Are Hobie Pedal Paddle Boards worth their price tag?

Are Hobie Pedal Paddle Boards worth their price tag?

Hobie Pedal Paddle Boards

Abigail ScottByAbigail Scott
Updated on 6/25/2022


That's the best way to describe the Hobie Mirage Eclipse pedal paddleboard. 

This stand-up paddleboard takes SUP to a whole new level with its integrated pedals. It's understandable if you're not convinced that the Mirage Eclipse is worth your money, but it's an expensive device whether it's revolutionary or not.

We've put together this ultimate review to help you decide if the Hobie Eclipse is the suitable stand-up pedalboard for you. We'll walk you through the basics of this bicycle paddleboard so you can spend more time on the water instead of researching your gear.

What You Need to Know About the Hobie Mirage Eclipse

Specs to consider

  • Dimensions: 12 feet (3.66m)
  • Weight: 58.9 pounds (26.72 kilograms)
  • Height: 35 inches (88.9 cm)
  • Maximum weight capacity: 275 pounds (124.75 kilograms)
  • Made of Advanced Composite Epoxy
  • Displacement Hull

Our Favorite Things

  • Due to its displacement hull and wide width, this boat is very stable on the water
  • It has an easy-to-manage handle system
  • that turns into a paddleboard with a rudder
  • Comfortable handlebars that adjust to your height
  • A non-slip deck that cushions your feet
  • Transportable and easy to store

We Do Not Like

  • Paddleboards are heavy
  • Fairly expensive
  • and are not ideal for people with limited mobility

Pedal paddleboards might not be part of your everyday vocabulary, even if you've been paddleboarding. It's pretty understandable, though, because the Mirage Eclipse is the world's first watercraft that combines the ease of pedal boats with the joy of paddleboarding.

With the Mirage Eclipse, you can paddle the board just like you would with a paddleboard, but instead of using the paddle, you use an elliptical-style pedal to propel it. The unique design of this boat makes it exceptionally stable and provides more control and power on the water.


Epoxy composite is an ultra-durable material similar to fiberglass used in the Hobie Eclipse. A unique feature of this material is that it is a laminate of thousands of tiny, solid fibers. As a result, these fibers offer a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio, which means they are as durable as plastic alternatives while weighing a fraction of the weight. 


Mirage Eclipse's stability is one of its best features. The Hobie Pedal Board has a width of 35 inches (89cm). Most stand-up paddleboards have 32-34 inches (81.3-86.4cm).

As a result of this extra width, the Mirage Eclipse is very stable in flat and slightly choppy conditions. New paddlers or those not confident in their balancing abilities will find this board a great fit. Moreover, the board's integrated handlebars give paddlers extra confidence and support on the water.

Easy to use

Hobie Eclipse is suitable for new watersports enthusiasts since it uses elliptical pedals for propulsion. As a result of the integrated pedals, the perfect paddling technique is unnecessary, making it easy to use for people of all skill levels.

On the water, tracking ability/control.

Rather than riding on top of the water, this pedal SUP features a displacement hull that enables it to push through the water. Because of this design, the Mirage Eclipse can be used at any speed, unlike a planning watercraft, which is most efficient at high rates. 

A board with a pointed bow can also slice better through the water when cruising at a fast clip. In addition to the integrated breaks for better speed control on the water, the Mirage Eclipse's handlebar provides an intuitive and easy-to-use steering system.

Providing comfort

In addition to being broad and stable, the Hobie Pedal Board makes stand-up paddling much more comfortable for someone who is just getting started. Plus, the board's handlebars can be adjusted to the right height for you to adapt them to fit your needs.

In addition to the high-grip EVA foam deck pad, Hobie designed this board with superb cushioning underfoot. In addition, the grippy surface of these deck pads reduces the possibility of slipping. 

Gear Storage

Most paddleboards lack integrated gear storage, which is a significant drawback. Have a place to store your water bottle and snacks, even if you're going out for a few hours.

A small bungee-corded gear tie-down area on the Mirage Eclipse allows you to store your most essential gear. 


With the handlebars removed and the rudder locked down, the Mirage Eclipse can easily be converted into a standard paddleboard. The board can be customized to meet your needs with that in mind.

Transport & Storage

As one of the heavier paddleboards on the market today, the Hobie Eclipse tips the scales at 58.9lbs (26.72kg). The added weight of all those boards can be a bit concerning for people who aren't sure they will be able to lift such a heavy board onto their car at the end of the day.

The board has handles at the bow and the stern, so transporting and lifting it from your vehicle to the water is more manageable. With Hobie's carts and dollies, you can transport the board easily to and from your car. 

Additionally, since the handlebars and pedals can be removed, the Mirage Eclipse can be transported on a roof rack just like any other paddleboard.

How Does The Hobie Mirage Eclipse Work?

The Mirage Eclipse is an excellent board for a new stand-up paddler who wants to pedal or paddle on the water. A unique design makes this board a good choice for those who want a full-body workout on the water.

In addition, paddleboards are an excellent option for people with injuries to their upper bodies that prevent them from using traditional paddleboards. The Mirage Eclipse is also a popular choice among newcomers to the sport who are nervous about balancing on a stand-up board.

Questions and Answers about Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedal Paddle Boards

The following are some of your most frequently asked questions about the Hobie Mirage:

What is the maximum speed of the Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

It is difficult to tell you exactly how fast your Mirage Eclipse can go because it depends on how fast you paddle. It is almost always quicker to pedal with your legs than to paddle with your upper body. 

When moving at a comfortable pace, you can expect to cover at least 5 knots (5.8mph) on the Mirage Eclipse. Your only option for moving faster is to pedal harder!

Pedal backward on the Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

You bet! Due to its elliptical-shaped pedals, the Mirage Eclipse can be pedaled backward just by moving your feet back.


Hobie Mirage Eclipse is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy, fun way to get on the water. It's also a good choice for people who want a single board for water-based activities since the board can be paddled or pedaled. 

The pedal paddleboard is a bit pricier and heavier than a standard SUP, but it offers unmatched versatility. The Mirage Eclipse is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you choose to pedal or paddle!