The Best Dry Bags For Paddle Boarding, Rafting, And Kayaking

The Best Dry Bags For Paddle Boarding, Rafting, And Kayaking To Protect Your Gear From The Elements

The Best Dry Bags for Paddle Boarding

Abigail ScottByAbigail Scott
Updated on 6/23/2022

Given the electronic equipment that most modern outdoor enthusiasts bring with them on their excursions, packing dry bags for paddle boarding is an essential component of getting ready for an outing. In addition to their smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices, intrepid travelers should also bring the contents of their wallets, any necessary drugs, and other items.

You have probably considered where you would keep your valuables while you are traveling on the water, especially if you are paddling a kayak on a lake or rafting on rough, or wanting to paddle board on the water. Even if you merely need to carry your identification and keys with you at all times, leaving these essential goods on your person puts you at risk for an unfortunate event.

If you decide to invest in a nice dry bag, it will safeguard your valuables and offer you peace of mind. This will allow you to stop worrying about what could happen to your stuff if you go overboard or a wave empties your pockets. When you have the best dry backpack for rafting, you can stop worrying about your belongings and just focus on having fun on the river.

Not all dry bags are built using the same processes, and their features do not all have the same characteristics. This article will discuss the most acceptable dry bags for sea kayaking, paddle boarding, and rafting so that you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about your possessions becoming wet or damaged.

The Most Effective And Affordable Dry Bags For Water Sports

These top-rated bags get high points for many factors contributing to their overall excellence. The dry bags we've chosen as our top 10 picks for rafting and other water activities include a wide variety of options when it comes to features, dimensions, and prices.

Taking A Look At The Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bag Set

The Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set is an excellent option for use in any environment due to the inclusion of a double-zipper closure that keeps your items completely dry. There is a selection of sizes available, from 5L up to 35L, and some of the measures come with shoulder straps that are removable and adjustable. Shoulder straps in the shape of a backpack are included with the largest size, allowing you to carry your load more comfortably.

Your large-sized bag comes with a little pocket that can keep your mobile phone dry and is equipped with a strap to carry it around your neck. You may tuck the bag with the see-through sides into the waist pouch with the set. This waist pouch can be adjusted to accommodate waist sizes ranging from 33.5 inches to 47.5 inches.

You may personalize the look of the main bag in the set with one of five color options, but the waist pouch and phone pocket are only available in black. Because they are lightweight materials, your stuff won't sink even if they accidentally get into some water. You may also guarantee that the pouches have sufficient buoyancy by adding more air.


  • 3-bag set
  • The mobile device case is suitable for phones with a screen of up to 6.5 inches.
  • Carrying straps are included in each of the three parts.


  • Only available as a bundle of three items; pouches cannot be ordered individually.
  • Double zippers are notoriously tricky to close.

The Review Of The Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak's waterproof dry bags provide a varied selection because of their extensive size range, which spans from 10 to 55 liters. Every kit comes with straps, but bigger models come with shoulder straps similar to those on a backpack for more comfortable carrying.

Every Earth Pak bag has a water-resistant phone cover with enough room for devices with a screen of up to 6.5 inches. You may use your smartphone without risking damage by putting it outside in the weather, thanks to the transparent windows in the little bag.

The roll-down design of the bag makes the closing simple and reliable, thanks to a clasp that keeps the top of the bag closed. From weekend explorers to casual hikers, the variety of sizes of this backpack will easily fit everyone, from weekend explorers to casual hikers. The straps ensure that carrying your weight will feel as natural as possible. Eight other color options areavailable for the bag, but the phone cover is only available in black.


  • Case for the accompanying mobile device
  • A large 55-liter bag has the same carrying capacity as a hiking backpack.
  • Straps for carrying the backpack on bigger packs


  • Putting on the roll-down top involves some effort.

Review Of The Unigear Dry Bag Sack

A comprehensive variety of dry bag sizes, beginning at 2 liters, is available from Unigear. All bags, up to a capacity of 40 liters, are equipped with shoulder straps that are adjustable and fold-over closure. Create an airtight seal by aligning the seal, rolling the top of the bag, and then buckling it close. This will ensure that your belongings remain dry.

Access to any smart device with a screen diagonal of up to six inches is provided via a phone pouch. The transparent glass and other features of the universal case make it possible for you to use your phone in any environment, including water, snow, and dust.

The bigger sizes come with straps that may be worn like a backpack, while the smaller ones feature one shoulder strap that can be removed. Despite the material's lightweight feel, the nylon structure is resistant to abrasions and damage caused by punctures.

The available color selections consist of the actual colors in addition to a camouflage pattern; however, the colors and patterns change based on the size of the pack you choose.


  • Included is a case for the phone.
  • A large variety of available sizes


  • The roll-top closure is not entirely waterproof at the seal.

A Look At The Premium Waterproof Adventure Dry Bags Made By Adventure Lion

The waterproof dry bags offered by Adventure Lion come in capacities ranging from 5L to 40L, and you can choose from one of eight different colors for added customization. Using lightweight materials ensures that your valuables will float in the event they are lost overboard, and every bag comes with at least one strap. The 20L and the 40L sizes include a handle, and the 40L size may be worn as a backpack thanks to its twin straps.

Each bag is constructed out of a water-resistant polymer that is 0.55 millimeters thick, and the materials maintain their flexibility and resistance to water regardless of the environment. The roll-top closure and reinforced polymer buckle are two additional valuable features of these bags, which also have reinforced materials at stress locations.

You can hang your luggage or secure it to your vessel using the anchor points, and everything dropped overboard will remain afloat. Choose a tiny size for a handful of personal goods or go significant with the 40L capacity to carry everyone's devices and other necessary possessions for a day spent out on the lake.


  • Multiple size choices
  • The robust polymer structure is resistant to being damaged.


  • No extra baggage, mobile phones, or anything else is allowed.

A Look At The Heavy Duty Dry Bag From Leader Accessories

Leader Accessories has the most variety of sizes available among all of them, with bags ranging from 5 to 55 liters and everything in between. While specific alternatives come with a phone cover already attached, the main bag itself may also be purchased independently. Depending on the size of the product, there are seven different color options to choose from.

The heavy-duty vinyl polyester trilaminate, roll-top closures and adjustable shoulder straps make packing a breeze, and the trilaminate protects the contents from becoming wet. Because lighter materials are more likely to float in water, the contents of your boat are less likely to be damaged.


  • Options available in terms of size
  • Economical budget


  • Warning from the manufacturer: not intended for total submersion.
  • It may be challenging to work with stiff material.

Sak Gear Premium Dry Bag Review

Skog Å Kust DrySak Waterproof Dry Bag | 20L Yellow
Light weight
Water resistance

These dry bags score points for having a front zipper compartment, which helps make up for the restricted size possibilities of the Sak Gear bags. The bags come in nine different color variations. You can reach tiny things in your bag without flipping it over since the water-resistant compartment zips shut.

Your bag is made more convenient with a nylon shoulder strap, and the roll-top closure makes it simple to add or withdraw air as needed to ensure that the bag will float regardless of the items inside. The opening provided by the zipper may accept objects with a maximum width of 6.5 inches and a maximum height of 4.5 inches; nevertheless, the manufacturer suggests utilizing an alternative means of water protection for any electronics or other items that cannot survive dampness.


  • Extensive color selections
  • Exterior utility pocket


  • a restricted number of available sizes (10L and 20L)

ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag Review

This bag has water-resistant exterior fabrics, a bright stripe for enhanced visibility, and an outside mesh pocket for storing items for outdoor activities. It goes above and beyond the standard level of water resistance. Padded straps make the burden simpler for you to carry, and you may remove them if you find that doing so is no longer essential.

This dry bag has several key characteristics that make it the best option for rafting, and one of them is the fact that it has a detachable inner pocket, which provides an extra layer of protection against water, as well as making it convenient to find what you need at any given moment. In addition, each of the three big bag sizes can carry at least one day's worth of stuff.

This model is available in five primary color variations, including camouflage and matte black. However, consumers who want to go out on the lake for the day can be discouraged from purchasing the bag due to its greater size.


  • stripes of reflective material for increased visibility
  • Carrying convenience afforded by a backpack shape
  • The exterior mesh pocket adds functionality.


  • No smaller sizes are available.

An Evaluation of the Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack

Compared to the norm for dry bags, the Sea to Summit packs have a size system that begins with X-Small and progresses up to X-Large. The dimensions of the extra tiny bag are six by 14 inches, while the maximum dimensions of the big bag are 10.5 by 23 inches.

The air is forced out of this pack using a compression method, but the base fabric, which is air permeable yet waterproof, prevents water from entering the pack. This is what the "eVent" refers to, as it enables the package to be efficiently compressed while remaining watertight once it is packed.

The top is secured with a roll clasp with buckled, and the waterproof seams include double stitching and tape sealing. The manufacturer suggests using two layers of protective packaging for electronics susceptible to damage; nevertheless, many customers do not find it essential to take these additional precautions.


  • When not in use, it is both lightweight and foldable.
  • The use of compression construction helps to make the most of available interior space.


  • Abrasion resistance that is lower than that of other materials
  • The greater the size, the higher the price.

How To Determine Which Dry Bags Are The Best

It's not as easy as picking the bag that you think looks the most attractive. Whether you're rafting, paddle boarding, kayaking, or participating in any other water recreation, choosing the right dry bag is important. Think about when, where, and how you'll use that dry bag before adding it to your shopping basket, whether it's virtual or not.

Function Anticipated

If you are going rafting or kayaking, you may find the sort of dry bag that includes a strap that can be attached to your watercraft to be more convenient. If, on the other hand, you're going to be paddleboarding, you could choose a more compact dry bag that fits into your pocket and can be attached to your swimsuit or belt.

Then again, if you know, you will be kayaking in a calm sea, and it has been a long time since you had a capsize catastrophe. If you are an adventurer, you might feel more comfortable using a dry bag that is less watertight compared to other models of the same type you can find. The same is valid for rafting on rivers with calm water as opposed to rivers with rapids that might toss you and your dry bag into the water.


You will just need a compact dry bag with sufficient room for the necessities, such as a mobile phone, keys, and wallet, if you want to bring one of these items. On the other hand, many bigger-sized dry kits come with smaller bags designed exclusively for cellphones, so it's possible that you won't need the giant pack at all.

In contrast, if you are going to bring a change of clothes, a GPS device, or other belongings inside your dry bag, you will need a much larger size to fit everything inside. Dry bags come in sizes ranging from 5 liters to 55 liters, but smaller loads, such as those used for mobile phones and wallets, are often measured in inches.

Shades And Outward Appearances

Some people who like being outside may choose a dry bag based on the colors that appeal to them. In contrast, others will think about the circumstances in which they will participate in water activities and select the bag appropriately. For instance, if your raft flips over and you have a bag with a darker color, it will be more challenging to identify, and if your activities take place on the water that is either turbulent or dark, it will be much more difficult to find.

If you select a bag that has a strap, on the other hand, the color may not be necessary since the strap will ensure that the bag stays connected to the raft or kayak no matter how choppy the water becomes. Similarly, if you want to study animals and one of your color schemes is camouflage, carrying a bright orange or dry yellow bag will not assist you in remaining undetected as you float by.


How often you engage in activities that need you to be near water will determine how much of an investment you are willing to make in a durable dry bag. A low-cost bag may do the trick for a one-time vacation. You should plan on spending a little bit more money on a backpack that can survive the weather over time if you participate in recreational watersports regularly.

Despite this, you should do some research and comparison shopping to ensure that you are not overpaying for additional amenities you may not even utilize when you are out on the lake. Paying too much on a bag that you won't even use is just as unlucky as spending less money on a bag that doesn't live up to your standards of quality.

The Final Thoughts

In the end, the ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag is our top choice because it offers the best combination of functionality, convenience, and toughness. Because it is designed as a backpack, it is suitable for all water activities. The bright stripe adds an element of visibility absent from other types of packs. It is one of the most acceptable dry bags for paddle boarding and various other water activities because the external mesh pocket offers you an extra place to put stuff for quick access. Because of this, it can be used for various water sports.

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