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Updated on 2/20/2024
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Anndason 6'' Plate Kit Deck Hatch - Kayak Boating

Anndason 6'' Plate Kit Deck Hatch - Kayak Boating


I recently purchased the Anndason 2 PCS 6'' Plate Kit Deck Hatch Fishing Kayak Boating and I have been really impressed with its quality.

The size of the plate is perfect, with an outer diameter of 20.5cm / 8'' and an inner diameter of 15.3cm / 6''. It is made of high-quality PVC+ABS material, ensuring its durability and long life.

One great feature of this product is the red waterproof bag that comes with it. The bag is removable from the hatch and provides additional safety and usefulness. It is perfect for keeping your belongings dry while on the water.

The design of this kit includes an EVA gasket, which offers excellent protection to the hull of your kayak or boat. It helps prevent any damage that may occur during use.

Installation and removal of this deck hatch plate kit are incredibly convenient and easy. You can quickly set it up or remove it whenever needed.

Not only does this kit serve a practical purpose, but it also helps in reducing UV damage to your hatch. It efficiently minimizes the amount of light entering your boat, which is beneficial for various reasons.

In the description, it mentions that it is a 6'' deck plate, but the dimensions in the photos show 7.9''. However, the hole itself is 6 3/4 inches, and the screw holes have a center-to-center distance of 7 1/2 inches. So, you can rest assured that it will fit your kayak perfectly.

This kit comes with a rubber gasket that sits between the lid and the deck, ensuring no water enters. It also includes all the necessary screws, so you don't have to worry about buying anything separately.

If you ever need to replace the bags, you can easily find replacements for them. So, you'll always have a backup if needed.

The lid of the deck hatch opens to just short of 180 degrees, allowing easy access to the compartments. The bag is also removable if you prefer to use it in a different way. However, the lid itself stays securely in place.


Frequently Asked Questions

In the description it says that it’s a 6” deck plate, the specifications but the dimensions in the photos says it is 7.9”, how big is the hole?

Center to center, the screw holes (8) are 7 1/2 inches. The hole is 6 3/4 inches The ring outer diameter is 7.9 inches..Hope this helps

Does this come with a gasket that sits between the bottom of the lid and the deck to keep water out?see: guanlang 6 inch deck plate kit

Yes. It comes with a rubber gasket, all the screws, everything.

Can you buy replacement bags?


Can the lid be completely removed? Or opened beyond 180 degrees?

The lid opens to just short of 180.. the bag can be removed.. the lid stays on