Extreme Sport in The Snow: Mastering The Art of Snow Kayaking

Snow Kayaking

Abigail ScottByAbigail Scott
Updated on 8/13/2022

Kayaking on Snow is An Extreme Sport known as Snow kayaking.

If you enjoy solving riddles, you are going to adore this one. What do you get when you combine kayaking, snowboarding, and speed riding in a single activity? The correct response is, of course, snow speed yakking. This sport, snow kayaking which combines snowboarding, speed-riding, and kayaking, is also known as skyaking, and it is pretty extreme, even for those who enjoy participating in extreme sports.

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You might wonder how it is even possible to combine three sports considered to be of such a high difficulty level. Still, the person who came up with this crazy sport, Miles Daisher, seems to think it is just a natural progression from kayaking and speed racing. It is important to note that Miles, a Red Bull Air Force Team pilot, has never been regarded as someone who could be described as sane.

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Flying Over the White Stuff

How exactly does one accomplish the sport's central objective, which is to glide a boat through the air while flying over snow? Mike had previously tried launching his kayak out of an airplane, and after gaining some experience, he decided to take things to the next level by testing it out in the mountains. After putting on his speed-riding gear, he hops into his kayak and simultaneously steers the wing with his hands, harness, and the boat with his feet and hips. He can do this because his kayak is equipped with a swivel seat. Of course, it could be oversimplified, but in reality, it represents a significant achievement in both bravery and equilibrium.

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The first attempt was made by Mile in the winter of 2014 in Pebble Creek, Idaho. He explained that the kayak adds another 20 kilograms to the overall weight, so it was essential to ensure that the wing load was correct. He hiked up the Red Mountain while carrying his boat on his back in a kayak portage pack. He then flew down the mountain using an 11-meter speed-riding kayak. He said he did this because getting the wing load right was important. According to Miles, and in contrast to what you might anticipate, the most challenging part is not the landing but rather the takeoff; but once he is airborne, everything is smooth sailing – or should that be plain skiing?

The Upcoming Challenge

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Just remember to dress appropriately if you decide to give kayaking a shot because of what you've read here. It may look cool to wear clothes that wick away moisture and are breathable, but these clothes do not offer much protection against wind chill or water spray. If you end up getting caught in the water, you will be eternally grateful that you invested in waterproof and windproof clothes. These days, most modern designs are centered on using a neoprene jersey mix, providing mobility and flexibility while still enabling a close fit.

Miles has already made up his mind regarding the nature of the next obstacle he will face. He plans on finding a lake where he can go snow kayaking, skipping along the water, and then bouncing back out into the snow! I'd rather have him than I do!