Perception Hi-Life Convertible SUP/Kayak Paddle - 3 Piece

Perception Hi-Life Convertible SUP/Kayak Paddle - 3 Piece


  • Three-piece design allows for easy conversion between kayak or SUP style Paddle
  • Designed to perform will with the perception hi life kayak/SUP
  • Features a simple push-button ferrule for quick length adjustments while standing or sitting
  • Kayak setting has two blades and an adjustable range from215 cm to230 cm (74'-80')
  • Sup configuration has a fixed grip on one end and is adjustable from 74' To 80' In length
  • Aluminum shaft with fiberglass-reinforced polypro blades durability and reduced weight
  • Approximate weight: kayak (2. 9 lbs. ), SUP (2. 2 lbs. ), total (3. 6 lbs. )
  • Includes clip and hardware for attaching extra section to HiLife gear track
  • Summary

    Frequently Asked Questions

    can you feather the blades? (angle to each other)

    Nope. This paddle is made for the Perception Hi Life, which is a hybrid kayak (has both stand up paddleboard and kayak qualities), designed for fishing, diving, and swimming, and not necessarily for speed of movement. The paddle is great because you can use it for poling and standing up, by using the third piece, or if only using two pieces, like a regular kayak paddle, and the unused third piece is easliy transported on the Hi Life kayak to go along with you as needed. If you want to use the Hi Life kayak as a more recreational kayak, for speeding around and precison mobility, you might consider buying a paddle for that too. I also purchased the Bending Brances Sunlight paddle which is adjustable for feathering.

    How loose is the connection between the pieces, does is rattle?

    Nothing rattles.

    Where are these manufactured?

    Greenville, SC. Everyone loves these combos. I've had mine a year now and it is high quality.

    How do you get the paddle clip that attaches to the centertrack on the hi-life kayak paddle board?

    There’s a part that goes inside he track and a part that screws into it. But I sent the paddle back because it was too heavy for me.