FORSUN 6 Inch Hole Diameter Deck Hatch Kayak Boat Fishing

FORSUN 6 Inch Hole Diameter Deck Hatch Kayak Boat Fishing


  • Item size:Kayak hatch kit is 8 inch outside diameter, 6 inch inside diameter and 12-inch cat bag depth, adding extra storage for kayak. For more details, please refer to the picture.
  • Easy to disassemble: The red bag is removable from hatch cover and kayak hatch is easy to detach from kayak makes it easy for your storage and cleaning.
  • Material: Kayak hatch made of special plastic and the cat bag design with waterproof material is very durable and safe.
  • Easy installation: Select a location suitable for drilling on the kayak, and then install the kayak deck hatch on the kayak with matching screws.If your kayak already has a hole, make sure the dimensions match.
  • Usefulness:Hatch covers help reduce UV damage to boat hatches.Kayak hatch storage bag can be used for storage of sunglasses, keychains, wallets, mobile phones, hooded drinks, snacks or other items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the diameter of the outer rim of the cat bag?

six inches

My inside rough opening is about 7 1/4. Will this work?

Check the specs of the hatch cover

where can I get a replacement gasket?

I honestly don’t know but I would first check with the company you bought it from. If you really want it in there for good just put a bead of silicone around it.

have exactly 5.5" dia rough opening in hull when I removed existing (lost lid). wilderness systems pairdise 2 man sit on top. Will this fit?

You can enlarge the opening to 6"