Wilderness Systems Rudder Kit
Wilderness Systems Rudder Kit

Wilderness Systems Rudder Kit



  • A near-universal rudder kit that services all current and many older Wilderness Systems solo kayaks
  • This add-on accessory provides enhanced maneuverability
  • Kit includes large rudder, footbraces, and assembly hardware
  • Fits ATAK, Radar and Tsunami Kayaks
  • Also for use with Tarpon 105, 120 and 140 sizes
  • It can also be installed on Pamlico tandem kayaks with the addition of the Supplemental Rudder Kit and works on several older models as well.
  • Sport type: Kayaking
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this compatible with a Wilderness systems Tsunami 165?

    It will as long as your kayak has the molded in flat place to mount it. It is a small flat area about 3 in square. Everything else will work fine. I put mine on a Pungo 140 and had to make an adapter bracket because the Pungo line is not designed for a rudder.

    Can this kit be used to install a rudder on a Wildrness Systems Manteo?

    The Manteo was not designed to accept a rudder.

    Does it fit the older model wilderness160i ?

    Yes it will fit if it has the mounting holes on back of there unit

    Is this compatible with 115 ride wilderness


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