What You Need To Know About SUP Boarding For Health And Fitness

Boarding for Health and Fitness

Boarding for Health and Fitness

Abigail Scott

Abigail Scott
Mother, Professional Kayaker, and Software Engineer

Updated on 12/6/2022

"It is health that is real wealth." - said Mahatma Gandhi.

Health is not something that happens to you. Eating well and exercising regularly are two things you have to do intentionally. Eating well and exercising regularly is not as easy as they sound. For this reason, having a physical activity that is exciting and exciting - like SUP boarding - can be beneficial.

Simply put, standup paddleboarding is fun. People love it for more reasons than just that, though. Fitness studies have shown that it is one of the best activities, and the health benefits of SUP are also numerous.

SUP And Fitness

The average adult should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week. These are the recommendations by the U.S. Department of Health. Exercise doesn't have to mean going to the gym every time.

Standup paddleboarding is an excellent form of exercise. Let me explain why.

SUP and Fitness

SUP and Fitness

Perfect Intensity

Physical activity should be challenging to be effective, and it is the challenge that strengthens your body. SUP may not look intense (or feel intense for a paddler who is used to paddling), but it is a very extreme sport to paddle. Balance is one of the most challenging things to maintain while paddling simultaneously.

The first time you paddle, you may not be able to do it for very long. The capacity of your heart and lungs will increase over time, building your endurance.

Join a race to make your SUP sessions more intense or slow down to make them less intense.

Works a Lot Of Muscles

It would help if you used the muscles in your body to their full potential. Both overuse and underused muscles exist, and SUP uses all muscle groups simultaneously. Using every muscle, from the smallest to the largest, would be possible if you did it correctly.

It Is Exciting

Physical activity for 150 minutes is not easy. However, getting in the water is always a pleasure when SUP is involved. After paddling for hours, you will still be reluctant to leave. Paddling is also an activity you can do at any time of year.

SUP Exercises

SUPs can be used for more than just paddling, and the activity can become monotonous at times. Adding other forms of exercise might be a good idea.

SUP Yoga

There is no doubt that you have heard of this one. Some people prefer to practice yoga poses on a paddleboard instead of going to a yoga studio. Yoga SUPs can do virtually anything, and there are very few things that you can't do with them.

Yoga on the ground is more accessible, and the first time you try it on the water, you may find it intimidating. It is an unstable platform that makes it difficult to turn from one pose to another, and however, that is precisely what makes it so awesome.

The essence of yoga is stretching, flexibility, mindfulness, and concentration. Try SUP yoga, and you'll be challenged in all of these areas. On the other hand, you'll sharpen your skills as well. Breathing becomes more manageable, you become more mindful, and your focus improves. In the midst of this, you cannot be absent-minded even for a moment.

Look for a SUP yoga class near you if you feel a little scared.

Yoga On Board

Yoga On Board

SUP Planks

If you're having trouble getting poses right, try planks. A paddleboard makes planking more challenging, just like yoga.

Those exercises strengthen your core and improve your paddling technique. SUP planks are also easy on your back as they do not have any hard edges.

Other Exercises

You can do many more things with a SUP board than you might think. Besides burpees and knee hangs, other exercises include push-ups, crunches, and push-ups. Whether or not you paddle, it is possible to perform a full cardio workout on your paddle.

In addition to getting your heart rate up, these exercises also help you improve your paddling skills. You will be able to maintain your balance without difficulty, regardless of how rough the situation is.

SUP And Health

Having said that, what are the excellent health benefits of SUP mentioned above?

Improved Mental Wellness

A study found that being outdoors in nature makes you feel great about yourself, and it brightens your mood. There is a link between both of these factors, and both of these factors have a positive effect, both long and short-term.

As an aerobic exercise, SUP is also popular, and it helps reduce cortisol production (stress hormone).

When your paddleboard, do you notice that you feel happier? Happy hormones, such as endorphins, are produced by your body, and these hormones relieve stress and leave you feeling relaxed.

Cardiovascular Health

SUP is an excellent cardio workout.

This reduces your risk of developing diabetes or suffering a stroke. The risk of these diseases increases with age. Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential for your health. One of the best things about SUP is that you can do it regardless of your age.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

Weight Loss

Fitness is something everyone strives for it. However, I'll be the first to admit that putting in the effort is not easy. The good thing for you is that there is SUP.

There is no doubt that paddleboarding is underrated for weight loss. An hour of SUP racing can help you burn up to 1100 calories in one sitting, and this is not something that is matched by many other activities. A SUP yoga session can burn 500 calories in about an hour, even with something as relaxing as SUP yoga, and the results are impressive.

At the same time, you get to relax, spend time with friends, and burn a lot of calories all at the same time. How could a day be more perfect?

Injury Rehabilitation

Instead of watching Netflix after an injury, go out on your SUP.

Paddleboarding has a low impact, so the tendons and joints are not too stressed. In addition to keeping you fit, it speeds up the recovery from injuries. SUP can help the injured part gain strength slowly, day by day, unlike weight-bearing activities that exacerbate the injury.

Please consult your physician first to get their advice.

Summing Up

Get a paddleboard instead of canceling your gym membership. Paddleboards can be modified to meet all your workout needs. Combine paddling with yoga and other cardio exercises to work every muscle. Fitting will make you happier, and your heart will be healthier. These benefits do not require being young or lean; a board will do the trick. Finally, have fun, interact with your fellow paddlers, and take in the beautiful scenery.