Put Your Name on the Line: The Most Effective Stake Out Pole Kayak

Stake Out Pole Kayak

Stake Out Pole Kayak

Abigail Scott

Abigail Scott
Mother, Professional Kayaker, and Software Engineer

Updated on 12/6/2022

It's time to set up a perimeter and watch. I don't mean gathering information for a set-up in any way. I'm referring to those convenient fishing stake out poles! I'll be sincere: Nothing causes me more worry than fishing from a kayak using conventional kayak moorings. In a moment that ought to be calm, I have to fight currents and untangle lines instead. You've likely been there previously, as well. And once you've discovered the perfect area for fishing, you want to be able to settle in without having to worry about getting away from your spot. Not only because you don't want to give up your secret spot but also because you don't want to drive away your "catch of the day" in the process. Stake out poles, also known as anchor poles, can be utilized for various paddling activities; nevertheless, kayak fishing is one of the more general and beneficial applications for these poles. Now that we've established why you need one let's talk about how to use it, and then we'll talk about some of the best stake out poles available on the market today.

Advantages to Utilizing Stake Out Poles

It is driven into the ground beneath a lake or river so that it can sit on the bottom rather than simply lowered into the water. A handle is visible above the water, allowing you to quickly remove or move it around. Most people just attach it to their kayak with a rope or enter it via the scupper holes. The scupper holes of a kayak are less likely to cause it to become grounded, but it is still recommended that you secure it. Both options are viable, but ultimately, the position of your stake out pole next to your kayak will yield the best results. The vast majority of kayaks can accommodate a stake out pole, whether you have an inexpensive fishing kayak or an inflatable kayak. The following are some of the most important advantages:

stake out-pole

stake out-pole


  • Simple to operate Simply plant them in the ground, and that's all there is to it! When you are in shallow waters, this is relatively easy to do since all it takes is a little force, and then you are all set (or, instead, ready to stay put).
  • Tangle-free As I've remarked in the past, I can't tolerate it when my moment of calm is interrupted when my anchor line gets tangled up with my fishing line. It drives me completely crazy, and that concern is entirely removed using a stake out pole.
  • Perfect for use in shallower seas Fishing poles called stake out poles are manufactured with the sport of fishing in mind. Allows you to maintain a fully still position in shallow water, which is especially helpful when there is a strong current (think of bays and rivers).
  • Muddy waters Throwing an anchor into water that may be murky is a prescription for catastrophe. Doing so from within a kayak, when space is already at a premium, is a terrible idea. Besides being covered in dirt and your anchor being disorganized, you are also moving rather than being anchored. Instead, you should use stake out poles to prevent movement on the muddy ground; you just need to ensure the poles are pushed in far enough.
  • Simple upkeep requirements A kayak item that comes in handy is a stake out pole. As they are often foldable, easy to clean, and resistant to UV rays, they can easily be exposed to the sun for long periods without significantly degrading. They are also simple to organize and put away when you put them away in storage. Even better, you could just leave it in your car, so you don't forget to take it with you when you get on the road.
  • Serves the purpose of a boat hook One of the advantages of possessing a stake out pole is the fact that it may also serve as a boat hook pole. Use it to push off from the ground when you are kayaking near boulders or banks close by. And if you're not getting any large ones, you can quickly push off from the bottom under you to move to a new location and try your luck there.

Kayak Stake Out Poles of the Highest Quality

What kinds of stake out poles do I suggest using? In my view, the following are the heavy hitters that are deserving of your time:

Yak Equipment Mud Anchor Stake Out Pole Yak Gear Stick

This stake out pole from Yak Gear is the ideal accessory for any kayak. It can be as long as 6 feet, giving it a substantial length. The design of the T-handle provides a comfortable grip that is useful for anchoring and pushing off. Further, the solid construction of the new model makes me very happy because it will perform better on more complex surfaces (such as oyster shells and gravel). It is a more sturdy alternative. It even comes with pole clips, so you can easily attach your kayak to it without any additional hassle.

  • Fiberglass is the material.
  • 6 feet in length
  • Clips Are Included: There Are Some

Floating Stake Out Pole Equipped With A YakStick

YakGear - YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick - 6 Foot
Light weight9.6
Light weight
Value for money9.2
Value for money
Easy to install8.8
Easy to install

This type, which serves as an alternative to the more conventional mud anchor, is ideal for use in shallow and muddy terrain. Despite its lack of additional hardware, the anchor rope attachment makes securing it to your kayak quite simple. Where do we begin? Because it floats, you won't ever have to worry about losing sight of your stake out pole. The more oversized foam grip for your hands is another feature that I enjoy. It provides a little more comfort and gives the impression that this model is an upgraded version of a regular stake-out pole. Although it does not come with clips, you are free to obtain your own at any time. I believe these universal clips will perform the job properly; you may check their price on Amazon.

  • Material: fiberglass
  • 6 feet in length
  • There are no clips included.

Anchor for Use in Shallow Water Stakeout Pole

SuperStick Shallow Water Anchor Pin Kit, 5/8" x 7'
Easy to use9
Easy to use
Value for money8.4
Value for money

This model is more practical and designed for anglers who don't want to blow their entire fishing budget but want a sturdy stake out pole that they can rely on during their fishing trip. This type features a clinching lanyard and is ideal for use with kayaks. Additionally, it comes with storage clips to help ensure that your kayak does not move about while it is being stored. Even though it has demonstrated success in holding larger boats, I would recommend using this stake out pole primarily for canoes and kayaks of a smaller size.

  • Material: fiberglass
  • 7 feet in length
  • Clips Are Included: Yes

Hobie Stake Out Pole

This reputable stake out pole from a well-known brand may be on the shorter end of the spectrum. Still, it is an excellent choice if most of your fishing occurs in significantly shallower waters. The aspects of its design that most struck me were the metal tip, the grip handle, and the attachment line system. The product has a highly durable build overall. Nothing is missing, and there is little room for question that this pole can maintain its stability in sandy and muddy terrain.

  • Fiberglass is the material.
  • 5 feet in length
  • Clips Are Included: There Are Some

Power Pole Ultra-Lite Spike Stake Out Pole

Even though I'm not usually a fan of hollow stake out poles, the Lightweight HollowCore Technology featured in this model does look to be rather impressive. Even though I believe it would be most effective in waters with less current, I think that this stake out pole would be an excellent accessory for any angler who wants to maintain a steady position while fishing. It also features a comfort handle, enabling it to function admirably as a push pole. Additionally, it has a capacity of up to 1,500 pounds within seven and a half feet of water. You won't have to worry about anything else, thanks to the fact that it also comes with a lanyard that is six feet long.

  • Fiberglass is the material.
  • 8 feet in length
  • Clips Are Included: There Are Some

Put Your Stake Out Pole in the Ground Today

On the water, one of the most underappreciated and valuable things you can bring with you is a set of stake out poles. There isn't a time when I've been able to picture living my life without one. It is just as crucial as the rod I use to start the cast. If you need a stake out pole kayak, I suggest you get one made of sturdy material with a comfortable grip.

Comfort grip. In this manner, it can serve both functions of a stake out pole for fishing and a push-off point for the next adventure that you go on.