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The Top 10 Best Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards of 2023

The Newest ISUP Kits Of The Year

The Newest ISUP Kits Of The Year

Abigail Scott

Abigail Scott
Mother, Professional Kayaker, and Software Engineer

Updated on 1/28/2023


Are you looking to purchase a new inflatable SUP board? If you are, take a moment to read over our newly updated 2023 best inflatable paddle board list. This list will continue to be updated as new boards hit the market – so be sure to check back often for updates.

Sadly, the internet is full of false information from people who have not tested any of their top-rated iSUPs (some of them have never even paddle boarded before). Instead, they simply throw up a list of ‘top 10 rated inflatable stand up paddle boards’ and move on to the next post. Or you have a paddle board company who puts together their top rate list, which is inherently going to be biased towards their brands and unfair to others.

At, we not only paddle and test each board we recommend, but we spend hours talking with manufacturers and give them advice on how to better improve their boards every year. We are a team of people across the globe, from the USA to Germany to Australia and have one goal – to give you the best inflatable stand up paddle board reviews so you can find the right iSUP for you.

Below you will find our current 10 Best All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards for 2023. This list is our attempt at putting together recommendations based on how well each board performs on the water, how well the SUP is built (we want to make sure any board listed is made with high quality materials and is going to last), and what people old and young, short and tall, small and large think about the boards. This list is not just a list from industry pro’s who are so far removed from the average paddler that they only recommend $1,500 inflatable paddle boards. We know that most people are budget-conscious, and also take cost into consideration when creating this list. Finally, we also vet every company and make sure that you will be given the customer support after you make your purchase.


ISLE Switch 2 in 1 Inflatable SUP/Kayak

Things we like

  • With a width of 35.5 inches, this SUP/kayak is very stable
  • It features a lot of versatile features and plenty of customization options
  • With a weight of just 19 pounds, this hybrid SUP-kayak is the lightest on the market
  • You can use this board as a SUP or a kayak with the all-inclusive accessory kit

Things we don't like

It would be nice to see ISLE switch to a composite or carbon fiber paddle instead of the aluminum paddle.

This list has been expanded with the ISLE Switch, which is an exciting new addition. We have found no other board of its type to be both a kayak and a SUP hybrid that performs well in either application so far.

ISLE Switch's 11'6 x 35.5" size makes it super stable, yet it weighs just 19 pounds. You can pick up a surprising level of speed for a board of this size without experiencing the heavy, cumbersome feeling that sometimes comes with larger boards. The paddler does not need to exert much effort to maneuver it, and it is easy to turn with sweeping strokes.

Even without its 2 in 1 label, the Switch is an extremely versatile device. A series of polyester loops runs from nose to tail along both SUP rails, which ISLE calls their 'ISLE-LINK Connect System'. In addition to customizing your kayak seat and footrest placement, you can adjust the size of your cargo area. In addition, you can add more attachments, anchor down extra gear, and even attach two kayak seats for a tandem kayak.

Our favorite inclusion in the Switch is the inflatable kayak seat and footrest. ISLE has made sure to include in order to get you out on the water SUP'ing or kayaking.

The most popular hybrid 2 in 1 board on the market without a doubt.


SereneLife Up iSUP

Our list of best inflatable paddle boards includes SereneLife. We've consistently ranked it among the best-valued SUPs, and it's a good entry-level, good-quality iSUP. Furthermore, you won't find many great features and accessories at this price point (under $400).

Featuring D-rings, action mounts, safety handles, and bungees for storage, the 10'6 board is one of the most versatile SUP boards on the market.

The 10'6 SereneLife is one of the best iSUPs we've come across for 2023, so why did we include it on our list? Price is the only thing that matters. It's a killer deal now that SereneLife has lowered the price. Our readers deserve a high-quality, value-packed paddle boarding option on this list given the current economy. With less PVC and drop-stitch density, the SereneLife is similar to the All-Around. This board isn't as rigid as the All-Around or some other boards on this list, but it still paddles well and comes with good accessories, making it a great choice for beginners and recreational paddlers.


iROCKER Cruiser Ultra iSUP

iROCKER's Ultra series blew us away. Our team's Ultra series SUPs have quickly become staples in our collection due to their compact design and impressive rigidity. Among the crowd, iROCKER's Cruiser stood out as a stable, yet lightweight and sporty all-around model that improved on the original Cruiser.

It is the weight that distinguishes the Cruiser Ultra from the Original Cruiser. It was fairly heavy at 25 lbs when it was 10'6 x 33", but it will be roughly 4 lbs lighter at 21 lbs when it is 10'6 x 33". As a result, the Cruiser Ultra feels much smoother while paddling, and smaller paddlers will have an easier time getting it moving. This weight reduction was achieved by iROCKER without compromising stiffness of the Ultra series, which is even stiffer than its predecessor. Furthermore, the Cruiser Ultra has twin fins that improve tracking capabilities and make it more compact.

Even though the Ultra series is known for its performance and build quality, we are also smitten with the accessories included in the package. iROCKER's Ultras are packed in a lightweight, comfortable, and compact SUP backpack, including an integrated carbon hybrid paddle, a coiled leash, twin fins, and a 12V electric pump. In today's compact SUP market, an accessory list of this quality is impossible to beat, adding so much value to the SUP.



Thurso Surf WaterWalker 132

ThursoSurf Waterwalker 132 ranks third on our list of best iSUPs. The Waterwalker also comes in a 10'6 and 10'10 version suitable for smaller solo paddlers, rather than the 132 we'll be focusing on.

It's stable and not cumbersome, and it glides really smoothly, giving it a faster feeling in the water. Changing to a higher-quality drop stitch (woven) this year, Thurso cut some weight on the board, adding responsiveness and lighter weight. Compared to the other SUPs on this list, this one outperforms them all.

In terms of accessories, we love a lot about the WaterWalker. Besides the two wheels, the upgraded bag includes an extra zipper pouch for fins and other accessories (leash, repair kit, etc.). The paddle holder on the side of the board is a great feature that keeps your paddle secure while on the board. Another method of securing the paddler is by undoing the center handle and wrapping it around the shaft. Anything like SUP Yoga is still impossible with this kind of design. As far as paddle holders go, Thurso's design is the best! SUP fitness and yoga are ideal extra activities for this board. It is also nice to have the extra D-rings and bungee cords on both sides of the board, so you can store all kinds of items or set up the optional kayak seat.

Thurso's boards are made from dual-layer PVC, which is durable and has a high weight capacity. To improve protection and stiffness, the rails are also reinforced with a layer of PVC plus carbon fiber. In addition, Thurso kept their well-known wooden grain print but offered a few color options that we really loved.

Thurso Surf continues to grow, and we look forward to seeing what they come out with in the future!


Bluefin Cruise SUP Package




The BŌTE HD Aero Inflatable 11'6 stand-up paddle board is a new addition to our list and it does not disappoint. BŌTE is renowned for their durable and stable SUPs and the 2023 HD Aero model is no exception. At 11'6 and 34" wide, this board offers ample volume and is incredibly stable. It also comes with a host of great accessories such as BŌTE's unique paddle sheath, rack mounts, multiple D-rings and front and back bungees. The board seamlessly combines an all-around board with a solid fishing platform.

In terms of design, the BŌTE HD Aero is one of the most attractive boards on the market, featuring 4 different color and design options to choose from. These options are not just different colors of the same design, but 4 completely different designs, ensuring that you will find one that suits your style.

Whether cruising on flat water lakes and marinas, fishing with friends, or paddling in open ocean waters loaded with gear or kids, the BŌTE HD Aero performs exceptionally well in a variety of settings.


Atoll 11’ Inflatable Paddle Board

The Atoll 11' is a great option for those looking for a lightweight, yet stable all-around board. At just 21 lbs, it is nimble on the water and perfect for a variety of activities. Atoll has managed to keep the weight down by using fusion technology in the manufacturing process.

What sets the Atoll apart from other all-around boards is its tapered shape in the front and back, giving it more of a touring/cruising design. This makes it a joy to paddle as it is fast and glides through the water easily. The board also comes with ample storage in the nose and multiple D-rings for additional storage or attaching accessories. The only downside is that it could benefit from an additional handle on the nose for improved portability.

The pump could be improved, but the board comes with a high-quality carbon fiber blend paddle and center fin. It is suitable for both beginners and intermediates and comes in a variety of color options and with a 2-year warranty.



Nixy Newport G4

NIXY boards made a strong impression this year by focusing on the accessories for their new models, and they deserve credit for creating the best kit paddle out of all the boards on the best inflatable paddle board list. The NIXY Newport is the brand's all-around board designed to paddle in various situations and it performs well. The Newport is highly recommended for intermediate to advanced paddlers looking for a nimble, playful all-around board. The board features NIXY's dual layer FUSIONtec technology, which makes it super light at just 20 lbs. The board also has carbon fiber rails for added strength and durability. The Newport is one of the most maneuverable and playful boards in the group, but it does sacrifice some stability for its extra maneuverability. The Newport has a fresh, clean, and stylish design, with attention to detail in the logo being imprinted on the deck pad. The accessories on the Newport are top-notch, with a comfortable backpack, triple action double chamber pump, high-quality removable fins, 3 handles, extra D-rings, and a carry strap included in every purchase.


BlueFin Cruise 10’8 All-Around Inflatable SUP

Bluefin is a new player on our best inflatable stand up paddle boards list, but they are not new to the industry. Based in the United Kingdom, Bluefin is a leading manufacturer in Europe and is now making a big entrance into the US market. Their boards are of excellent quality and we particularly like the BlueFin Cruise for its excellent build quality and stiffness. The BlueFin Carbon comes with an impressive array of accessories such as a 3-piece fiberglass paddle, leash, single chamber dual action pump, phone dry bag and kayak conversion kit. The large backpack may be a bit bigger than average, but it is a great value. We are excited to see Bluefin expand to the US market and believe they have created a fantastic board and kit at an excellent price point.


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