Hobie Kayak Sail Furler Kit

Hobie Kayak Sail Furler Kit


  • Furling kit for Hobie Mirage kayak sail kits
  • Much faster than rolling up the sail by hand
  • Fits all Hobie Mirage kayak sail kits
  • Kit includes all necessary hardware
  • See complete instructions under the resources tab

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the shipping weight and size of this?

I'm not sure. It comes in a small bag. The parts have to be installed on your kayak and I am going to have my dealer fo this for me.

What exactly is this for? How necessary is it?

This allows you to furl the sail in and out on your Hobie kayak. I highly recommend it.

Can this be added to a mirage inflatable?

https://youtu.be/Zi7Zu0ZDNV4 Is our setup. Can be done but better mounted, requires tension or some practice free hand. You won't be able to mount the fairlead, but it can still work.

what is diameter of rope, wanting to buy cleat, there are different sizes?

don't know rope diameter/ I used a small to medium jam cleat