Sea Eagle Inflatable SEC Kayak Seat

Sea Eagle Inflatable SEC Kayak Seat


  • Inflated measurements: 17' wide x 21' deep x 16' tall
  • Inflated seat base measurements: 17' wide x 12' deep x 1' high
  • Inflated backrest measurements: 17' wide x 13' high x 3' thick
  • Deflated Measurements: 15' x 12' x 1/2'
  • One Seat. Good Back Support from its large rear air chamber. Weighs 1.7 lbs.
  • Summary

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this fit in the Intex Challenger (green & black) 2-seater kayak?

    Probably. Check your dimensions vs sea eagle's 330 or 370 kayaks. I'd get the next seat up in the line.

    The depth of 12", does it include the rear air chamber, or just the seating area?

    Thank you for your interest in Sea Eagle Boats. 12" is the seating area.

    Is this seat compatible with mariner 3

    I have been unable to find the exact interior measurements for the mariner 3 (as it is not our boat), but based on the exterior measurements I believe the SEC seats would be smaller than the interior of the boat and thus would not fit snugly inside. Based on that, I could not say for certain if they would work properly. The SEC seat's measurements are 17" wide x 12 inches deep x 16" tall. Hope this information helps. Sea Eagle Boats

    How's the back support?