PoHo Surf Shop Northern Lights SUP & Kayak LED Light System

PoHo Surf Shop Northern Lights SUP & Kayak LED Light System


  • TWO SUP LIGHTS : BRIGHT, AAA battery powered, multicolor (13) LED UNDERWATER Lamps
  • SHIPS NEXT DAY via USPS FIRST CLASS. Fully waterproof and submersible lamps to mount UNDER your Board or Kayak!
  • 'LED life jackets' ensure your investment doesn't sink (may vary in color)
  • Wireless controller, Indstrial Strength Velcro secure and topside bow safety LED are also included
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Could these be used on an inflatable SUP?

    They attach using velco so I don't see why not. Just make sure you prep (clean) the SUP's surface so the adhesive on the velcro sticks.

    Can the light stay one color or is it constantly changing

    With the remote control, one can maintain and hold any one of the 13 colors. There are several modes, some slowly transition through the colors, others rapidly flash.

    Is this for one light or a pair?

    Two Northern lights included!

    Is the velcro pad removable? I'm interested in having some paddle board acrobats use these at a party, but I don't want to damage their boards.

    Kaitlin, Thank you for your inquiry! The velcro pads have an adhesive that is kindof like any bumper sticker or label. They can come off completely without damage with a little work. We can also send extra velcro pads for re-installation later or on another board. Let us know if you have other questions!Cheers,Erik at Pohopaddle dot com