Bold Ivy Hydrodynamic Kayak Stabilizer-Kayak Outrigger

Bold Ivy Hydrodynamic Kayak Stabilizer-Kayak Outrigger


  • Hydrodynamic Design: We have designed every square inch of our floats to be as hydrodynamic as possible. Our sleek and smooth lines, along with our choice of polyethylene plastic, allow you to glide effortlessly through the water.
  • Bridge with Telescoping Arms: We made our bridge and extension arms out of high-quality anodized aluminum so that you can be assured that they will never fail or break. The extension arms easily slide in and out of the bridge, allowing up to an additional 22″ of extension in each direction. If you couple that with our 45″ bridge, you can have a canoe stabilizer that spans over 7ft!
  • High Quality Kayak Adapter Clamps: Our clamps are designed to fit directly on top of your kayak. We include everything you’ll need including Rubber-Insulated Brass Rivets if you’re unable to access inside your kayak or reach the bolts at the install location.
  • Sizing: The Bold Ivy Bridge is manufactured in multiple lengths to fit all widths of canoes. To properly size your canoe for the Bridge, measure the widest point of your canoe. In doing so, you're capable of placing the bridge anywhere that you desire on your canoe. Most canoes have gunwales on the inside, however, if your canoe has gunwales on the outside of your canoe, please purchase one size larger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the float ?

Hi there, thanks for your message! Each float is 36.5″ long x 7.4″ wide x 8″ tall. I hope that helps!