AA-Racks Steel Jetty Saddle Rack for Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat

AA-Racks Steel Jetty Saddle Rack for Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat


  • 【Jetty Saddle System】Flexible four point saddle system, which adapts to kayak hull design. Hold your kayak in place, occupy minimal space on load bar. Can load from either side of vehicle
  • 【Rubber Padding】Integrated rubber padding protects kayak during transport. They are Anti-Slip, water and sun resistant
  • 【How to Use】Attach Carrier to Vault Cargo roof rack rails for an easy kayak transportation solution
  • 【Ratchet Lashing Straps】Heavy Duty Securing Ratchet Straps tight on your kayak, Canoe, 16 Ft long (2 Pack), 2200 Lbs Tested, easy and safe for your transport.
  • 【Please Check Measurements Before Purchase】1 Set Universal Kayak Canoe Car Top Carrier Racks. Rack for kayak on truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would these work well with a feel free lure 13.5? It weighs right around 96 pounds or so.

My Kayak is 76 pounds and the system holds well when mounted on my removable crossbars. Much would depend on those crossbars on your vehicle. Because of the saddles, the load is actually supported to the outside of the crossbars. We also bought the Sherpak Suction Boat Roller because my wife can not lift our kayak over the saddles as mounted. With the roller, we push the kayak up from the back window of the Jeep. I can actually load and unload it myself with this roller.

Shouldn't it be loaded hull up? What if you're caught in a downpour? A 70 lb kayak will be several hundred lbs with with a few inches of water in it.

I have a sit-on-top kayak and will not hold water. Seat covers should keep out the water as long as they are secured well during transport. Good luck

It says to check you measurements before purchase. i have a 2009 honda element with a manufacturer roof rack.what are the measurement i need to check?

For the saddle mounts to fit the racks, the crossbar of the rack needs to be 3.5 inches or less. The thickness of the crossbar needs to be more than 1/2 inch or more (my aftermarket crossbars are 3/4 inch on my Grand Cherokee). This is probably the limit for any weight you would put on the rack anyway.My hull is 27 inches wide. The kayak needs to be loaded right side up (it has drains to get rid of rain) and the inside edge of the saddle mount on the bar was 23 inches from the left to right saddle when mounted securely.This, with the tiedowns, makes for a very secure attachment to my Grand Cherokee.The kit came with long bolts. I had to cut them (very carefully to preserve the threads) to 1.75 inches to make room for them to be installed. This also makes removal from the crossbars much easier (I need the crossbars for hauling plywood). To keep the bolts from getting lost, I put a piece of Tygon tubing on each of them.

Does it fit well on the 2019 rav4?

Kind of universal mount. I had a 4Runner, wing like crossbars roof rack. I believe it will fit, maybe better than on my round after market. If not send it back !