thickness of the gloves, as the level of thermal protection they provide to your hands is directly proportional to the thickness of the gloves. Kayakers who paddle in locations and temperatures with a lower average temperature should invest in gloves with a high level of thermal protection. Alternately, if you are going kayaking in a warm climate, you will want kayak gloves with a high amount of breathability to be comfortable. There are also fingerless and covered variants available for use as kayak gloves. Fingerless gloves allow for excellent finger dexterity for activities such as fishing, but they expose the wearer's fingers to the elements, which can be uncomfortable. Covered gloves, on the other hand, will keep your hands warm but will limit your movement of the fingers.


Compared to other kayaking accouterments, kayak gloves are inexpensive; nevertheless, some more costly gloves give more excellent protection and comfort than those they cost. The more high-end kayak gloves you buy, the better they prevent injury to your hands, and, in many cases, they provide you with more significant movement.

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