What Is The Best Kayak Rack For A Truck With A Tonneau Cover?

 Kayak Racks for Trucks with Tonneau Cover

Abigail ScottByAbigail Scott
Updated on 8/13/2022

When it comes to mounting racks for carrying kayaks and bicycles, drivers of pickup trucks with bed coverings, also known as tonneau covers, have a wide variety of alternatives at their disposal.

To our great relief, the chore of selecting the most suitable kayak rack for pickup trucks equipped with tonneau coverings has recently become less challenging.

You may be questioning whether or not it's possible to transport a kayak rack for a truck with a tonneau cover.

Do I need a kayak rack to keep my tonneau cover in good condition? Is it conceivable to get a truck bed rack system with a tonneau cover for the truck bed?

What should I look for when purchasing truck racks compatible with tonneau covers?

If you enjoy spending time outside, you probably already understand how crucial it is to install this rack on your vehicle. However, choosing between the many available options might be difficult.

In this piece, we will go over nine distinct truck racks that will pique your interest and make you want to go shopping for them as soon as possible.

Because we want to make your life simpler, we've chosen our top three recommendations, which come in a range of pricing to accommodate a variety of budgets.

By the time you've finished reading this post, you'll also have a better notion of which rack will be the most suitable for your needs.

While reading this review, you should ask yourself, “How crucial is it to me to make this purchase?”

Do I want to compromise on quality to make a few more dollars?

Alternatively, how significant is this purchase to you?

Best Picks For Kayak Racks Designed For Trucks Equipped With A Tonneau Cover

An Option Of Superior Quality: The Putco Venture Tec Rack

  • It would seem that purchasing this rack is money well spent in all ways.
  • The rack has a static weight capacity of 1000 pounds, a dynamic weight capacity of 600 pounds, and an off-road weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Installing it is also a breeze since you won't need a drill and can get by with only a few basic instruments.
  • You will also get built-in tie-downs with a tie-down strength of up to 500 pounds.

Universal Extendable Pickup Truck Rack Bed Rack In The Middle Price Range

Universal Extendable Pick-Up Truck Rack Bed Rack Aluminum (Truck Rack & Cross Bars)
Value for money
Easy to assemble
Easy to lock
Easy to install

  • This rack can be installed on most full-size pickup trucks and can be purchased for a price that is not prohibitively expensive, making it an excellent choice for most truck owners.
  • It features a powder-coated surface that protects it from rust, scratches, and corrosion, and it is constructed out of solid aluminum for added durability.
  • Even more impressive is its capacity, 800 pounds when used on paved roads and 500 pounds when used off-road.

TMS Universal Aluminum Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Rack Is The Affordable Budget Option

  • This rack offers a lot of value for your price, including a load capacity of 800 pounds, which is more than the load capacity of other racks that cost a lot more money.
  • The fact that it just weighs 31 pounds makes it quite maneuverable, and the most significant part is that it is suitable for use with any pickup vehicle.
  • The rack is also constructed out of solid aluminum, so it should continue to serve its purpose for many years.

Total Reviews Of The Nine Best Kayak Racks For Pickup Trucks That Have A Tonneau Cover

The following is a list of nine of the most effective kayak racks for pickup trucks that come with tonneau covers, along with some information on each.

1. The Yakima Overhaul HD Adjustable-Height Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Rack

The Yakima truck rack can secure a wide variety of items, including kayaks, motorcycles, and surfboards, among other things.

It has a structure built out of aluminum with a powder-coated finish, and it provides same-key system (SKS) technology to guarantee that the rack system is secured to the truck bed safely and securely.

The height can be adjusted from 19 to 30 inches, and it even has a bottle opener. Adjustable height

The rack has a maximum capacity of 500 pounds when used on the road and a maximum capacity of 300 pounds when used off the road despite its weight of 60 pounds.

It also comes with inbuilt tie-down points, making it very simple and quick to attach any accessories to your vehicle, regardless of whether you intend to do so shortly or not.

This bed rack is compatible with most pickup vehicles; however, an additional bed track kit accessory is required to suit certain Toyota and Nissan pickups.

2. New Truck Bed Racks From Kiussi Featuring Two Aluminum Cross Bars

This rack set is ideal since it is compatible with most pickup trucks available on the market. It is inexpensive enough for anybody to purchase for less than $300.

It is pretty simple to set up, and it allows you to carry a wide variety of items, including kayaks, canoes, motorcycles, and snowboards.

The racks have a height range of 49" to 64" and are available in either black or silver so that they may match or accent the color scheme of your pickup truck.

In addition to everything mentioned above, these two bars are 63 inches long and feature a powder-coated finish that is very resistant to rust and corrosion. It is a low-profile cargo rack with a T-profile that enables you to mount your racks using just internal screws, making them quick to install and highly secure simultaneously.

This rack also has decreased wind noise thanks to its low profile, which is something that you will enjoy on those extended road journeys.

3. TMS Universal Aluminum Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Rack

The TMS truck rack is constructed out of high-quality aluminum. It has an adjustable width that adapts to the vehicle's width and an adjustable height that ranges from 8.0 inches to 9.5 inches.

It weighs just around 31 pounds, making it relatively light. As well as being suitable for use with any pickup vehicle.

This rack has a load capacity of 800 pounds, indicating that it can support the weight of almost everyone who uses it.

It is also the ideal rack or rooftop tent; if you have a truck bed cap or RV, it will make your next road trip much more convenient.

This truck rack is durable and won't let you down.

4. Truck Hero Should Raise the TS Rails

These rails have 74.25 inches by 3.75 inches by 3.88 inches and weigh close to 12 pounds each.

They are suitable for trucks and regular short beds ranging between 6'4 and 7'.

The best part is that installing the rails just takes a few minutes and does not need specialized equipment or drilling.

You may improve the appearance of your vehicle and its functionality without breaking the bank if you get the Elevate TS rails since the price of these rails is reasonable.

These rails are a highly flexible attachment for your pickup truck since they can support truck racks supplied with T-slots and truck bed coverings mounted from the inside.

5. Extendable Pickup Truck Rack Bed Rack With Universal Fittings

Universal Extendable Pick-Up Truck Rack Bed Rack Aluminum (Truck Rack & Cross Bars)
Value for money
Easy to assemble
Easy to lock
Easy to install

This rack has around 64 inches by 19 inches by 8 inches and was constructed using a universal design. As a result, it can be used in the majority of full-size pickup trucks. It is designed to hold various items, including kayaks, bicycles, surfboards, rooftop tents, timber, and many more.

It is simple to set up and can even be done without drilling or specialized equipment since it is manufactured from aluminum and has a powder-coated finish.

In addition, you receive a towing capability of 800 pounds when driving on the road and a towing capacity of 500 pounds while pushing off the road.

The rack weighs close to 61 pounds, ensuring that it will be durable and survive for many years.

6. A Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Called The RetraxPRO XR

This cover for the truck bed is tailor-made for the bed of the Dodge Ram 1500, which is now one of the most widely used vehicles on the road. It is compatible with almost all T-slot attachments and can immediately quadruple your truck bed's cargo capacity. Because it is also so well manufactured, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which provides you with a significant amount of peace of mind as soon as it is installed.

This cover can sustain up to 500 pounds if the weight is distributed correctly and may be retracted. A simple latch or key may be used to secure it in place anywhere along the length of the truck bed, which is a bonus. In addition, it is offered in two different bed sizes: 5'7" and 6'4"

7. ADARAC M-Series Truck Rack

The installation process for this truck rack, made of aluminum that is very long-lasting and requires just a few essential tools, can be completed in a matter of minutes.

It has a weight capability of up to 750 pounds and a very slim profile since the uprights have an aerodynamic design oriented inwards towards the truck bed. This is done to maximize the space available in the truck bed.

To put it another way, the M-Series truck rack from Access looks fantastic and functions wonderfully.

This truck rack is suitable for use with all soft rollup tonneau covers manufactured by Access, as well as the majority of covers that can be mounted in the space between the bed rails of a vehicle.

It is a truck rack with many different uses and is quite adaptable.

8. ADARAC Aluminum Series Truck Rack

The weight may be spread uniformly over the aluminum series truck rack, which has a weight capacity of up to 750 pounds and can handle up to 500 pounds. Tie-downs, which are not included, may be purchased separately, and setting up the uprights is quite simple.

The rack can be placed without the need for any specialized equipment or drills, and the end caps, designed to be user-friendly, are equipped with a built-in tie-down loop to secure your goods effectively.

Channeled cross bars, which make it very simple to connect additional components, are included with the purchase of this rack. And at about $700, it is affordable for practically everyone.

9. Putco Venture Tec Rack

This Putco rack has a powder-coated black finish and is constructed out of high-quality metal throughout.

It comes with a limited lifetime guarantee and can be installed with no drilling required and with a few simple tools, most of which you probably already have lying around the home.

You also get a pass-through channel for in-stanchion wiring and built-in tie-downs, which can sustain a tie-down strength of up to 500 pounds.

Even more impressive are the weight capabilities of this rack, which include a static capacity of 1000 pounds, the dynamic power of 600 pounds, and an off-road capacity of 300 pounds.

A Buying Guide For Truck Racks That Are Compatible With Tonneau Covers

Truck Racks

You should keep a few things in mind before getting a truck rack for your vehicle before you set out. This is important to remember if you are entirely inexperienced with pickup trucks and tonneau coverings. Before settling on a truck rack, you should keep a few points in mind, which we have outlined below.

Types Of Kayak Racks Designed For Pickup Trucks With Covered Beds

There are two distinct varieties of kayak racks that may be installed on pickup trucks that have tonneau coverings, and they are as follows:

  • Stake-pocket truck rack. There is a wide variety of models available for this kind of rack, and the optimal situation in which to use it is in a truck bed rail that already has pre-drilled holes. In other words, they are designed to slide into the stake hole in the truck bedrail, making the installation process quite simple.
  • Rack for the truck's headaches. These racks provide the highest possible level of security and can safely tie down all goods, eliminating potential dangers. This kind of rack is suitable for various pickup trucks, even though there are certain things to consider before purchasing.

Compatibility Of Tonneau Covers With Truck Racks

It does not matter what kind of truck you drive; to get a truck rack suitable for your vehicle, you will need to be familiar with its dimensions and do some research.

For instance, there are hard and soft tonneau covers, and each manufacturer of truck racks produces a product suited for either kind of cover.

Several companies such as Adarac and the USA offer racks suitable for use with hard tonneau covers. Racks with soft tonneau covers can be purchased from Adarac, Putco, and a few other companies. You may find retractable bed covers manufactured by Pace-Edwards, Thule, Rhino Rack, and Yakima suitable for your car if it has this feature.

Whatever it is that you're searching for, the first step is to collect accurate measurements of your vehicle so that you can purchase a rack that will fit it precisely when you're finished.

The Ease Of Assembly, Tonneau Cover, And Kayak Rack

You won't get much use out of an excellent truck rack if it takes you all day to put it together after you get it. If you study the guidelines for the rack, you will discover how long it takes to assemble the rack and how complex it is.

It is important to remember that installing some racks will require you to drill holes in your vehicle, which is time-consuming. On the other hand, other racks may be fitted without drilling and using equipment you probably already have in your house.

In the end, the choice that you make is going to be determined by two factors: first, which racks are available for the bed cover that you have, and second, how much effort you plan to put into having the rack mounted.

Loading Kayak Onto Rack

You need to consider how simple it is to assemble your truck rack and how difficult it will be to load your kayak into that rack.

This will be determined mainly by the kind of rack you go for, and once again, the instructions will provide you with a lot of information on the level of difficulty of the procedure.

Summary Of The Top Kayak Racks For Pickup Trucks That Have Tonneau Covers

To begin selecting the ideal kayak rack for a truck with a tonneau cover, you must first determine the kind of vehicle you own and then take measurements to get one that is a perfect fit.

You need to educate yourself on the sort of bed cover you already have and the purpose for which you want to use the rack.

To put it another way, to understand precisely why you want and need a rack for your vehicle, you have to step back and look at the bigger picture.

We've answered some of the most often asked questions about picking the correct truck racks compatible with tonneau covers, such as: which kayak racks are the best for pickup trucks with tonneau coverings?

Is it possible to transport a kayak on a tonneau cover?

Do I need a kayak rack to keep my tonneau cover in good condition?

Is it conceivable to get a truck bed rack system with a tonneau cover for the truck bed?

The good news is that doing so is simple if you know what information to seek, and preliminary research on the internet may also assist you in getting started.

Think about the possibilities of installing a new rack on your truck; you will be able to store more, transport more, and carry more.

Want to go camping AND kayaking? Done; the truck has enough space for everything you require.

Do you want to take a more extensive trip on your next adventure? Done; Now, you can carry more critical heavy objects above on the kayak rack while still making better use of the space within your vehicle.

Do you want to travel with a larger group while transporting everything in a single truck? You've successfully maximized the amount of space available for storage and increased the overall utility of your vehicle. Congratulations!