Gili 10'6/11'6 AIR All Around Inflatable SUP Board

Gili 10'6/11'6 AIR All Around Inflatable SUP Board


  • ULTIMATE ALL AROUND PADDLE BOARD: 11'6 x 32' x 6” - the perfect blend of balance, weight & size. Weighs only 19 lbs. The ULTIMATE go-anywhere paddle board. Performs well in all conditions. Feels like a hard board when fully inflated but only half the weight. A great SUP for beginner and advanced paddlers.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE, STABLE, AND PORTABLE: Constructed from Cross Stitched, Reinforced PVC so you don't have to worry about dings, dents or damage. 6' Thick for stability. Super portable iSUP package: everything fits in the included backpack. Just throw in your car or on an airplane - no roof rack or garage needed!
  • BEAUTIFUL, FEATURE-PACKED DESIGN: Extra large diamond traction pad: bring a 4-legged friend or use for SUP Yoga. 6-Point Front Bungee for quick access to your gear. Nose and Center Grab Handle for easy transport and maneuverability. Our 9” Snap-In fin attaches quickly and easy with our ultra secure fin box - no tools needed. 2 Stage Pump for fast and easy inflation. Adjustable Travel Paddle breaks down in 3 pieces and adjusts to your height. Comfy iSUP Backpack carries the board and accessories
  • COMPLETE ISUP PACKAGE: includes GILI 10'6 Air SUP, GILI Travel Paddle, GILI Inflatable Backpack, GILI 2-Stage Hand Pump, GILI 10' Coiled Leash, GILI Snap-In Center Fin - everything you need to start paddling! Just strap on the comfy backpack and you've got everything you need to hit the water!
  • 60 DAY GUARANTEE & 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Try out the GILI 10'6 Air - you'll love it! Risk Free returns for 60 days, and a full 2-Year Warranty. At GILI we've got you covered: we sell the highest quality paddle boards out there. Discover why SUP is the world’s fastest growing watersport: Get Paddling with GILI Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between ordering here or straight from the website as the website prices are more?

Seems like you answered your own question!The websites are more expensive!You get a cheaper price with amazon!

Which electric pumps are most suitable for this board?

I use a BP12 and that works well

Description states special launch sale $200 off . when is this reflected in the price?

The $200 launch special has ended. We have never sold this board for $274.95 anywhere, on our website or anywhere else.

Where was this made? In Item description it says Made in USA, but on the box says made in China 🤔

Hi Tiffany,Our SUPs are manufactured in China and imported to the USA. Unfortunately, Amazon is not letting us take off the "Made in USA" on our listing. We are trying to fix that - hopefully they will see this message and correct it.