Onyx Unversal Paddle Kayak Life Vest

Onyx Unversal Paddle Kayak Life Vest


  • Low profile, lightweight, compact design
  • High foam back accommodates high back seats
  • Breathable mesh lower back
  • Six adjustment straps to cinch vest up to fit snug
  • Large front pocket
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm confused: are the "one size" and the "universal" the same size? If not, which is the larger? I'm 5'2" and weigh 160.

    What chest sizes for regular and oversized?Answer: The universal fits a chest size of 30"-52", and the oversize fits a chest size of 40"-60". By Kirsten M. on October 2, 2017

    What chest sizes for regular and oversized?

    The claimed chest size for the regular is 30-52. In reality it doesn't fit right with a chest size smaller than 44, it will be much too thick and bulky.

    Is this safe to use for other water sports like; boating, swimming, tubing, surfing in addition to Paddle boarding?

    It is very buoyant. I have only used it for kayaking, but it should work fine for any water sports. The only difference from a regular life vest is that the bottom 4-5 inches on the back are mesh, not padded, making it more comfortable for kayakers.

    the sizing is confusing. universal seems out of stock? what is oversize? need large.

    This oversize is large or close to xl. They fit fairly snug. Unless you are quite small, this will fit most adults.