Wilderness Systems Pungo Deck Pouches - One Pair

Wilderness Systems Pungo Deck Pouches - One Pair


  • Stores items securely and easily on the top deck of your kayak
  • 2 Pockets included – each measures 13. 75” L x 7” W
  • Installation is easy – no hardware or drilling required; all installation pieces included
  • Bungee and clasp openings can be operated with one hand
  • Durable rubberized mesh provides an easy-draining, fast-drying and snag-free storage solution

Wilderness systems pungo 120

Things we like

  • Do-it-all kayak with a good balance of speed and stability for beginner and intermediate paddlers
  • Proven, paddler-informed design that has made the Pungo the best-selling sit-inside recreational kayak of all time
  • Plenty of useful space, including a roomy stern hatch and a unique and handy cockpit “dashboard”
  • Premium, comfortable and easy to adjust outfitting
  • Rear bulkhead means the kayak won’t sink if it swamps in deep water—a critical safety feature if you intend to paddle further from shore or on more exposed coastlines

Things we don't like

  • Might not be suited for larger paddlers—choose the Pungo 125 for a higher capacity option
  • Do-it-all design means the Pungo 120 doesn’t excel at any one thing; if fishing from your kayak is your main objective, you might be happier with a dedicated fishing kayak
  • Significantly more expensive than budget recreational kayaks…just remember, you get what you pay for, with superior comfort and convenience features and paddling performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on Pungo 105?

No, the deck rigging on the 105 is not set up to accept the pouches.

Would these work on a Tsunami 145?

No. The Pungo Deck Pouches are designed specifically for the Pungo 120 & 125 (2018 & later). You will need the Tsunami Deck Pouches (part# 9801018) for a Tsunami 145 (2018 & later).

Will this work with 2018 Pungo - it doesn’t seem to work without drilling

Seems to be designed specifically for the 2019. I’m sure you can modify your kayak and make it work if you really want to.