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It Is Safe To Say That There Are Many Beautiful Places To Go Canoeing And Kayaking In Miami

Kayaking in Miami

Kayaking in Miami

Abigail Scott

Abigail Scott
Mother, Professional Kayaker, and Software Engineer

Updated on 1/28/2023

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Given that Miami is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines in the United States, it shouldn't be surprising that it is such a popular destination for water sports. The weather in Miami makes it a wonderful place to spend the day outside doing everything from swimming to sunbathing. Canoeing and kayaking in Miami provide visitors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the city's many stunning natural areas. A day spent kayaking in Miami is a fantastic way to see the great outdoors, whether you're searching for an exhilarating experience on the ocean or some peace and quiet on a pond.

Kayaking in Miami is a fun pastime for people of all ages and skill levels. Now is the time to make the most of the clear seas, sandy beaches, and bright sunlight! This section of our guide will walk you through the canoeing and kayaking spots in Miami that provide the most breathtaking views.

Canoeing And Kayaking At Their Finest In Miami's Finest Spots

Crandon Park

Crandon Park

Crandon Park

  1. The area is known as Key Biscayne.
  2. It is possible to rent equipment, and you may do so either at Crandon Park or Miami Kiteboarding.

Canoeists and kayakers of all skill levels are welcome at this family-friendly location, which has a natural beach with a large variety of flora and fauna. The North Beach in Crandon Park is where paddlers will find the best vistas, while the South Beach is known for its more difficult surf conditions.

Many paddlers get a kick out of exploring the Rickenbacker Causeway and the mangroves in the area. If you are interested in paddling for a more extended period, Crandon Park offers a breathtaking path leading to the well-known Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Crandon Park, located in Miami and is well-known for its tranquility and welcoming environment for families, is an excellent place for novices to have their first taste of the pleasures of paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking. Crandon Park will become your new go-to destination for a relaxing beach day, thanks to its charming picnic areas, volleyball nets, and gorgeous bike routes.

On the North Beach side of Crandon Park, next to the Marjorie Stoneman Nature Center, there is a location that offers rentals at a rate of $25 per hour. You may also hire gear at the neighboring Miami Kiteboarding for twenty dollars an hour. You do not have any restrictions on where you can launch your boat along the sandy beaches if you own your boat. To get there, go south on State Road 913 (FL-913) and stay on the Rickenbacker Causeway to the left until you reach the park.

Virginia Key

Virginia Key

Virginia Key

  • The area is known as Biscayne Bay.
  • Yes, rentals are available at the Virginia Key Outdoor Center, costing $25 per hour.

This summer, make it a point to visit Virginia Key, located near Miami; the island offers visitors an ideal blend of urban and natural settings. Paddling around Virginia Key will astonish paddlers because of the breathtaking skyline views on one side and the picturesque Key Biscayne on the other.

Paddling opportunities abound in Virginia Key, and there is something for paddlers of every age and skill level. Paddlers of intermediate and advanced ability levels may put their abilities to the test by kayaking around the island (a total of six miles) in the clear seas of Key Biscayne. Paddling along the ocean in Miami is a fun and easy activity for families and novices who want to view the city skyline.

Visitors like taking in the historic Miami Marine Stadium, which can only be seen on Virginia Key. The Stadium was once an epic performance venue, but today it is admired for its distinctive design. It is located at a distance from the beaches of Virginia Key, which is convenient for paddling. Because of its variety, Virginia Key is a fantastic site to go kayaking in Miami. From the hidden animals in Key Biscayne to the metropolitan architecture in the distance, Virginia Key is an excellent place for kayaking.

At the Virginia Key Outdoor Center, guests may hire gear to go canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and mountain biking for a price of $25 per hour. Alternately, the Miami Rowing Center provides the opportunity to launch your boat. Take Florida State Route 913 south, stay to the left when you get on the Rickenbacker Causeway, and get off at the Arther Lamb Jr. Road exit.

The Hammocks Of Matheson Park

Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park

  • Coral Gables is the location.
  • You may rent boats at the Matheson Hammock Marina if you want.

Matheson Hammock Park is characterized by its white-sand shores and clear waterways. Matheson Hammock Park is a little-known jewel for kayaking in Miami. The park is perfect for families and children with its manageable size and calm waters. Swamps, mangroves, and the glistening waters of Biscayne Bay are just some of the natural wonders that may be discovered by guests of this park, which was created with the express purpose of showcasing all of Miami's stunning topography.

Swimming and paddling are both enjoyable activities that may be enjoyed in this atoll that man created. The background for a bit of mangrove forest home to many species is the vistas of the surrounding skyline. Paddling around Matheson Hammock Park is the perfect way to enjoy some peace while getting some exercise. In addition to these breathtaking vistas, guests enjoy exploring the neighboring Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens.

At the Matheson Hammock Marina, there are also rentals available in addition to offering boating lessons for youngsters as young as five. In any other case, you are free to launch your boat from any point along these breathtaking beaches. To get there, go south on US-1 until you reach Matheson Park, then keep going straight until you come to Matheson Park Road.

State Park On The Oleta River

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park

  • The area is known as Biscayne Bay.
  • At Oleta River State Park, there are rentals available, so yes!

The Oleta River State Park in Miami is a paradise for anyone who likes being outside. The pristine beaches of white sand and the seemingly unending shoreline make this the ideal setting for every kind of water activity you can think of. In the park, various fun activities will appeal to paddlers of all skill levels and interests. The park has breathtaking sunset paddle cruises every Friday of the week, and the scenery is sure to leave you speechless. Other popular activities include yoga on Sunday paddle boards and kayaking trips during full moons.

Oleta River State Park offers kayak rentals and may correctly point you if you wish to go on an independent excursion along the shore. The mangroves are one of the most stunning natural scenes in Florida, so if you go paddling through them, you will likely see many beautiful animals and natural scenery. Canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards are available for hire daily at Oleta River State Park at a rate of $17 per hour. Alternately, you are welcome to bring your vessel and launch it from the park's pristine beaches. To get there, go north on I-95 and get off at exit 10B to get on FL-916. After that, go to Interama Boulevard to reach the park.

The National Park Of Biscayne

Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park

  • Homestead serves as the location.
  • At Biscayne National Park, you may rent many types of equipment.

Kayaking in Biscayne National Park provides the sort of secluded paddling experience you've been looking for, with its range of environments, from sheltered coves filled with marine life to wide lakes and rivers. The calm, shallow, and unobstructed waterways reserved for paddlers without motors provide the ideal conditions for paddlers of all skill levels. For inexperienced paddlers, Jones Lagoon and Adams Key are excellent places to launch their kayaks. Paddlers have the opportunity to see jellyfish, rays, fish, and birds in these shallow places.

Those interested in a more difficult paddling experience might explore the seven-mile stretch of Biscayne Bay, paddling either to Boca Chita Key or Elliott Key. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover miniature islands and other hidden treasures along the journey. If you are searching for a relaxing afternoon paddle or an exhilarating water adventure, Biscayne National Park's various rivers give some of the most incredible opportunities for kayaking in Miami! At Biscayne National Park, rentals are offered from Wednesday through Sunday of each week. In any other case, Adams Key is an excellent place to launch your boat.

Go south on US-1 and take the FL-874 South exit to get there. To reach the park, use the Ronald Reagan Turnpike until it merges into SW 328th Street.

Black Point Marina As A Term

  • The County of Miami-Dade is the location.
  • At Black Point Marina, there are rentals available to choose from.

The Black Point Marina is a beautiful location to start your kayak adventure since it offers scenic nature paths and calm water. Black Point Marina is a popular site to visit during the day and serves as a meeting spot throughout the year for those who like being outside. Black Point Marina's goal is to get you out on the water securely and expediently so that you can explore the different marine ecosystems Miami offers. They have laid out a few canoe routes ranging from one to three miles.

The canals in the vicinity of Black Point Marina are paddleable by people of varying abilities, and each route is just a few kilometers long. Paddling at Black Point Marina provides a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life because of the marina's seclusion, privacy, and beautiful surroundings.

Black Point Marina, the biggest marina in Miami, contains everything you need to paddle a canoe or kayak. At Black Point Marina, you may rent gear or launch your boat using the open access ramps available around the clock. Take US-1 South to FL-874 South to get to your destination. After that, use the Ronald Reagan Turnpike until you reach SW 87th Avenue; from there, you may enter the park.

Known As The Everglades

The Everglades

The Everglades

  • The location is in Miami.
  • At the Ivey House, there are tenancy options available.

Everglades National Park is not only a paradise for paddlers but also plays an important role in preserving endangered species such as manatees, American crocodiles, and Florida panthers. It is the third biggest wilderness region in the United States.

Canoe and kayak excursions across the Everglades' twisting waterways may take a few hours to several days. Popular places to paddle include the trails around Flamingo Bay, including Nine Mile Pond and Hell's Bay. The launch point for these trails is Flamingo Marina, which is 38 miles south of the main park entry. These paths are well-known for passing through grassland marshes and mangrove forests along the way.

In the vicinity of Florida Bay, backcountry kayaking is another alternative that lets you explore the region's approximately 100,000 little islands spread out across 99 miles of waterway. Paddlers with more experience will have the most success in this park section. At Ivey House, you can hire kayaks and boats, but the park also provides a list of suggested guides who can assist you in navigating the huge path network that makes up the Everglades. Get to this location by traveling north on Interstate 95 and getting off at exit 3A, heading towards Jackson. Stay on US-41 West until you reach Shark Valley Loop Road. From there, take that road to the visitor center.

River Of The Loxahatchee

  • Palm Beach County is the location.
  • Rentals Available: Yes- at Jupiter Outdoor Center

Paddling a kayak along the Loxahatchee River in Miami is an excellent opportunity to see the natural beauty of Florida since the river winds through 8.5 miles of rough terrain. The Loxahatchee River offers some of the most exciting river kayaking in Miami, with its winding and congested channels and fast-moving waters.

It is encouraged to paddle around the two parks that bridge the river rather than paddling the whole 8.5 miles of the river downstream. However, some paddlers love swimming the entire distance. The river winds its way for about 4 miles through the magnificent cypress woods and mangroves that make up Riverbend Park. Paddlers may take in the area's natural beauty while enjoying the water's serenity.

The second site, Jonathon Dickinson State One, provides a more exciting opportunity to go kayaking than the first park. Paddlers may get an up-close look at the rapids located all around Trapper Nelson's Cabin from this vantage point. This historic site was formerly owned by a well-known fur trapper responsible for developing the surrounding region into a zoo and botanical park. Kayakers may now go across the region and see Nelson's means of subsistence.

These two stretches of the river, which are about the same distance apart, provide strikingly contrasting perspectives of Miami's natural splendor. Many paddlers who have been to Loxahatchee know that they enjoy exploring both locations, and the river's breathtaking scenery is one of the primary reasons they enjoy exploring both places.

Riverbend Park's Jupiter Outdoor Center is where visitors may pick up their rented equipment. Additionally, several outfitters can take you down the river and provide shuttle service between the two parks. In any other case, you may put your boat into the water along the shoreline. To get there, go on I-95 North and head toward Florida's Turnpike. Get off at exit 116 toward Jupiter, and keep going until you reach River Drive.

The Island Of Sandlfy

Sandlfy Island

Sandlfy Island

  • The location is in Miami.
  • There are rentals available and may be found at the Gulf Coast Visitor Center.

The Ten Thousand Islands are home to some of the lushest vegetation and diverse animal life in Southern Florida. Sandfly Island offers the ideal opportunity to glimpse the rest of these gorgeous tropical islands, even if the vast majority of them are inaccessible to kayakers on a casual basis.

The Gulf Coast Visitor Center in Everglades National Park is the most convenient location to launch your boats into the water. Paddlers can go across the open seas of Chokoloskee Bay and make their way through several sandy beaches to reach Sandly Island.

Paddling around Sandfly Island is one of the most one-of-a-kind experiences in the Miami region because of the island's historic pioneer past (which includes homes you may tour), and it is abundant tropical fauna. The paddle is a relatively small distance overall (approximately 5 miles round way), but it is filled with incredible vistas, beautiful trees, and a tonne of different spots to explore.

Through the Gulf Coast Visitor Center, trips to Sandfly Island, accessible from Everglades Park, may be arranged to include both guided and unguided components. You may even consider launching your boat so that you can discover this undiscovered treasure at your leisure. Because of its modest size and relatively calm seas, Sandfly is an excellent water activity for individuals to do on their own.

Get to this location by traveling north on Interstate 95 and getting off at exit 3A, heading towards Jackson. To get to the park, keep going west on US-41 until you reach Country Road 29.

Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

  • Dania Beach is the location.
  • You may rent out many types of equipment at Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park.

Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park, formerly known as John U. Lloyd Beach State Park, is located along a stretch of Miami shoreline that is home to some of the city's most breathtaking mangrove forests. Visiting Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park gives a unique opportunity to experience culture and history in a breathtaking natural setting. The park played a significant part in the struggle for civil rights.

Paddlers may use Whiskey Creek's beautiful water pathways while they are within the park. This location is perfect for novice paddlers who want to see animals on seas that are tranquil and unbroken. Whiskey Creek is an excellent location for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and reestablishing a connection with nature. The creek is suitable for canoeing, kayaking, floating, and paddle boarding.

In addition to paddling, tourists may enjoy a day of relaxation on the gorgeous sandy beaches or an energetic day on the various routes designed for jogging and bicycling. The park offers rental paddling equipment, including canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. In any other case, you are free to launch your boat and explore miles upon miles of beautiful mangrove ecosystems all by yourself.

To get there, head north on Interstate 95 and exit 23 toward Griffin Road. Stay on US-1 South until you reach Dania Beach Blvd., and then take the exit for FL-A1A South to get to the park.

State Park Named After Hugh Taylor Birch

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale
  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park does make some rentals available.

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, a vital hub for the community, provides visitors with a wide variety of opportunities to engage in water-based activities and discover the natural world. This park offers access to the Atlantic Ocean and the intercoastal canals and has excellent paddling conditions throughout the year.

As one of the best paddling terrains in Florida, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park offers canoeists and kayakers a wide variety of paddling opportunities, such as mangrove-lined beaches and open water. Kayakers have a unique opportunity to see the organisms inside the dunes while out on the water. These uncommon coastal tropical hammock woods are a lovely addition to the stunning natural scenery surrounding you. You will discover a wide range of activities and a variety of landscapes to see in this area, from peaceful walks in the woods to exhilarating kayaking trips on the sea.

There are options for rentals available inside the park. In addition, guests can participate in guided excursions of the coastal region, among which the Full Moon Paddle is a particular favorite. Alternately, the park has a multitude of open access boat ramps

where you may put your boat in the water.

I-95 North to exit 23A, which will take you toward Sunrise Boulevard. To get to the park, keep going toward N Birch Rd.

Additional Sources Of Information

What To Bring Kayaking In Miami And The Surrounding Area

Swimsuit: It is very necessary to wear a swimsuit if you are in or near the water. It is advisable to be prepared for getting wet if you are planning to go canoeing or kayaking since there is a good possibility you will!

Sunglasses: Spending time on the water is relaxing and enjoyable, but the water's surface may reflect a lot of light. You must remember to have a spare pair of sunglasses and croakies to secure them in place.

Wearing a hat can help keep you more relaxed by shielding your head from the sun's rays. Whether you choose a classic baseball cap or a stylish bucket hat, ensuring you stay calm is the key to having a fantastic vacation.

Water Bottle: Stay hydrated throughout the day! There is no doubt that paddling is an excellent way to get some exercise and unwind, but because it involves physical demand, it cannot be considered a passive activity. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated during the duration of your journey by using these stylish water bottles.

Put on some sunscreen and bug spray; if you don't want the elements to prevent you from enjoying a fantastic paddle to ensure that you are protected from sunburns and insect bites while on your boat, you are highly recommended carry sunscreen and bug spray with you.

Check out our ultimate kayaking packing list for a more comprehensive packing guide that will assist you in getting ready for any of your upcoming outdoor kayaking experiences. Your time spent canoeing and kayaking will be an adventure you won't soon forget if you bring along these necessities.