Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat

Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat


  • New design for superior back support / Includes rear pocket for additional storage
  • Inflated Measurements: 14' wide x 21' deep x 19' tall
  • Inflated seat base measurements: 14' wide x 12' deep x 5' high
  • Deflated Folded size measurements: 14' x 9' x 4' Pump not included
  • Allows you to sit 5' off the floor with 14' of back support. Weighs 3.5 lbs. One Seat
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is that the price for one seat or two ?

    It's the price for one seat. Go to Seaeagle kayak site for further details on accessories. Definitely an improvement over the seats provided with the kayak. It does places you slightly higher out of the bottom of the kayak then the regular seats and provides slightly less stability however I personally find it worthwhile.

    Will this seat fit in a Saturn Kaboat?

    Thank you for your interest in Sea Eagle. We are not familiar enough with the Saturn Kaboat to be able to say definitively. However, the dimensions of the DKS seat are 14" wide x 21" deep x 19" tall. You sit 5" off the floor with 14" of back suuport. Hope this information helps.

    Anyone compare to the inflatable canoe seat Sea Eagle makes? If so, your opinion of which is better please.

    The big difference is back support. This seat has straps that support that back which allows you to lean back more and rest. The regular seats have a back but I get a back ache very quickly in them. Sea Eagle frequently has "returns" on their web site at a bit of a discount compared to list.

    Will these seats fit in a Sevylor Thaiti?

    Yes, they will. I have a sea eagle and a Sevylor Tahiti, and I use this seat in both boats.