Kokatat Nomad Neoprene Kayak Shoes

Kokatat Nomad Neoprene Kayak Shoes


  • 3mm double lined neoprene
  • Waterproof and breathable gaiter
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Single-handed lacing system w/ neoprene cover
  • Glued and blind-stitched seams

Frequently Asked Questions

How high are the boots?

These boots were for my husband. He's about 5'9" tall and the boots come up to just below his knees. They are great boots, very comfortable, and very dry - he uses them religiously while kayak fishing.

Is there a way to stretch the throat on these boots out?

Sorry I don’t Kona.

Im a size 10. Can I wear heavy wool socks in a size 10? or should I go up to a 11?

These fit really large, to the point they are sized wrong. I wear a size 10 and even with heavy socks and an insole they are to big

I want to wear them over my footed dry pants should I go a size up?

It depends on how thick your footed dry pants are. I accidentally ordered one size too big and can easily wear extra thick socks in them and still have room. I only wear them for kayaking when it’s below 40 and I never need to portage. I only take the kayak from the car to the put-in/launch and back so I do very little walking in them. They are great for staying dry in cold weather.