Surfwave 10'8''×33''×6'' Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board

Surfwave 10'8''×33''×6'' Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board


  • 【VERSATILITY – 4 D-RINGS & STORAGE】 SURFWAVE inflatable paddle board is suitable in more conditions. A 4-point elasticated cargo system at the front can store gear for overnight camping trips without being long and heavy. 4 D-rings along the sides is an appealing addition which be used to rig up bungees for fishing gear, waterproof bag, food or set up a kayak seat, allowing more fun on water. Don’t hesitate to bring stuffs with you in any adventure in cave, canyon, etc.
  • 【PORTABILITY - FULL ACCESSORIES】The 18lb light wight Inflatable SUP board with no reduction in rigidity, stability or quality, is compact and neat to place in a car or carry for any trip just in one roomy backpack. The hand pump help get full inflation in 5 mins! A 5L water-proof bag protect your digitals, food and clothing. The floatable aluminum paddle can be separated into 3 parts and the single large fin fixed in only one push. Everything you need include with this stand-up paddleboards!
  • 【CAMERA MOUNT - BLOG & VLOG】 The inflatable paddle board has a camera base at the front. You can adjust the angle for various kinds of shooting, such as exciting surfing moment, leisure paddling, relaxing yoga, fun fishing trip and travel w/ your friend or pet. The camera base helps you record every moment on the water, just take a simple step to become a blogger with this paddle boards for adult and share your lifestyle!! (camera can be protected in the 5L waterproof bag come with the package).
  • 【CRUISING CAPACITY - RESPONSIVE CONTROL】 When it comes to performance, the pointed nose is super responsive in turning and tracking and easier to stay on track in a couple of strokes. This is charming in open water or small waves.Surfwave paddle board has single removable fin, reducing water resistance yet increasing stability and tracking while tackling whitewater at the beach or paddling in bobbly swell with minimal effort. These add up its cruising capacity and allow more surf attempts.
  • 【CONSTRUCTION - SAFE, STABLE & COMFORT】 Internally, SURFWAVE stand-up paddleboards is constructed with a dense drop stitch pattern which adds rigidity when inflated optimally. The outside material is PVC with reinforced sidewalls treated with anti-UV coating. The 33in width provides a stable platform to stand and paddle with confidence. The 330lb max bearing allows extra companions or travel gear. The anti-slip deck helps balance & control swiftly, soft and comfortable to kneel, stand or sit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to inflate the paddle board?

Dear customer, we have a guide video to help you. Please contact us through【】if you have any further question.

What should i do if the valve got air-leakage

Dear custome, we have a tutorial video to help you! Please contact us through【】if you have any further questions.

Is the paddle hard to set up?

Dear customer, our 3 pcs paddle is quite easy to set up, we have a tutorial video to help you better understand the process. Please contact us through【】if you have any further questions.

What are the accessaries included? Dry bag or so?

Dear customer, our accessaries include 1 5L Dry bag,1 Aluminium Paddle (3-piece), 1 Hand Pump, 1Central Fin,1 Backpack, 1 Wrench and 1 Leash. If you have any question, please contact us through【】,we provide a 【 12-month 】warranty to our customers, we will provide the best service until you are satisfied.