Should You Purchase A Folding Oru Kayak?

Should You Purchase A Folding Oru Kayak?

Abigail ScottByAbigail Scott
Updated on 8/13/2022

A high-Quality boat you can store in the car trunk is what you want.

What Would You Purchase?

Most people who enjoy kayaking will discover that the principal drawbacks of having a Oru kayak are the requirement for storage space and the hassle of carrying the watercraft. That is the case for the vast majority of kayakers. It is pretty doubtful that you will be able to store a traditional kayak that is 12 feet long inside of your house if you live in a home with limited storage space. If this describes your living situation, consider purchasing a shorter kayak. 

Those who do not have access to their method of transportation have a significant obstacle whenever they attempt to move about their environment. There is no question that you can rent a kayak, but doing so can put a substantial dent in your money over time, and you will need to work around the timetable that the rental business provides for you. In addition, you will notice that the best sites to go kayaking are usually situated in regions that are located in areas that are a little bit out of the way from the regular tourist destinations. That is something that you should keep in mind.

What Would You Purchase?

Recently, there has been much discussion around folding kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and packrafts. That is because it is pretty simple to store and transport these various forms of watercraft. You may also go with them and stroll to locations that you typically wouldn't be able to paddle on if they weren't there to help you. If they weren't there, you wouldn't be able to paddle in those regions. For people who want nothing more than to laze around on lakes in their leisure time, a packraft is a fantastic option (such as an Alpacka raft). On the other hand, if you're looking for something more versatile and will allow you to have fun on various types of water, then we think a folding Oru kayak is the best option.

They have a pricing point similar to that of a rotomolded kayak or an inflatable kayak, both of which serve the same purpose and are equivalent in size. Oru kayaks are about the size and weight of a 25-pound backpack when stored in that folded state. That allows for convenient storage in less prominent locations, such as the depths of a closet or under a bed. They can be carried without any issues by airline, rail, or bus because they can be easily placed in the trunk of a car (which eliminates the need for a roof rack) and because they can be kept there. In addition, every Oru kayak has a warranty that is good for a whole year and a money-back guarantee that is valid for thirty days.

Oru Kayak

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What Is A Folding Oru Kayak?

The folding method, comparable to the origami technique, Oru kayaks are distinguished by their hulls, which are made from a single sheet of resilient corrugated plastic (polypropylene, to be exact). They are delivered folded up in a bag, and in a concise amount of time, they may be erected into seaworthy vessels with lengths ranging from 12 to 16 feet. Oru successfully reached its financing goal almost immediately after the campaign for the project, which started on Kickstarter in 2013, was launched.

What Is A Folding Oru Kayak?

The California-made origami kayaks weigh between 25 and 40 pounds and are about the size of a medium suitcase, making them easy to carry on the back (their exact packed-down dimensions are 33 in x 12 in x 29 in).

Since the product's first release, the company has been renovating previous versions and adding new ones to its lineup, which currently includes a total of six unique iterations: the Bay ST, the Beach LT, the Coast XT, and the Lake, in addition to a tandem model called the Haven TT.

When traveling with an Oru, you won't run into nearly as many difficulties as you would on your own. When traveling by air, who may transport these boats in the hold of an airplane? And most cases, they will not be considered checked luggage when traveling by sea, who cannot transport these boats in the storage of an aircraft (with no extra fee). However, to carry your kayak, you will need to obtain either the Oru Pack or the Inlet Pack, a rugged nylon backpack with room for the kayak and extra essentials.

oru kayak hero

Even if you already have no plans to get on a plane, you should still do this, the Oru Pack will make any other mode of transport or hiking with the kayak more straightforward and convenient. They are, in fact, a type of kayak that can transport in this manner because the product is designed so that those who cannot use it with the tandem version of the Oru Haven TT must remember that this restriction applies to the pack.

What Difference Do The Oru Kayak Models Have?

Oru's product selection now consists of five distinct models to choose from. If you're still having trouble selecting which kayak is best for you, give Oru's online quiz a shot! We've detailed the critical differences between the two models below.

Oru Lake

oru lake

  • Price: $699
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • The Water Is of a Calm Type
  • Time Required for Assembling: 1-3 Minutes

The new Oru Lake is intended to be played quickly and lightly, roughly similar to the Oru Inlet we have previously experimented with. After a short session of paddling on the pond in your neighborhood, you can dismantle the Oru Lake kayak in about two minutes, and it weighs just 18 pounds altogether. Because of its little proportions, you can easily stow it away in the coat closet off the hallway. The Oru Lake is a folding kayak that is a stripped-down version of the Oru Inlet, which is one of the most well-known and well-liked folding kayaks available now on the market.

Compared to other Oru kayaks, which utilize additional bulkhead components to provide the boat with a more fantastic structure, this boat has a minimal number of members. The Lake is comprised of just two primary components, which are the folding hull in the style of origami, and a structural seat/floorboard combination. Because of this, the Oru Lake is not only more lightweight but also gives you more free space that you can use for things like leg room or storage, thanks to the fact that its proportions are the same as those of the Oru Inlet. As a result of this, the Oru Lake is not only more lightweight but also gives you more free space thanks to the fact that its proportions are identical to those of the Oru Inlet.

oru lake kayak

People with limited storage options, such as those who share a space, live in a tiny apartment in the city, live out of a van, etc., will find Oru Lake an excellent solution. Other people who will discover Oru Lake to be an ideal choice include: It offers the thrill of paddling a kayak without needing you to give up the ability to get out and swim at any point of your choosing.

On a spring day in western Maine that was windy and warm, one of our testers took the Oru Lake out for a spin on Lovewell Pond. Lovewell Pond is located in western Maine. However, our examiner discovered that even waves of the lowest size (approximately 4 inches in height on that day) had no trouble breaking over the low-riding walls of the kayak. That was a significant finding, one of the things that concerned him about the kayak. The Oru Lake was surprisingly maneuverable for such a little boat, and it covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. The ship did not capsize, which was a tremendous blessing for us, but the investment in the dry bags was more than worth it!

Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak - Stable, Lightweight Folding Kayaks
Light weight
Easy to assemble
Value for money

Paddling against the wind was much less complicated than anyone had thought because of the Lake's low profile and ultra-light build. In addition, the hull did not have any problems with withstanding the weeds, twigs, or stones on the beach. We would not paddle the Oru Lake in stormy waves, but we recommend it to our friends searching for a straightforward, compact, and lightweight boating setup!

Oru Inlet

  • Price: $899
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • The Water Is of a Calm Type
  • Time Required for Assembling: 3–5 Minutes

Oru Inlet

The Inlet is a recreational kayak that excels in conditions that are easy to navigate and need little experience. The Inlet has a weight capability of 275 pounds because of an innovative origami fold design, and it has a maximum paddler height of 6'2" while still only weighing 20 pounds.

Even though this kayak is relatively lightweight, our testers noted that everything in it was able to maintain its integrity well, and paddling was a pleasant experience for them. They could modify their leverage thanks to the adjustable backrest and foot bars, allowing them to paddle more quickly whenever possible. In addition, the kayak could be disassembled in little than five minutes, making it the ideal choice for individuals who have restricted space for storing kayaks, limited amounts of time, or no prior experience with kayaking.

oru inlet kayak

In addition to this, it is very important to highlight the fact that our critics do not recommend using this vessel in waves that are any higher than a calm 3 to 4 inches, which means that you should not use it for whitewater rapids or sea kayaking. On the other hand, it is an excellent choice for canoeists who want to paddle on calm waters such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and rivers with little current.

Oru Beach lt

  • Price: $1,199
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • The Water Is of a Calm Type
  • Assembly Time: 5-10 minutes

Oru Beach lt

The Beach LT model is designed for paddling that is simple and undemanding. It is suitable for day outings along a slow river or kayaking through quiet and level water. The fact that it is virtually level and has a bottom that is 29 inches broad contributes to its outstanding stability characteristic. As a direct consequence, it is optimally suited for first-timers and novices interested in kayaking. The next version of the Beach LT, which will be released in 2021, will be simpler to put together and operate, and it will also include a different design for the outer print pattern.

Oru Bay St

  • Price: $1,499
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • The experience level ranges from novice to expert.
  • Water Characteristics: Rough
  • Time Required for Assembling: 10–15 Minutes

Oru Bay St

The Bay ST was the first kayak to be intended as an all-purpose vessel, able to accommodate activities such as fishing, paddling for extended periods throughout the day and overnight excursions. That is the kayak you would take down a swift-moving river, spend a leisurely day on the lake in, or embark on an expedition that lasted several days. The Oru Bay is the most useful one in almost all circumstances. The upgraded model of the Oru that was released in 2021 is more durable than its predecessor. It has a closed cockpit, new metal cockpit locks, extra-reinforced strap anchor points, and an updated print pattern.

Oru Coast XT

  • Price: $2,199
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Those with intermediate to advanced levels of experience
  • Type of water present: choppy surf
  • Time Required for Assembling: 10–15 Minutes

Oru Coast XT

The Coast XT is the model for those more committed to outdoor endeavors. In more challenging situations, an experienced kayaker may be able to handle the Oru Bay ST kayak, but the Coast XT was explicitly designed for paddlers in their position. It is a lengthier and heavier variant that can contain more stuff and is built specifically for severe trips because of its size and length. It is not the one that paddlers who are just starting should select. The Bay ST should contain all of the necessary gear while providing simpler manageability for paddlers who are just starting out in the sport of kayaking but still want the experience of going on longer trips that last for several days. In the past, updated versions of the Bay ST and Beach LT variants were available.

oru kayak

On the other hand, those are no longer available for purchase and have been replaced with optional features that may add to any model currently on the market. In 2021's iteration of the Coast XT, similar to the Bay ST, the cockpit latches and anchor points for the straps have been upgraded to be made of aluminum, making them more durable.

Oru Haven TT

  • Price: $1,999
  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • The level of expertise ranges from novice to intermediate.
  • The Water Is of a Calm Type
  • Time Required for Assembling: 10–15 Minutes

Oru's tandem kayak is called the Haven TT, although who can quickly transform it into a single-seater kayak. It has the highest weight capacity in Oru's range, at 500 pounds, an additional 100 pounds than the Coast XT. The Haven TT has Oru's most enormous kayak hull, making it their most capable touring model. Cup holders, fishing rod holders, and camera mounts are some extras that the integrated track system may support. 


Kayaking on flat water is where the Haven TT shines the brightest. The Haven bag has been updated for 2021 with new straps, buckles, and a different print pattern in addition to its already durable straps and accessory-holding rails. The first feedback has been contradictory; however, we will provide an update when additional information becomes available.

Table of Comparison For The Oru Kayak

  Oru LakeOru Inlet Oru Beach LTOru Bay ST Oru Coast XT Oru Haven TT
Price $699 $899 $1,199 $1,499 $1,999 $1,999
Best for Lake excursions that take place during the day.Outings lasting a full day on calm waters with a canine companion or a young child.Day outings and paddling in a relaxed setting on calm water.Paddling in the wilderness, fishing, and enjoying the longer days.Expeditions across rougher terrain, with choppy waterways and overnight stays.Riding in tandem with the ability to convert to a single-seater if desired.
Experience Level Beginner Beginner Beginner Beginner - Advanced Intermediate - Advanced Beginner - Intermediate
Water Type Calm Calm Calm ChoppyHeavy surf Calm 
Time To Assemble1 - 3 min 3 - 5 min 5 - 10 min 10 - 15 min 10 - 15 min 10 - 15 min 
Weight18 lbs20 lbs25 lbs26 lbs32 lbs41 lbs
Length9'0" 9'8" 12'1" 12'3" 16'2" 16'1"
Width 32" 31" 29"25" 25" 33"
Kayak Box 42" x 10" x 18"42" x 10" x 18"33" x 12" x 29"33" x 14" x 29"33" x 14" x 29"34" x 17" x 29"
Cockpit 24" x 66" 23" x 44" 24" x 69"16" x 30" 16" x 30" 20" x 60"
Storage Capacity Info not available Info not available140 liters90 liters 180 liters Info not available 
Max Paddler Height 6'4" 6'2" 6’6” 6’3” 6’3” 6’6” 
Weight Capacity 250 lbs 275 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 400 lbs 500 lbs 
Adjustable FootrestNoYesYesYesYesYes
Adjustable Backrest NoYesYesYesYesYes
Skirt-Ready Cockpit NoNoNoYesYesNo
Thigh Braces NoNoNoNoYesNo

Oru Kayak Accessories

Oru sells several upgrading accessories (although adding extra accessories will bring the total cost of your kayak to more than the list price). There are Facebook sites and YouTube videos dedicated to Oru hacks, which will help you modify your kayak without spending money on Oru-branded additions. 

Oru Kayak Accessories

These resources are a great alternative if you don't want to spend the money or if it's not in your budget. Caution is advised since, depending on the nature of the change, this might render the Oru guarantee of one year null and invalid.

The following is a list of the accessories that we believe are worthwhile investments, all of which can be found on the website for Oru Kayak:

Oru Paddle

Using the Oru Paddle (or the Oru Carbon Paddle, which is almost a pound lighter) is not required to paddle the boat; you can use whatever paddle you choose. When the kayak is folded up into its box shape, the white paddle that goes with it can be easily disassembled into its four component components and stored away neatly out of the way. That is a tremendous advantage for transporting the kayak. A range of adjustments is available for both the length of the paddle and the feather angle of the blades.

Spray Skirt (Bay ST And Coast XT Only)

When you paddle in waters with moderate waves or chop, the adjustable nylon spray skirt wraps snugly around the cockpit to protect your lower body from getting wet. An essential item to have if you do not want to get wet, and the Beach LT, Haven TT, and Inlet models are incompatible with spray skirts.

The Neoprene Spray Skirt is an improvement to the nylon version, and it offers superior protection against spray and a seal that has been tested in adverse weather conditions. Along the same lines as the nylon skirt, it is exclusively intended to suit the Coast XT and Bay ST versions.

Splash Deck (Beach LT Only)

Even though it is not a full spray skirt, the nylon Oru Splash Deck will significantly reduce the amount of water that enters your kayak. Please consider who may only use this accessory with the Oru Beach LT model.

Seat Wedge

The Oru Seat Wedge is a thin foam that gives additional cushioning behind your hipbones and fits nicely under the current seat. It is well worth the money since it fits precisely under and properly under the existing seat.

Oru Pack And Oru Inlet Pack

The Oru Pack and the Oru Inlet Pack are durable nylon backpacks that make transporting and carrying items a breeze (in fact, having one of these backpacks is required for airline travel). It also includes space to store other equipment, such as paddles. Padded shoulder straps, a hip belt, compression straps, and top and side handles are some of the features that come standard on this backpack. We regret to inform you that neither pack is suitable for use with the Haven TT tandem model.

Oru Waterproof Backpack

The Oru waterproof backpack is designed to carry items you do not want to get wet. The main compartment and the front pocket are watertight, with the front pocket further splash-proof. When transporting stuff, we discovered that utilizing this pack rather than a dry bag was the handiest option.

Oru Float Bags

Consider the possibility that you will capsize your kayak or that it will take on water. If this is the case, the Oru Float Bags will ensure that it remains afloat and will let you continue paddling it even if it becomes mired in mud. Spending the money to get this piece of mind insurance is worth it if you have concerns about getting into trouble while out on the lake.

Oru Dry Bags

Because they are made from Toba-Tex and feature welded seams, the Oru Dry Bags are an absolute must for shielding your gear from the corrosive effects of moisture. They have a capacity of either 2 or 15 liters, depending on the size of the person using them.


Given the nature of the gear, we consider it imperative to own a repair kit if it is necessary to do so. Before you leave the house, check to see that you have one with you.


In all of our years of experience paddling, we have never been out on the water without at least one life jacket. The Oru Personal Flotation Device is the product of a joint effort between Oru and NRS (personal flotation device). On this page, you'll find our complete information on personal flotation devices (PFDs) and lifejackets.

Oru Fishing Kit

You'll have an easier time casting your line from your Oru kayak now that this update has been made. The Oru fishing set comes with a drink container, three RIBPort mounts, two Rod Holder IIs, two adjustable extenders, and one fixed extender. Additionally, there is an extender that is selected.

GOANDO Fishing Lures Kit for Freshwater Bait Tackle Kit
Quality of material
For beginners
Value for money

Other Items That Could Come In Handy When Kayaking Include:

  • Personal Flotation Devices and Life Jackets of the Highest Quality
  • The Finest Floatation Devices for Children
  • The Best Fly Fishing Combos for Beginners
  • Best Wet Wading Shoes

Who Might Think About Using An Oru Kayak?

Pakboats, TRAK, KERO, Long Haul, and HYPAR are some of the other brands of foldable kayaks besides those that we investigated. In addition, we investigated Feathercraft and Folbot's now-defunct businesses. Despite this, the results of our research showed that Oru Kayak is the brand with the most market share in this particular category. As a result, in the event that you are interested in purchasing a kayak that can be folded up, we feel that the Oru is the most fantastic option available in this category and that you should consider purchasing it.

Who Might Think About Using An Oru Kayak?

Each model was designed for a specific purpose. They are appropriate for various paddling experiences, ranging from easy leisure kayaking for beginners to intermediate paddling in challenging conditions. If you want to go paddling but don't have the space to keep a traditional kayak or the means to transport it, you should give serious consideration to purchasing an Oru. This kind of kayak may be kept in a vertical position because to its design. They can take you somewhere that a regular kayak wouldn't be able to bring you if you are someone who wants to hike to a lake and can endure carrying roughly 30 pounds on your back. A packraft that weighs seven pounds will be plenty for your needs if all you want to do at the lake is laze around on the water and take in the scenery for a while. But if you want a better sense of being one with the water and get more versatility out of your boat, an Oru folding kayak has much more to offer you than other vessels do. That is because it folds up into a much more compact size.

If you discover that you rent kayaks regularly, buying your own Oru can be a more cost-effective alternative. They do not take up a significant amount of space and can be readily checked on an airline or stowed in an RV; hence, they are ideal for those constantly moving about or frequently travel for employment. Transporting them does not necessitate using a roof rack because they can be stashed away in the trunk of most automobiles in a relatively hassle-free manner. 

best oru kayak

And last, if you are a buyer focusing on design, they are excellent; they look like life-size folded origami on the water and are sure to spark conversations with other paddlers. If you are a buyer who emphasizes design, they are excellent.

The Research

We have considered internet reviews from Amazon, REI, Gear Junkie, Outside Online, Misadventures Magazine, and I also corresponded with outdoor writer Hannah Weinberger via e-mail. Hannah recently put the Beach LT and Bay ST kayaks through their paces for an hour and a half on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.

The IndefinitelyWild crew from Outside Online spent a whole year with the Oru Bay kayak, putting it through its paces in various challenging outdoor activities.

The Bay ST model was put through its paces on the water by Gear Junkie's founder, Stephen Regenold, who was responsible for the company. Additionally, Gear Junkie put it through a more comprehensive test by paddling down the swift-moving John Day River in Oregon on a journey that spanned 45 miles and lasted for two nights.

oru kayak lake

The Coast XT model of Oru's folding kayak range was put through its paces in a review by the publication Misadventures Mag, which involved paddling it along the Mississippi River for a distance of 100 miles over five days and nights. Consumers who have purchased and used the Bay ST and the Bay+ models have left reviews on The Bay+ model is no longer for sale, but the thoughts on are still available.

Despite all of the acclaim, though, a few criticisms ought to be mentioned. Consequently, in light of all of this, we've compiled a list of both the benefits and drawbacks of owning an Oru in the hopes that it will assist you in concluding whether or not you should get one.

Advantages Of Owning An Oru Kayak

It's A Real Boat

Depending on the model, Oru kayaks can navigate various environments, from paddling on peaceful lakes to kayaking through rivers with stronger currents. This versatility allows Oru kayaks to be used for anything from peaceful lake paddling to paddling through waterways.

oru kayak lake

They can traverse rivers categorized as Class 1, which indicates that they have very little whitewater and are straightforward to guide through, and rivers classified as Class 2. (which means they have some relatively uncomplicated rapids that need little maneuvering). This rating implies that they are suited for paddlers of various levels of expertise, which makes them a good investment for any group since they are suitable for paddlers of diverse degrees of ability. Although there have been tales of people who were able to traverse Class 3 rapids in their Oru without any problems, they are not recommended to be used in these conditions because of the potential dangers involved.

They're Portable

One of the really major benefits of owning one of these boats is the ability to carry your foldable Oru kayak with you wherever you go. You can take it camping, fishing, or just about anywhere. Most people accustomed to carrying a pack when hiking shouldn't have much of a problem with the backpack's weight, which may vary from 25 to 30 pounds depending on the model. While it's probable that some people may find the kayak that folds up to be unwieldy and cumbersome, it's still a lot simpler to transport than a conventional kayak would be. They're not going to take up too much room in your car trunk, so you may bring them everywhere you go. 

oru kayak cuba

And you can travel with them, which is a massive benefit if you are headed to a region that allows paddling, which is precisely the case here.

They're Lightweight

The weight of an Oru kayak can range anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds, depending on the model, in contrast to inflatable kayaks, which can weigh more than 35 pounds, and rotomolded kayaks, which can weigh more than 60 pounds. Our kayaks are in a class all by themselves regarding portability and light weight, so look no further if you are in the market for one of these boats.

They Can Be Stored Easily

It is not difficult to conceal an Oru by placing it in a closet, the space beneath a bed, or any other spot with a few extra feet of open space. A kayak that who
can be folded up into a smaller size is a good option for those who live in cities or flats but would still like to spend time outside.

You Can Pack Quite A Bit Of Gear With You

Depending on the type, the amount of storage capacity offered by an Oru might be anything from 90 to 180 liters. They claimed that they could carry 220 pounds in an Oru Bay kayak with no problems, as reported on Outside Online (this included a person who weighed 150 pounds together with 70 pounds of gear while using the ST model).

oru year

In addition, it is mentioned that "because the boat splits in half along the center, transporting it with supplies for an overnight adventure is much simpler than squeezing bags into the tight cargo compartments of a regular kayak." When it comes to the process of packing gear, Supplies Junkie gives a piece of advice by noting, "Oru doesn't have a specific-size bag for these boats just yet, but I'd plan to use a few little dry bags per boat to carry gear instead of one large one." Gear Junkie is providing this advice to Oru since Oru does not currently own a bag of a particular size. Said, it is more suitable than the other option."

 They're Pretty Easy To Assemble

They can be put together in any length of time between five and thirty minutes, according to the material we've obtained, which suggests that the time required to do so is variable. The first few times you put something together may be challenging, but the more practice you have, the easier it will get to put things together. It would appear that the disassembly process moves more swiftly, with most individuals eventually lowering the time it takes them to anywhere between five and 10 minutes.

oru kayak and paddling

On the other hand, a severe learning curve must be overcome. According to Gear Junkie contributor Regenold, "[he] was forced to disassemble the entire kayak and start over at step No. 1 because of a failed move early on," implying that he made a mistake at the first phase of the procedure and had to start over from the beginning.

They're Stable, And They Track Well (ENOUGH)

"The kayak is responsive and speedy. Its lightweight and pointed keel enable me to paddle up to full speed in seconds," said Regenold. "Its pointed keel allows me to paddle up to full speed in seconds." The model that he has is the Bay ST variant of it. However, despite its steadiness and ability to keep a straight trajectory, it is agile enough to permit tilting and brace. Weinberger told me, "They're visibly solid, enough that I was able to stand up in them, and I found them incredibly simple to manage, especially in settings when there was some wind." She explained that she found the skirt-ready Bay ST much more responsive and resistant to tipping than the Beach LT but that the Beach was fun and sturdy and had excellent legroom. She also mentioned that the Bay ST was able to accommodate more people. Even though who outfitted neither ship with a rudder, it appeared that both could follow the course satisfactorily.

They're Quick On The Water

The Oru is a vessel with remarkable powers in terms of its ability to propel itself forward.

oru kayak lake

Because they are both lightweight and sleek, you can paddle just as swiftly in one of them as you can in a standard kayak, and that is because they have fewer drag points. To paraphrase what Gear Junkie had to say about the Bay ST, "the kayak is responsive and swift, its lightweight and sharp keel allowing me to paddle up to full speed in seconds," the Bay ST is described as having these qualities.

They Have A Very Long Lifespan

It is assumed that an Oru kayak's structural integrity can sustain 20,000 folds without suffering any harm. After a year of meaningful use, it reportedly held up pretty well, with just a few minor components malfunctioning, but nothing that would cause it to sink if submerged in water, as stated by Outside Online. When Stuff Review took the Oru kayaks on their 45-mile trip, they commented, "In summary, the Bay ST held up beautifully to the work of hauling people and stuff down the river." They used kayaks to transport people and gear down the river during this time. That is not to say, however, that there have not been reports of concerns with the product's durability received. A couple of our reviewers have brought to our attention that the neoprene covering intended to fit over the kayak stern develops holes in a concise amount of time.

oru kayak single

Others have expressed displeasure with the hardware's capacity to continue operating after only a moderate level of use. In addition, tabs and buckles will need to be changed when they have been put through constant use, as stated on Outside Online. However, after combining all of the feedback we have gotten, we have found that most consumers report that their foldable kayaks have worked as expected, even after heavy use. That was discovered when we analyzed all the data we collected.

They Glow

The translucent shell of the Oru, which also makes it possible to add some extra illumination, is responsible for the creature's ability to shine in the dark. Even though it is not exactly a reason to purchase the product, having this capability available to you when you plan to be out on the lake at night is a handy additional feature. Even though Oru offers its own set, Outside Online maintains that any group may adequately replace its product.

They're Made In The US

Enough said.

oru kayaak

Disavantages Of Owning An Oru Kayak

They're Expensive

It would appear that the production process would be more challenging with this design compared to the moldable bodies seen in most traditional kayaks. They are made in the United States, which almost definitely drives up the price, in addition to the fact that they fulfill a specific role. If you want a kayak of excellent quality that can be stowed in your closet, you must make a financial commitment to accomplish both of those goals. On the other hand, the cost of this rotomolded kayak is relatively low compared to the cost of other top-of-the-line kayaks that are suited for the same sorts of activities.

You Can Roll Them, Unintentionally

On the trip that became known as the Gear Junkie, three rollovers took place, each of which ended in the paddlers being dropped into a more manageable section of rapids. A handful of the customer reviews seem like scary horror stories: the kayaker gets in, goes out on the water, gets dumped, and then has a tough time bringing themselves and the filling-with-water kayak back to shore. The reviews are for a kayak that Ocean Kayak manufactures. Particularly for inexperienced kayakers who are unclear about how to keep their balance on the water, there may be a learning curve involved in keeping one's upright stance in an Oru. That is especially true for newbie kayakers. However, according to the findings of our analysis, Oru kayaks appear to have remarkable primary stability. 

iru kayak haven

That indicates that they are stable while paddling on not particularly turbulent water. Their secondary stability, which refers to their capacity to maintain their stability when turned on their side, can potentially be the root of the rollover issue. In other words, their secondary stability may be the root of the problem.
Regarding secondary stability, every boat has a breaking point, which is the point at which it will capsize if tilted to one side. This point may be thought of as the point at which the boat will become unstable. Understanding Oru's secondary stability may take some time and work on your part before you can truly handle it.

They Might Be A Squeeze Too Tight For Some People

Consumers who wrote reviews on and Amazon indicated in their comments that they were around 200 pounds and 6 feet tall and noticed that the Oru kayaks were too small for them to paddle comfortably. Who gleaned this information from the customers' feedback. One of the reviewers remarked that it was difficult for him to get into the kayak, and he expressed fear that if the Bay ST crashed, he would not be able to get back into it. If you are afraid that the space could be too constricting for you to feel comfortable there, you should look for a place where you can enter one before you buy it. 


That will allow you to test out the space. The Beach LT model features a far larger cockpit than its predecessor's, making getting into and out of the boat much less complicated. On the other hand, this kayak is designed for leisurely paddling that doesn't need much effort on calm waters.

The Seats Don't Provide Many Comforts

According to Misadventures Magazine's review of kayaks, the Oru Bay ST kayak has "a tiny seat that wears on the bum." On the other hand, Oru provides an option to purchase a seat wedge for an additional cost of $25, which can be added to the chair to boost the overall degree of comfort. You may also take the recommendation that was provided by Outside Online and "use a life jacket for a bit more cushioning." This would be a good idea. One may also think of that as an alternate approach to take.

Do You Need To Get An Oru Kayak?

If you have dreams of paddling on the water but don't have the room for a traditional kayak or the capacity to carry and store it, you might want to look into acquiring an Oru. Misadventures Magazine concludes that it is worth the money and says, "For those traveling to far-off waters for paddle trips, or my kindred spirits living in urban basement apartments, but dreaming of rivers and lakes, I'd recommend looking into an Oru Kayak." 

Do You Need To Get An Oru Kayak?

The Bay ST has a price tag of $1,600, representing a significant financial commitment; despite this, Gear Junkie thinks it is a worthwhile purchase for persons who do not have the space to store a large boat. According to Gear Junkie, the price of the Bay ST is 1,600 dollars. But because of its remarkable capability to preserve space and its excellent performance, it is worth a lot for persons with a limited capacity. Still, it wants to paddle due to its combination of these characteristics. After a two-day excursion, they realized that "the Oru Bay ST was a reputable vessel on this journey." That led to the conclusion that the Oru Bay ST was a decent vessel. People who want a kayak that can go from the beach to the river and extend into overnight travel should consider this a viable alternative. It is also intelligent for people with limited storage space or who drive vehicles with limited cargo capacity.

These remarks were echoed by Outside Online, which noted that "if you don't have much storage space, then definitely, this is the boat for you." One of the many ways it considerably broadens your paddling horizons is that you can carry the Oru on your back and explore previously inaccessible regions. That is just one of the numerous benefits that it offers.

kayak inlet

I asked Weinberger this question, and she responded that she didn't feel she'd spent enough time in a single location to offer a clear answer to the subject. She did, however; if you're taking leisurely floats for a few hours, I'd think either model would be a terrific investment as long as mobility is one of your main buying priorities, though (the Bay ST being better for windier days and performance, and the Beach LT being better if you want to bring a six-pack and a dog and get into and out of the boat quickly).

At this point, the issue that has to be answered is, what is our consensus? It is highly advised that city dweller who does not have the space to store a large kayak or the ability to transfer one give serious thought to the idea of getting one of these. If you rent kayaks frequently, there is a chance that it may eventually pay for itself. (Editor's note: after researching kayak rental costs, we observed rates ranging from about $50 to $100 per day.) If you go to a lake that is intended only for entertaining guests, you might be able to get away with paying as little as $25 for each hour of your stay. 

oruu inlet kayak

Suppose money is an issue in your decision-making process. In that case, you should consider where you are likely to go kayaking, how long you want to boat for, and whether or not rental resources are available in the area in which you are interested in paddling. Whether you are going to be travelling to a country that is not the United States of America, it is conceivable that renting kayaks will be challenging to come by, depending on where you end up going. If you are traveling outside of the country, it is highly recommended that you bring your kayak.

If you are going to be traveling to an area that does not provide kayak rental services and you would want to bring your kayak with you, it is simple to carry and will not cost you any more money to check it when you fly.

Because it is so easy to pack away an Oru, it is a good option for nomadic travelers who make their home in a motor home or trailer. However, before making a purchase, it can be wise to check and see if there is a place close to your house where you can test out the product before committing to buying it.

oru kayak

Think about the positives and negatives of having an Oru Kayak and ask yourself if you think it would be a good fit for the way you now lead your life. That is an excellent approach to deciding whether or not you should acquire an Oru if you have been debating whether or not you should invest. The Oru is not ideal for usage in all circumstances due to the high cost of the product. If user are the kind of person who enjoys paddling their canoe around a lake during the warmer months of the year on a semi-regular basis, an inflatable kayak will do the work for you at a fraction of the cost of a regular kayak. We do not have any evaluations available for them now but be assured that we are working diligently to rectify this situation as quickly as possible. In addition, Oru kayak periodically makes certified reconditioned kayaks available on their website. These sales give a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get one of the sought vessels at a lower price than the price at which those originally purchased it.